Creepy Hole optical Illusion

In my Internet travels, I ran across a pretty neat hole optical illusion this morning. This hole optical illusion is nothing more than an ink drawing…

hole optical illusion

…but, it looks like the lines are actually a hole through the paper. It amazes me that this effect is created with nothing more than some lines and a ¬†little shading!

Wanna see another related hole optical illusion? Of course you do!

This hole illusion is a little more disturbing, since it looks like the hole is going right through someone’s hand…

hole optical illusion 2

This hole through the hand would be really freaky if it was put there without your knowledge. Can you imagine waking up, for instance, and looking down to see a hole in your hand? Yikes! It would definitely be a fun way to mess with someone, though!

If you liked this hole optical illusion, head over and check out these other 3D drawings that jump off the page!


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