Smiling Girl Optical Illusion

First one to discover the illusion this poster hides gets an A+! Just don’t be distracted by the looks of the lady in it! I’m afraid the illusion has been incorporated with help of Adobe Photoshop or similar tool (which makes it less of an illusion, and more of a hard-to-see thingy), but still no less interesting find! Best tip I can give you is to see this earlier post if you’re stuck here.

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  1. I find it, hehe!! LOL!!! want to see the other one ;D totally agree! nice work n this required imagination to fit in. the only think i was wondering is…how looks like the real one. Want to see it!! Note that i didnt give any clue of the illusion. Have a nice day! ;D

  2. haha, it was hard… firstly I was paying attention to her hair… there’s a witch face looking right-bottom from her hair.
    I think it can be done without photoshop… if you look close there seems to be a nice light-shade mixture :)

  3. Ok, I see it and yes, I am sure you’re right about it being PSed in. It’s waaaaay too subtle though. If I hadn’t been looking I never would have even noticed that.

  4. Ah, I see it. The fingers on the hand; it looks like there’s too many, since the one in her mouth isn’t a thumb, and in fact it looks like there’s a fist being held in front of her actual hand because the finger in her mouth doesn’t look attatched.

    Kinda odd, but interesting nonetheless.

  5. omg hahahahahah. it took me sooo long to get it lol! the hint helped a lot. it’s definitely photoshopped but good anyway.

  6. To start I thought she had devils horns, the I noticed the amount of fingers on her right hand! Does she have an extra finger or is she chewing on something else……?

  7. i dont get it! at first it looks normal, but then you see that she is holding a fake finger in her mouth, and her thumb is hidden. thats all! i cant find anything to do with a smiling girl!

  8. Reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live scetch :
    “You’ve got extra Fingers !” – Meaning, she has five fingers on her right hand but no thumb !

  9. Well, it looks like she is having the index finger in her mouth, but if you look closely you can see that this would mean she would have actually six fingers, the thumb and five other ones.

    So one extra finger there , as you said, probably added with photoshop. Altough there are people with six fingers. It is rare, but there are.

  10. I bet she can play the piano better than the average human. Were she to be engaged… which finger would you consider her ring finger? Did her teachers make fun of her for always counting to 11? :)

  11. I see two things…. I don’t their either of them are it, though.

    One – her ear looks like the has a face and
    Two – her earring looks like it’s pointing sorta…?

  12. yeah pretty much gotta cover her face to start lookin for the “illusion” but its there. just dont wanna say any more and give it away :X

  13. Actually, there are two optical illusions. The finger first of all and the shelf behind her to the top left corner. Is the corner going in or protruding out?

  14. well I guess her thumb’s in her mouth (or a finger from another hand / fake plastic finger) as we can clearly see her 4 fingers closed


    She has six fingers!!! because the finger in her mouth should be her thumb! But you can also see traces of her thumb.

  16. Whose finger is she sucking?

    This also gets photoshop fail. When your finger is straightened out like that, the knuckle should flatten out – not protrude the way it does like on her other four fingers that are curled towards her palm.

  17. Omg haha i just saw.. she has four fingers already clenched in a fist.. the finger shes biting is in no way possible. if u count up from her pinky she should have her thumb in her mouth

  18. Finger in the mouth is not a real finger. That’s all I can guess. There should be a thumb there. Is that it. Do I get an A+. LOL

  19. I can count on one hand how many times I had to look at this before I figured it out.

    If she was beside you, she would have no problem pointing out the illusion.

  20. Fisrt post…and nice job on the photofail…maybe it is not howerever maybe she is just a Polydactyly….

  21. if you count her fingers, 4 are curled and one that looks like her index finger is in her mouth. assuming she has a thumb that would mean she has 6 fingers…. that’s impossible

  22. First I just want to say that I have been coming to this website everyday Im surprised I never commented but… I think she’s not really biting her finger (photoshop) or she just has six fingers (five fingers one thumb).

