Dinosaur Busting Through the Wall Optical Illusion

Sunday is the last day of the weekend, and that means that tomorrow is Monday and it will be the start of a brand new week of fun.  A great way to spend a Sunday is to watch a movie, and one of the coolest movies ever was called Jurassic Park. The movie is over 20 years old, but time has not really mattered because no other movie has had such realistic looking dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Well, dinosaurs are the subject of today’s optical illusion, and take a look at this giant tyrannosaurus rex that seems to be coming right through the wall! The artist who did this was very talented because this wall looks like a clip from the Jurassic Park movie, does it not?

dinosaur wall optical illusion

Ready for another great illusion? Besides dinosaurs, another popular animal is the beautiful majestic bald eagle. This optical illusion is all about hidden eagles. There are nine hidden eagles in this picture, can you find them all? Good luck eagle hunting, and if you do find all nine, please let us know where they are by posting a comment below. You are not only communicating with us, but you are also helping others find those hidden eagles.

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