Aerial Photographed Giant Oak Tree Illusion

From the sky, it looks just like a giant oak tree lying on its side, but this fascinating image is partly down to nature and partly made by man. The remarkable shape of trunk, branches and foliage was created by a combination of storm damage and scars left on the landscape by forestry machinery used to retrieve logs! How about that! It’s amazing how nature works in misterious ways! This last line reminded me of Blues Brothers… don’t ask why! Visit Outdoors Category for other cool illusions, as well as Multiple Meanings Category.

16 Replies to “Aerial Photographed Giant Oak Tree Illusion”

  1. it just goes to show how cool people are with illusions but how sad it is that people are cutting down trees woth loads of money for the illusion

  2. Well Neil and others; There is nothing photoshop about this. It is an actual photo – of, if you will, nature’s own beautiful sense of humor – taken after a storm destroyed large forrest areas in Sweden in 2005. The photo was taken by freelance photographer Jocke Berglund for Swedish newpaper Expressen, and won the prestigious Swedish award Photo of the Year.

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