Dinteville by Istvan Orovitz

The picture shown below was created by the Hungarian artist Istv├ín Orosz. As we noted in one of our previous posts, Istvan has a great interest in anamorphic designs. If you know how to look, you can even see an anamorphic motive hidden inside this picture. Instead of looking directly at the screen, try and move your head around towards the left hand side of your computer monitor (as you look at it), so that you are looking across the screen, you should see the head and shoulders of a man – I have made a skewed version to ease your life, and placed it on the right. The hidden persona’s name is Jean de Dinteville. If you wonder who Jean de Dinteville is, and what he is doing here, I recommend you follow this link.

Dinterville Istvan Orovitz Anamorphosis Optical Illusion

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  1. This was a tough one, it took me for ever to find the face, even with your “hint”. But I found it just like you said we would. I really enjoyed the “Dinteville”. Please bring us some more! Thanks

  2. The only problem with moving to the side of the screen is that LCD screens go dark when viewed from an angle.

  3. Without the skewed picture on the right I had trouble recognizing the image. The extreme acute angle caused me to see a lot of glare and reflections in my old CRT monitor. It worked a lot better on my laptop.

  4. where are you people from??

    this is an effect has been used for hundreds of years by artists using all sorts of media.

    try reading some books, or go to school!!

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