17 Hidden Wolves Optical Illusion

Hey pals! I have found another spotting game for you to solve. Do you really like them so much? I got this impression from emails I receive. Today, your assignment is somewhat harder: try and find 17 wolves in the picture below. Some can be easily seen, but few of them are real experts in hiding themselves. Yeah, I know we had wolves before (… and previous to that). But this one was so beautiful I just had to share it with my friends – at least I hope I can call you that :) The artwork was done by Steven Michael Gardner, but you can probably recognize his works by now. We had so MANY of them here. He is truly an amazing artist. Check out more of his stuff inside spot the object category.

24 Replies to “17 Hidden Wolves Optical Illusion”

  1. 1)two in moon
    2) the 4 big wolves
    3) 4 in the rocks
    4) 1 in the trees to left of wolf
    5) clouds between wolves
    6)2 trees right of wolves
    7) 2 in the grass
    8 1 on the tree trunk

  2. Near the base of the tree next to the grass you can clearly see a pygmy marmoset riding an orange tricycle. He seems to be waving a little white flag that says “Trite”.

    Anyone else see that?

  3. very beautiful…wolves r my fav animal but this one was alought more harder than the orca one!!!

    PS:this is my fav illusion!! (probably becouse of the wolves but i dont blame me or anyone who likes wolves for this one to be there fav, wolves r beautiful)

  4. OH MY GOD. I LOVE wolves. In fact I love them SO much, I spotted all seventeen of them. And yes, you’re supposed to read this and imagine that I’m bragging. You know, like that popular girl jerk voice. Like the “I’m better than You!” voice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa ha. I found all seventeen without even looking! :)

  5. [img]http://www.polishpower.com/Brain%20Balancing/Stephen%20Michael%20Gardner/seventeenwolvesanswer.jpeg[/img]

    heres where all 17 wolves

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