Anamorphic sculptures by J. Hurwitz

As we didn’t have much anamorphoses lately, let me show you some of the latest works by Jonty Hurwitz. This whole trend started with #Salvador Dali, where back in the old days, artists had to make all of the necessary calculations on their own, for the anamorphic image to reflect properly. Sometimes they even painted on the fly, observing the reflection inside the cylinder and adjusting their sketch accordingly. Nowadays it’s much easier to get the anamorphic version of any picture – there are computer programs that do this automatically. However, Jonty doesn’t work with images, but creates 3d anamorphic sculptures instead. Check the gallery below and prepare to be amazed!

You may remember Dali worked with anamorphic images that were recreated on a glossy surface of a metal tube. As for Salvador Dali he did pictures and all mathematics by himself, as for modern figurative sculptor Jonty Hurwitz, computing is a first thing before he begins to create complex anamorphic sculptures. That’s clear the process cannot rely only on hands and an eye.

8 Replies to “Anamorphic sculptures by J. Hurwitz”

  1. I love this kind of are.
    Requires a lot of skill.
    It has, however been around a lot longer than Dali. Da Vinci is credited with the first anamorphic painting about 500 years earlier, and mirrors have been used to produce the effect for about 400 years.

  2. Totaly amazing, you just have to stand in complete awe of Jonty’s skill and foresight. I am not worthy (bows).

  3. Impressive though the results may be, a real sculptor doesn’t have a computer and 3d printer do all the work for him…. he does it the hard way as point of principle.

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