Star Wars Book Ends Optical Illusion

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you all have a good day since we are now in the middle of the week! Today’s optical illusion is very special because it involves one of the biggest movie franchises ever, the Star Wars Trilogy. Back in 1977, George Lucas had this wonderful idea for a movie, but he did not have a lot of studio support. Everyone thought that the idea was not that great, but were willing to take a chance, and gave Lucas the money to film the movie. The movie went on to become a huge hit, and the three movies together, are still loved by fans all around the world.

Star Wars Book Ends

Today’s optical illusion looks like one of the machines (anyone remember what they’re called?) from the movie trilogy, but its only a pair of book ends that are lined up so perfectly it truly looks like the body is made of books! Clever right? What makes this illusion even more amazing is the fact that the books between the two book ends are Star Wars books, which adds something to this simple yet remarkable illusion. Want to see another great illusion? Check out this one and see how many bands you can find!

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