9 Hidden Eagles Optical Illusion


Again, I would like to thank you all for your sincere care for my health. In these times I learned how warm and carry my readers are. Good news is that my head pain dropped slightly, and I hope this is beginning of my full recovery! As a present I bring you this majestic print with 9 hidden eagles in it. The artwork was created by Steven Michael Gardner, and is “ingeniously” titled – “9 Eagles”. You already know what to do! Search and find all the hidden eagles in this picture below, and if you find some extra, drop me a line, so we can sign a petition to Gardner to change the name of his artwork. More similar posters from Gardner can be found inside “Spot The Object” category. Enjoy…

  • Anonymous

    only found 8….first comment?

    • :D

      i found all 9

      hint: one is on the mountain at middle right of the picture

    • clues

      Yes I found 9! But there are quite a few in the log.

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t like these hidden animals illusions… the other ones are way better!

  • Anonymous

    I only see 8 as well…

  • Anonymous

    If the outline of the one flying in the background counts…well then I’ve found them all!!=D

  • Anonymous

    I see 9 if you count the 1 in the water – bottom right.

  • B

    found them..
    i’m nor really sure if there is a 10th or not..

  • Anonymous

    Wow you guys are insane. I only see three, the background one, the main one, and the one embedded in the tree trunk. For whoever said bottom right in the water….let go of the magic mushrooms man.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. Ok, here’s what I can see:

    1) The big one in the middle (which isn’t hidden, so does it count?)
    2) The one flying in the sky above at the top right
    3) The could formation of an eagle face in the clouds
    4) Eagle face at very top of main tree trunk, looking straight ahead
    5) Eagle head coming out the left side of the tree trunk, just below the previous one
    6) Eagle head in the middle, lighter section of the tree trunk
    7) Shape of eagle head formed by twigs from the right of the tree trunk, just below the main eagle
    8) Possible eagle face staring head in feathers of the right wing
    9) ?????

  • Anonymous

    All these you said and i think there one more, shaped from the snow on the mounten, left of the tree trunk.

  • if you are reding this i just wastd 5 sec, of your life!! ha ha

    cool i found all 9!

    main one
    in the water
    on the mountain
    in the sky
    the clouds
    on the tree
    on the tree
    on the tree
    in the right wing of the bird

    these are cool! but i wish you would put other kinds of optical illusions on.

  • Anonymous

    the 9 is hidden on the wing

  • Kyle Metzger

    I hate find the animal illusions. You always talk about how your inbox is full of submissions. I bet it isn’t full of these.

  • Anonymous

    i found them

  • Anonymous

    I think 9 is the eagle face coming out of the right side of the branch that the eagle is landing on to

    this might be the twig one that someone was talking about, but I can’t actually see one in the twigs just on the branch beside it

  • Anonymous

    there is one in the snow on the lower mountain just to the left of the tree

  • Anonymous

    anonymous 8 has them all except just below the “twig” one is one on the right of the gnarled branch.

  • Perceptionist

    I believe that 8 listed above by ‘Anonymous’ are correct. I think number 9) is an eagle’s face looking right, which is a branch coming out of the trunk about half way up. The end of the branch appears to form a beak the same shape and dimension as the big central eagle directly above it.

  • wildzeke

    9) Possible eagle head in mountain, just left of #5

  • Chris

    Yeah 9

  • Anonymous

    I can sort of see one just between the not-hidden eagle’s right wing and tail, with the beak formed by the shadowed section of tree. Can’t make out an eye, but with the colours and shapes around there I can see an eagle in flight.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where all 9 are? counting the one flying and the one in the middle…i can only find seven but cant for the life of me find any more…so anyone? if you do could you please please please put a comment on here with all the ones in there…???
    thankyou much!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    got 9!

    sky: 2
    tree: 4
    mountain: 1
    central eagle (1) + eagle in the wing (1)
    = 9

  • silvia

    well, I found only 7, but on the other hand I saw a HUMAN FACE on the left side of the tree trunk, near the eagle’s claws!!! maybe I should sleep more… :)

  • Anonymous

    Theres a eagle just below the far away mountain on the far left to the left of the tree trunk

  • Anonymous

    I found 11 or 12

  • Anonymous

    1. big head in sky
    2. 1 flying
    3. 1 Landing
    4. 5 heads on tree possible more
    5. 1 head in the wing of the one thats landing
    6. 1 head on right moutain
    7. 1 head left mountain
    8. 1 head made from branchesright side of tree
    I havent had time to look for any more

  • Chael

    I found about 12 to 13 of them you just hae to keep looking some are very tricky

  • Nightingale

    I found eight. I can see why people would consider the one in the mountain or lower branch, but to me they just don’t look like eagles. I can’t see the one in the water at all.

