Give me a Hug Optical Illusion


How are all of you doing out there today? Did you actually stay up to check out the “blood moon” last night? If so, what did you think of it? Honestly, it was so cloudy here that you couldn’t really see it. I had a lot of people on my Facebook complaining about the clouds and how they ruined the experience. Did you have this problem? Either way, it was at least somewhat cool.

Today, I have a new optical illusion that will definitely throw you off for at least a couple seconds. This is one of those illusions that makes it hard to tell whose body belongs to who in the picture. I don’t know about you, but I love these types of optical illusions. Are you ready to check this one out? If so, you can scroll down right now.

Hug Optical Illusion


So, can you tell me who is hugging who in this picture? Is the girl hugging the guy or is he bent over and hugging her? Leave your guess in the comments section. This one is so easy that you should definitely not have any problems figuring this one out. It’s just meant to be more of a cool / funny illusion to look at, rather than an illusion that will test your brain power.

Want to see another trippy illusion? Have a look at this Black or White portrait.

  • jules

    the girl is hugging the guy
    if you look at the arms of the persion hugging then it is easy to see

    • James Dean

      Yep, you figured it out :D

  • Don Berry

    Some guys find hairy arms attractive. No reason to make fun of someone.

  • Scott

    The guy in the purple shirt sure has short arms!


    • James Dean

      He certainly does, lol!

  • Magic

    i can see it the guy is lying donw on the couch on the girl has her head on the other side

    • James Dean

      Good job. You got it. :)

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