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By on June 15, 2013, with 3 Comments

How many times have you sat back and enjoyed a bowl of tortilla chips with some salsa?  What was the first thing you thought of as you enjoyed the tasty treat?  I bet you imagined what other innovative concoctions you could come up with to make the chips even better.  For example, how about making a delicious homemade nachos supreme?  Imagine the tasty tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and whatever else you want to throw into the mix.  You are in complete control of what you want your dish to taste like.

One of the things that many people don’t think about is the logo on the bag of chips.  I mean who cares about the logo, right?  You are only concerned with the tasty crunch that is satisfying your tastebuds and filling your stomach, but there is so much more behind the Tostitos logo than what you might realize.  Take a moment and look at the logo below.  What’s the first thing you notice about the logo?  Is it the colors, the words or something else hidden beneath the surface of the logo?  Keep looking and see what you can uncover hiding in this simple logo.

tostitos logo

Okay, now that you have had plenty of time to look at the logo, I bet you didn’t notice what is beneath the Tostitos logo above.  If you did, more power to you.  For me, I never noticed anything out of the ordinary on the piece, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t.  For those of you who are wondering what the mystery is in this optical illusion, it really is quite simple.

Do you see the two lower case t’s in the middle of the word?  Those t’s are actually representative of two people.  See the dot on the i?  Well, that dot is actually a bowl of scrumptious salsa.  Did you notice the tiny tortilla chip between the two t’s?  You guessed it, that’s a Tostito.  If you are wondering what all of this means, it actually is easier than you might realize.

The two people are enjoying a Tostito chip with some tasty salsa, which conveys the message of people being able to connect with each other.  How many times have you thought about being able to connect with someone over a bowl of Tostitos?  Did this Tostitos logo bring an entirely new perspective to what the nutritious and delicious snack has to offer you?

The next time you are looking for something tasty and satisfying, whip out the Tostitos chips and see what you can create.  From a Mexican Bean Dip with chips to Nachos and so much more, you are in complete control of what you want to create.  Get imaginative and unleash the power of the Tostitos chips.  For more fabulous optical illusions, make sure to check out Steve Jobs Inside Apple Logo.  The next time you pick up your favorite beverage or snack food, see what you can find in their logo.

  • tecwzrd

    Reminds me of the arrow in the Fedx logo. (in the Ex) I’ve noticed both but it is good marketing.

  • Rackergen

    Doing upfront advertising now?

  • xoxo

    it’s is two people sharing a bowl of salsa (the t’s make the people and the red on top of the ‘i” is the salsa) :)