    1. Actually I would like to add that you can actually see her thumb and she might be holding a fake finger…Ya

  23. It’s her fingers. It looks like she’s biting her index finger, but if you count her fingers, the one in her mouth would be #5, making her missing a thumb.

  24. She’s Polydactyl!! On her “right” hand, she is biting her index, but still has four knuckles in her fist. So this brings the total of 5 fingers and 1 thumb.


  25. Holy trash! It just kinda hit me when I looked at the other one. It is a little weird. Count the fingers on her hand.

  26. Okay, so I stared at this picture all day at work and I think I finally figured it out. If you back away from the screen and look in the top left corner of the photo, the corner of the room seems to change. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it seems to reverse. Where as, if you look at the picture up close the corner looks normal (receding), but back away and it seems to reverse itself (protruding).

  27. are you sure the photo is photoshopped? only for a finger? there are many people with 6 fingers in one hand or foot

  28. Wow it took me a while, but I got it. Really hard to pick out, but it shows the power of photoshop. Hint, don’t focus on the background, I spent a lot of time looking there at first.

  29. Yeaa… I got it!!

    This is my first post!
    The thing between her teeth is not her finger… I think she is eating something!

  30. Wow, good illusion. Really hard to notice until you actually look at the right place, but it didn’t take me that long to fingure it out.

  31. SPOILERS AHEAD************



    The girl has 5 fingers! Look at her wrist – FOUR fingers are curled up and a FIFTH finger ( not thumb!) is on her lip.

  32. How many fingers does she have?

    Also something odd behind her on her left – don’t think its anything more than some cloths hanging up.

  33. her finger doesn’t look joined to the rest of her hand, it looks as though she is just holding a finger in her mouth??

  34. Holy shit:)
    It has been difficult to find it, but I think that IT could be real, not photoshopped!
    Thank you for your beautiful website

  35. SPOILER!

    It’s the number of fingers she has. It took about 30 sec, I was looking at the background before reading the post.


  36. Please tell me what it is! I’ve tried nearly everything! Like turning my computr around so I could look at it at weird angles. I even tried staring at it then closing my eyes to see if there was supposed to be something there but the closest I saw to something was a semblance of a bird.. -.- Please! Tell me what it is!

  37. I was stumped until I clicked on the link for an earlier post. It may not be photoshopped. She may be holding a fake finger in her mouth.

  38. this one took me awhile :S nevertheless its an awesome illusion!
    only tip i can give to finding it is to count. :P

  39. Arn’t we not suppose to give the answer away? This one wasn’t done very well, I saw 1..2..3..4..5..fingers b4 I even opened it up to see the clue.
    Love this site, enjoy looking every day to see what you have.

  40. Easy once you follow the link and see where to focus your attention. Nicely done though. Never would’ve seen it without the hint.

  41. for a second i thought she had an extra finger……………. but she doesnt its good though only if you see it ..

  42. That took forever to see. It’s hard when you don’t know what you’re looking for or in what form it is. But I see the finger now!

  43. Quite nice!! I’ve been looking for a long time in the background thinking the girl was only here to distract our attention.
    But yeah, she’s got a strange hand when you take a close look at it!

  44. he finger substitutse for the lower lip and from fr away she look like she’s smiling, but up close she’s biting her finger….That’s just MY theory.

  45. In the top left corner there is a decorative bookshelf wall bracket, look at the bracket and you are looking into what looks like a special nook, that has been built in, but the main part of the illusion is actually possible a cabinet (possibly) as for the woman, no illusion what is on her mind!!!

  46. It’s the extra digit that people don’t often see, like in the beginning of Fringe. She would make an excellent flute/clarinet player though.

  47. The young lady appears to be suffering from polydactyly on her right hand. Eh!…She’s got too many fingers. Took a long time to see it though.
    On the good side, I’ll bet she’s good at card tricks.

  48. There is also a spooky guy dressed in black, trying to undo her bra with his left hand. Well we all have problems getting those passport photos.

