Video: Anamorphic Candle Box

candle_optical_illusion_thumbWhen Dan and Brieuc both submitted this flick, I thought it’s a nice video, but doesn’t bring much new to our world of optical illusions. Then the next day came, and I started receiving the exact same submission (from more sources), over and over again. It really appears people who saw this would like to share their experience. So I decided in favor of presenting Brusspup’s Anamoprhic Candles video. There you have it. It’s not that bad when I think of it, it’s just not something I find that extraordinary.

BTW, as Brieuc properly pointed, this is kinda similar to chalk drawing illusions, except made with candles. For more anamorphic stuff, be sure to check the corresponding tags and categories – #Anamorphic and Anamorphosis category!

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  1. Ok, this is bloody Awesome. What a cool idea with the glowing candles!! Makes me want to try this at home.

    The reason it’s facinating is Because it’s Sooo simple!!! Anyone can do that!!! But it takes a certian sort of person to actually think of it.

  2. i showed my friend this video. he didnt understand it @ first but then he got it when the camera zoomed out 2 a 3d cube.
    hey, vurdalk, show us a pic of u. what do u look like?

  3. Pretty cool, but the top perspective is a bit off.. it looks like the top is longer than the base. Perhaps the camera should have been just a tad lower.

    But still nice. :)

  4. I am following this website for some months now, and I think this is the best, most original illusion since a long time!

  5. bah… nothing new, it amazes me that people will flame the more subtle illusions and go fliping insane over the really simple ones…

    I’d be impressed that he got that set up, but he didn’t really get the proportions correct >.>.

  6. I think this is the only place on the net where people’s comments are not ignorant or hateful. This is a really great website and really great people.

  7. Not impressive. You should NEVER reveal the method to the illusion BEFORE showing the illusion itself. It spoils the effect, as in this demo.

  8. anamorphisis illusions are very impressive illusions it look like they put alot work into this effect….
    I betcha that they burnt there fingers a few times ;) P.S I’m ten

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