A Simple Optical Illusion

Someone submitted the new optical illusion that I’m going to post up today a while back. I took a close look at it today, and at first I was wondering what the optical illusion in the image was. However, after a few seconds, it clicked in my mind and now I can’t unsee the optical illusion. Therefore, I hope you all really like this illusion.

The illusion itself gave me a little bit of trouble, but coming up with a title for this post was certainly a whole lot more challenging. I went through a few different titles, but I want to be careful not to give anything away. Finally, I was able to settle on a post title that won’t give anything away and it’s also an accurate description of the optical illusion I’m posting up today. Scroll down to check it out.

A Simple Optical Illusion

It looks like this is just a picture of a cup, but is it really? I want you to leave a comment below when you figure out what the optical illusion is. Let me know what you find and how long it took you :D

Want to check out another illusion that is going to be a bit challenging? Try to find all of the hidden wolves in this picture.

8 Replies to “A Simple Optical Illusion”

  1. Interesting, I only saw the “cup” after a bit of effort, and immediately perceived this as the other imagery. I think the shadows helped lock that White-foreground perspective in for me, at first. Nice illusion though.

  2. Love ur site! This has nothing to do with the illusion, though. I loved the eye illusion, and I think you should make a section about after affections. You know, seeing wobbly things after an illusion.

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