coca-cola sure gives an nice way to present their trademark bottles.

  • ramiro

    i see

  • BizoZiez1337

    neat, at first i didn’t see the bottel

  • Dani

    When I first saw that on a can and figured it out it reminded me of this site!

  • Mary

    I didn’t see the bottle until I read what you said, I was wondering what was illusory. I love getting the daily illusions, thanks.

  • ZL123

    Yay sandals and a bottle.
    It’s a modern classic, if you get what I mean.

  • Valerie

    Yeah good. It soes it’s job and reminnds us all of summer.

  • Aeros

    Nice can, err bottle, but it’s a can…no it’s a bottle! Dangit….im lost!
    They always *ok usually) have such nice simplistic logos that just grab you.

  • john

    You must be from hawaii cause that’s what we call them, slippers. Never flip flops.

    • Matthew

      We call then flip-flops/slippers in America!

  • Schmello Pudding

    It isn’t slippers, they’re thongs from Australia, (also known as flip-flops in UK). I saw this a month ago for Coca-Cola over here in Aus.


    i saw the bottle before i saw the sandals.

  • thisisrandom

    LOL i have a bag with this on it :P

  • jack

    I know another coca cola illusion

  • Awesome just awesome

  • Matthew

    I saw the bottle before the slippers…

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