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By on July 22, 2011, with 16 Comments

I have just found this illusory coca-cola can showcased on Deceptology blog. It works in a way where empty space between two slippers forms a globally recognizable bottle shape (logo). Very similar ad was already featured by Cola for their Zero line of caffeine drinks. Dunno if you can recall us featuring it in the past.

Still, both examples borrowed and then inverted the idea from an old-school example called Rubin Vase, one that usually features a bottle of some sort, that can either be seen as central bottle or empty space between to head profiles. I believe you already know what I mean, even if my explanation turned clumsy ;D


    coca-cola sure gives an nice way to present their trademark bottles.

  • ramiro

    i see

  • BizoZiez1337

    neat, at first i didn’t see the bottel

  • Dani

    When I first saw that on a can and figured it out it reminded me of this site!

  • Mary

    I didn’t see the bottle until I read what you said, I was wondering what was illusory. I love getting the daily illusions, thanks.

  • ZL123

    Yay sandals and a bottle.
    It’s a modern classic, if you get what I mean.

  • Valerie

    Yeah good. It soes it’s job and reminnds us all of summer.

  • Aeros

    Nice can, err bottle, but it’s a can…no it’s a bottle! Dangit….im lost!
    They always *ok usually) have such nice simplistic logos that just grab you.

  • john

    You must be from hawaii cause that’s what we call them, slippers. Never flip flops.

    • Matthew

      We call then flip-flops/slippers in America!

  • Schmello Pudding

    It isn’t slippers, they’re thongs from Australia, (also known as flip-flops in UK). I saw this a month ago for Coca-Cola over here in Aus.


    i saw the bottle before i saw the sandals.

  • thisisrandom

    LOL i have a bag with this on it :P

  • jack

    I know another coca cola illusion

  • Awesome just awesome

  • Matthew

    I saw the bottle before the slippers…