3D Drawings That Jump Off The Page


I could’ve sworn I already covered Ramon Bruin’s hyperrealistic pencil drawings at some point in the past, when our fan Melanie contacted me and pointed this was not the case. As said earlier, artist Ramon Bruin is taking hyperrealistic drawings to a whole new dimension – The third dimension, to be more precise! Ramon who is a Dutch illustrator, creates realistic 3D renderings of snakes, birds, and all sort of creepy creatures using nothing but a pencil, paper and his own imagination. Those impressive cartoons you see below seem to jump off the paper right at you! The technique in use is once again #Anamorphosis.

Bruin uses a technique called anamorphosis, which involves drawing a detailed but distorted image that appears like a 3D scene when viewed from a certain angle – The New York Daily News

To add a bit of drama, Ramon inserts hands, pencils and other props into the photographs of his illustrations, effectively improving the 3D effect.

Check out the gallery below for more of Bruin’s cartoon creations. Be sure to let us know what you think of his 3D art, and which particular drawing you liked the most!

  • z2d4th

    wow even the pencil looks real!

  • ….that was so CooL:-D

  • Ko

    Even his hand looks real… not to mention the wood grain!

  • Clues

    OMG!!! That’s amazing. Die sckonerberg! <- That means the bird is real.

  • suor de sapo

    Really amazing! Those glasses seem to be a 3D unit, not by chance, I bet! (still have my doubts if they are real or not ;-) 5*

  • andy lush

    Wow this guy is very gud the snake drawing stands out 4 me, and it looks real.

  • You have the most awesome 3d drawings ever it is a work of art

  • stardragon

    The raven is my favorite. Not to brag but I can draw really well for a 13 year old. But I could never do anamorphosis as well as Ramon Bruin!

  • is there an “how to…”site?

  • Check out this one! I got inspired by some of them :)



  • Pvtims

    Fascinating! I can’t wrap my head around these!

  • Peeta Mallark

    I as well can draw something similar but not that good

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