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I have a pretty mind blowing optical illusion for you today. Well, this one blew my mind at least, so let’s see if this anamorphic video has the same effect with you…. First, take a look at this photo of a table with a group of seemingly random items displayed on it. I’m NOT going to […]

Obama Optical Illusion

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Barrack Obama optical illusion on here. And we wouldn’t want to leave him out. After all, he is the president…   Well, hello Mr. President! But, wait! Who do you really see—President Obama or president Lincoln? If you see President Obama, congratulations—you’re not shortsighted! People with normal vision […]

Dinner Table Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday morning? I hope you are all doing great and that you have been enjoying your weekend thus far. The forecast says that today is going to be the best weather we have had all week long, so I’m definitely really excited to get outside and enjoy it. I […]

Waterfall Water Bottle Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing today? It’s Saturday, so I hope that all of you out there are taking some time off from work and enjoying your weekend. Today, I’m going to show you an optical illusion known as the “Waterfall Water Bottle Optical Illusion,” and it shows you that anyone out there possesses the ability to […]

Anamorphic Painting Illusion

Hopefully at one point or another, you’ve been blessed to have witnessed a beautiful anamorphic painting such as the one below. Maybe, you didn’t realize you even came across one and you completely overlooked the sheer beauty. Walking through the streets in Barcelona, I stumbled upon a work of art that made me stop dead […]

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The question on everyone’s mind when looking at this photo is pretty much the same across the board “how did that horse fit inside the other ones mouth!?” Some may even wonder when horses decided that eating each other was necessary in order to survive; but I believe the bigger question is how could this […]


Let me show you another mind-blowing illusion collection, this time provided by Honda. There are dozen of illusion hidden inside the video you’re about to watch. Try and count as many as you can, and see if you are able to spot each illusion before it reveals itself! If you’re a long time visitor to […]

Check out this super clever optical illusion video featuring RayBan sunglasses! The more you watch it, more surprising it gets. It’s really amazing what all can be done with simple perspective manipulation. If you like this kind of stuff I recommend you browse through our #videos, as well as #anamorphosis section – you will find […]