Hidden Face in the Snow Optical Illusion

Good day to you all, and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday by sleeping in some and doing some relaxing. For those of you that live in a hot area, the weather should be starting to cool down, but a sudden snow storm might make you all pretty happy, and snow is just what today’s optical illusion is all about! Take a look at this picture of some snow covered houses, or perhaps a small village, and do you notice anything unusual about this particular picture? You are looking at this snowy picture, and you may notice someone looking back at you!  Whether by design or accident, this hidden face optical illusion is pretty neat.

hidden face in the snow optical illusion

Want to see another optical illusion that involves seeing something from above? Take a look at this tree optical illusion that was taken from a small place, does not it not look like someone deliberately carved a tree into the ground? The fact is this is not something that was deliberately done, but actually a picture of an area that is used for logging and cutting down trees, but it sure does look deliberately done, which is the great thing about it. Enjoy your weekend, and we will speak again soon!

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