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When it comes to optical illusions, you never know where you are going to find your next illusion.  It could be right in the comfort of your home for all that matters.  Have you ever stopped and thought about what might be lurking around the rooms of your home?  Did you ever think that something as simple as a window could appear so complicated and confusing?  Until you have taken the time to sit back and truly look at the different components that make up your home, you won’t know what you are missing out on.

Take a moment and look at this window illusion by Valentin Dubinin.  What do you see when you first look at this picture?  What is it that jumps out at you first?  Is it the broken windows that draw you in and make you wonder what happened in the illusion?  Everyone is going to have something that they notice first about the image.  For some, it might be the same as others.  Take a look and see what it is that makes you curious about the image and all that it has to offer.

window illusionIn all honesty, the first thing that made me look at the picture was the broken windows.  This window illusion by Valentin Dubinin has far more elements to it than just a broken window though.  If you sit and look at the image, you will begin to see all of the intricate detailing in the window frame and the panes themselves.  You start to see how everything appears to run together and the panes appear to have the window ledge passing through them.  Even though we all know this isn’t possible, it does make you wonder how this illusion came to be in the first place.

The broken windows serve as a great means of drawing your attention away from what the real illusion truly is.  Just because you think it might be one thing you are looking at, that doesn’t always mean it truly is in the end.  You have to take the time to evaluate the whole picture before making any final decisions on how this whole window illusion came into play.  Ask your friends what they noticed about the illusion.  Compare notes and see what you can all come up with.

Valentin Dubinin knew what he was doing when he created this stunning piece of artwork.  Even though it is simplistic in nature, it truly does make you sit back and think about how it is even possible.  For me, I had to look at it a few times to try and determine how one window could look different from so many angles.  After taking some time to inspect the picture, I uncovered the mystery behind the illusion.  See if you can stump your friends on this one.  For more window illusions, check out this Store Window Optical Illusion and see how much fun you can have uncovering the mystery behind the illusion.  You never know what’s lurking behind your window pane.

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