Woman Riding a Horse Optical Illusion

Wednesday is Hump Day, and it also means that we have all made it to the halfway point, and there is only a few days left until everyone can have some time off! When the weekend finally does come, people like to do a lot of activities in the fresh air and sunshine, and one of those great activities may be going horseback riding. However, what happens when you live in the city, and horses are not as readily available as they are in some other areas? Today’s optical illusion is all about going horseback riding in the big city, and if you all take a look at it, you will see that this woman is riding a horse, but it is not just any horse. The horse in this optical illusion is clearly a 3D chalk drawing, but it looks so real that you would never know the difference.

Woman Riding a Horse Optical Illusion

Ready for a really cool optical illusion done by one of the world’s most famous artists? Swans by Salvador Dali is a very famous painting, but he has more than just swans in this picture, and we want all of you to let us know what you find. There are other animals other than swans in this famous painting, and good luck finding them!

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  1. I cant see the entire bottom of the picture. There is a strip at the bottom that is nothing but crazy colored little squares….it looks pixalated. I dont know if it’s just that way on my computer but i’ve come back 3 different times now and it’s still the same. Please fix or let me know if maybe its just me. Love this site!Thank You!!

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