• Julie

    Hurray!!! Good for Johnathon Mak Long!!! I think it’s such a tribute. Maybe he (Mr. Mak Long) could submit it to the CEO’s of Apple. I’m sure it is a great honor to represent Steve Jobs in such a PERFECT way. Such like you would give “an apple to the teacher!” Am I dating myself there? Anyway.. Hurray!

  • Eon.Vain

    1st one!

  • ♫♫♫♫♪♫♫♫♫


  • Care Bear

    Will an Apple a day keep Steve Jobs away?

    • The Doctor

      yes,so will a top hat, a snowman or a cat, for Steve Jobs is dead

  • FeatherlightBlu

    I never knew him, nor did I ever purchase any of his products. But soon, his Mac products will help make my Audio Engineering/Producing career that much better. So first, praise God for his contributions, and finally, thank You Mr. Jobs for your lifetime of commitment.

  • Timothy Collins

    Great tribute to a great man.

  • from Germany

    Rest in Peace, Steve

  • Melody

    so cool!
    R.I.P Steve Jobs.

  • Dave Westende

    This should become the new Apple Logo

    • jim Cowan

      My thoughts exactly… just one of the ways to say “thanks for a “job” well done”. No pun intended… sorry. He contributed so much to the world of communication and computer technology. God bless you Steve Jobs. Praying for your family remaining here.

    • jim Cowan

      Don’t know where those links came from… it sure wasn’t me that placed them.

  • Christian Rawyler

    As a macintosh (happy) user since 1984, I must say it’s the best hommage to Steve I saw these days. Once again, a picture is worth zillions of words! And thanks to you for your excellent site…

  • XYZ


  • James Larrian

    He was a truly great man… I know for a fact that he will truly be missed by all people, not just the people who made use of the inventions he made that so greatly benefited us…

  • moi

    RIP, genius.

  • Dan

    I was VERY sad when I was watching the news and suddenly I see an interview with a friend of Steve Jobs. I saw a little caption that read:

    STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

    That’s what I remember. What a wonderful illusion!

    Steven Paul Jobs — February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

  • PromiseMe

    R.I.P. Steve

  • Lily


  • Singer1047

    I heard they are comparing him from albert einstein!!!

    I am sad because he came up with almost everything we use at home. example: iphone ipod ect.

    • paddy

      everything we use at home? iphone ipod etc lol yeah thats loads


    aw….R.I.P….Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  • Ron

    Love it. Simple, yet elegant.

  • t

    Magnificent, clean and ‘to the point’. Just like Steve would have liked it. Fitting for a man who knew how to take a bite out of the apple.

  • Very cool image!

  • Bob Kausen

    They always say less is more and so it goes with this. Arguably one of the very best tributes to steve. I bring’s back a memory, not long after Dale Earnhardt was killed I pulled up behind a chevy pickup lowered and a beautiful Red. In the rear window was a large Silver 3 and under
    It were the words “Thanks for the ride “.

  • endlessfire

    It’s a perfect tribute.

  • that’s great design just like first idea that cropped up in my mind when i saw the first “black apple” with jobs’ head at the bottom needing a tweak… lesson? never let things come to pass if you can do it right here and now! RIP Steve!

  • Sean


  • eee efff geee

    great illusion…..it is sad how Steve Jobs died……1st comment?

    • eee efff geee

      nope i wasn’t the first comment >.<

  • Simple, but fitting tribute to the man. RIP Steve

  • breandan

    what an eloquint way to say goodbye

  • popesantaxiv

    It’s lovely.

  • Mary Jo Rawleigh

    The moment I saw “Steve Jobs inside the Apple”, I was touched. How simply elegant. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I think this one is worth a million words.

    • The Doctor

      this isn’t 1,000 pictures, or is it?

  • I think this is a lovely tribute to STEVE JOBS, it brought a tear to my eye just looking at it!

  • quack yup quack

    R.I.P Steve Jobs
    P.s thanks for the I phone lolz but um no lolz u will be remembered every time we see an apple lolz again but seriously R.I.P

  • It’s ingenious!

  • nicola

    wow i see his face its amazing is that the real logo?

  • Harold Insignares

    Jonathan Mak Long has created an outstanding and significant tribute logo. Simplicity will always reign and he has managed to convey a beautiful message. Fantastic Jonathan!

  • debbie

    I first came across this on Facebook soon after the news of Steve’s passing. I have shared it with my friends and them with theirs….it is an iconic image. In the circumstances no words are needed. RIP

  • Devam

    RIP Steve Jobs :((

  • .

    i hope they make this into the real logo :) xxxxx RIP S.J.

  • naomi

    This should replace the old logo. Very well done!

  • kevin

    Clever. I just saw it as a more detailed apple bite at first glance, but then I saw it was a man’s head.

  • Sapphire

    The title gave a way the illusion though…:( still cool….

  • JGD

    very app-ealing

  • Oron


  • Dan

    Most people are saying the picture should become the new official logo of Apple. I would be happy if that happened. I look at the Apple logo on my iPod Touch, and I see the face of the iPod’s creator! It will make me feel good that Steve Jobs has gone to a better place! HE WAS THE AWESOME OF ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!! He made the Mac, IPhone*, iPod, and more!

    *iPhone 4s is headed for stores on October 14th!

  • May You Rest In Peace Mr. Steve Jobs! :-( Your Legacy Will Live On, FOREVER!!!!!!! You Sir, Are A True Genius And Will Always Be Remembered As Such!!!!!!!

  • Yibeltal Gudeta

    World missed a powered ever man

  • simple, yet brilliant
    the best tribute one could imagine
    rest in peace, steve

  • Anonymus

    it looks like someone painted his head black and rammed him into the Apple logo. ( P.S. this is gonna be the new Apple logo when i grow up and work at Apple! ) RIP Steve Jobs,

    Great Job done! ( lol.. )

  • Lumumba Kamguia

    personally i think it would be awesome if Apple made this there permanent logo.

  • Mejuez

    Nice illusion Steve Jobs! >_<

  • Phunkmonster

    Sorry, but this logo was originally designed by Chris Thornley (@raid71) and has been for sale on his site since the beginning of the year. In fact, there was much Tweeter traffic about it.

  • >_>


  • Oh, help, society is nuts

    Am i strange if i have never used an apple product?

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