  • Anonymous

    see the Cougar? he is in the trees

  • Anonymous

    2 obvious- the main and the flying one
    2 sky – front view and a side view using the front view eagle’s right eye
    1 in the right wing
    4 in the tree – front view at the top, side view just below, twigs under the eagle tail, side view with light bark

    I think those are the nine eagles.

  • Eddie

    I found all nine plus three extras suckers!!!!!!!!!Look at my grill!!!

  • Anonymous

    I see all 9 I couldnt see them at first but found tem in the end.If you cant find them Halol they r tricky.

  • Art Queen

    I have found all the eagles with my bro he wasnt much help anyway.There pretty hard to spot although i found them all in 2mins25secs.lollol.

  • Anonymous


    Last comment! ;)

  • Lara

    Thses are my favorite kid of illusions!~! There so cool!~! Some are easy to find and others are very hard!~!

  • Iron

    I found them all, sweet

  • Jen

    I don’t consider this an “optical illusion” That is something that tricks the eye. This is a “puzzle picture”, something that makes you look for something that is there… big difference. :P

  • david

    only found 3
    it is hard

  • christo

    Its hard to judge but then i saw only 7

  • christo

    Its hard to judge but then to i saw only 7 eagles….:)

  • Arkhon

    well…. there is the main one in teh foreground, one flying in the back, one shown in the clouds up the top, one to the left of the tree trunk just below the mountains and 5 on the tree trunk which i cannot be bothered pointing out :D

  • Arkhon

    its not hard it took me about 4 seconds to see all of them

  • I_luv_hoses

    i found all 9 ha ha :)

  • julay

    I really have no clue where number 9 is :O
    these are the ones I have:
    1) The landing one(main one in the middle)
    2) The one flying in the sky (top right)
    3) The clould formation of its head (top middle)
    4) Eagle face at very top of main tree trunk, looking straight ahead
    5) Eagle head coming out the left side of the tree trunk, just below the previous one, it’s beak is made of the branches+snow)
    6) Eagle head in the middle, lighter section of the tree trunk, just below the branch that number 1 is landing on.
    7) Shape of eagle head formed by twigs from the right of the tree trunk, just below the main eagle
    8) the eagle face in the feathers of number 1’s right wing.

    but where is number nine :D?

  • flopster

    i fond 9 use left eye. he is looking to rt.

  • flopster

    9 is eye in sky looking to right.

  • aj

    i found all nine

  • Rhiannon

    I only found six. :(

  • Kidsrock12347

    i can only find 6 :S can someone point out where they all are??!??!??!?

  • I absolutely love this blog.
    I hope I’m allowed to post this solution, if not, please tell me and I will delete or admin can delete…
    Here is where the eagles are: http://tinypic.com/r/zu88h/5

  • justjake784

    i only see 8…?

    • nomnomnom

      i see 7… :D

  • pinkplushiie

    i only see 5. hehe

  • Shriya

    I can see four! YAY!

    • trevor

      i saw 4

  • katelyn

    i only see 8, where’s the 9th one???

  • Vurdlak

    hmm test

  • hey


  • kk

    i got 9

    • trevor


  • CBD

    Alright, there’s one facing front in the clouds,
    two in the bark of the wood
    one in the branch (look for a frame,
    one in the left mountain’s snow
    one in the eagle’s wing (similar to the one on the cloud)
    one in the top of the broken stump
    that big…one
    and that brown thing that looks like a feather above the eagle’s wing is a flying eagle slightly sillouhetted.
    9 beat that.

  • CBD

    Check that, the one in the center does not count, I think there are two on the left mountain, facing opposite directions.

  • SMC

    I see 10 eagles! look closely! AWESOME!

  • ZYno

    7 eagles on the branch
    1 on the mountain if you look CAREFUL *winking eagle*
    the eagle you see and 1 on his wing…
    in the sky u see 1 made from clouds
    on the left-mid u see the last one*mountains too*

  • TeeHee

    iSee 2

  • Supreme

    i see two eagles on the right wing! i guess i got ten! lol

  • jummy

    ifound 8

    i will give one

    Hint:luk at da cloud U will see 1

  • shawna

    9 found by me!! :P

  • Laura

    I guess I’m just blind for these kind of things. without the hints, I only found 3.

  • I

    i see a dog head in the mountain top on the left

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