Cat with a Human Reflection Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to this beautiful Tuesday morning! March is here, and the spring is a little over two weeks away, but that does not mean that the snow is going to stop in an instant. However, we are hoping that you all are going to keep warm and safe no matter what! So, how many of you own kitty cats? We love cats too, and they are so much fun to own and make great companions. So, today’s optical illusion is all about a cat, but this little cat has a human reflection, so the question is, does the cat really have a human soul that we are now seeing for the very first time?

cat with human reflection

Ready to see another great optical illusion? Have you all ever heard of Navy seals? These special men are trained in the art of camouflage, and this illusion proves it! Can you all find the seals in this image?  The ability to camouflage may be something that saves lives, and these men are the best! We have searched high and low to try and find the men in this poster, and we have not been able to do it yet! Good luck you guys finding the seals, we have a nice day!

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