Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It

Have you ever looked at an illusion, searching for something that was supposed to be there and had trouble finding it? Then, what happens after you finally find it or someone points it out to you? You can’t unsee it!

That’s what today’s illusion is all about. Not being able to unsee the hidden images after we see them. No matter how much trouble we have finding a hidden image in the first place, it almost always jumps out at us every time we look at the image again.

Allow me to demonstrate…

Take a look at the image below, but don’t scroll too far or you’ll reveal the answer too soon. This is a pretty difficult hidden image, but I promise you that there’s something here.

what do you see 1


Now, what do you see? I promise you that there’s a hidden image here. And, I also promise you that after I tell you what it is and show you another image, you can’t unsee it!┬áIf you’re a normal, average everyday Joe, the hidden image will pop out at you every single time.

So, are you ready for the big reveal?

It’s a frog! Take a look at the image above again? Do you see it now?

If you’re still having problems, maybe the original image will help you…


what do you see 2


Pretty cool, huh? Take a look at this drawing that stumped the Internet an tell me that you can’t unsee it once you find out what it is!

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