  49. O_o…so the “illusion” is that she has 5 fingers? Not that interesting really. The fact that the finger shown looks to be too big for her hand makes it a lot easier to see.

  50. theres also a creepy looking little creature in the chair…

    PLUS, the freakin' tag gives the illusion away!

    …of course we find that out AFTER we found it

  51. Nice hand! ;)

    Got it, by reading the line: “Just don’t be distracted by the looks of the lady in it!”. That made me focus at the details so I started counting. :)

    @ everybody: Look at how I did this! I made sure everybody knows I’ve noticed the illusion, without(!) shouting the exact thing that’s wrong with this picture! Just gave some minor hints. (Those of you being able to see those hints can count all of them on their fingers). Making sure that people who scan the comments for additional hints, get additional hints in stead of being robbed of the fun in their search for the true illusion.

    Sometimes, I would like to flip those people off. Those people who shout the right answer as hard as they can in the comments. But I’ll behave and act like the girl in the picture, because I just know she would never show somebody her middle finger.

  52. there’s five fingers on the girl, I kept looking for something to do with the mouth since it’s entitled, Smiling girl. it’s kinda creepy now that I see it

  53. I see that she has an extra finger on the right hand. Also the wall in the background can be seen two different ways, but that seems like it’s not the illusion.

  54. OH wait!!! I got it!!!! shes technically supposed to be biting her thumb but it’s super long??? I’m guessing fake finger?

  55. It’s on the tip of her tongue! Thumbs up if you’ve got it! The wonders of digit-al photography these days! ;-)

  56. great great great.. it’s like the 20th time i look at the pic on my widget and only now I figured it out!.. very subtle!

    1. Good for you I would have never found that I kept looking at the half a person in the white Tshirt in the back.

  57. Too many fingers, and the last one isn’t THAT well added on.

    Meh, took me awhile to see it, but it wasn’t that amazing :/

    1. How can it not be well added on when it’s not added on at all? The index is a real finger. The ring finger is just duplicated

  58. The lady either has six digits on the hand in the photo (5 fingers-two of which are index fingers-and a thumb) or four normal fingers and mis-shapened, dijointed thumb

  59. Yeah, she got 5 fingers…well 6 with the thumb…man couldnt never guessed if i didnt check the ilusion of the tree with the hand…nice one!!

  60. It did not need to be photoshopped. In fact, it is relatively simple to just have her bit on a fake finger(see the very odd looking connection) while holding it between her thumb and index finger, and taken in a correct angle.

  61. isn’t it funny how every one repeats the same thing
    she has 5 fingers and a thumb
    6 fingers
    5 fingers and an unseen thumb

    1. Yes, if we look at the ear there are two pictures budded. One on top of another. If we look at the left shoulder from you looking angle, she doesn’t has the strap of what ever she is wearing, but the other side the strap could be seen. Also the if we remove the budded sixth finger, she is smiling. Because the finger is placed it is like she is biting it :D Bingoo….

    2. Kalana.. the strap is under arm… and i no see pic on ear… the 6th finger is the only thing i see… i like how the hint is a tree giving us the finger

    1. she is smiling, the finger is photoshopped in there to make it look like shes bitting here finger but shes not, its a fake sicth finger. and thats the only thing in the picturethat makes it an illusion. your supposed to be too distracted by her looks or the description that says dont be distracted by her looks to find it.
      thats what i started to do was look around the picture like the walls and everything but realized “that bitch has a sixth finger.. FOUND IT!”

  62. the fact that she has 5 fingers seems to be the illusion, although it has nothing to do with a smiling girl, and i saw that first, so i get the A+!!!

    1. She is eating her pointer finger. If you count all the fingers you can see you will count 5. But you can’t forget the thumb. Then when you count all of them (including the thumb) you have 6.

      Now say “Thank you, Taylor”

      “Your Welcome, Stranger- from- the- internet- who- I- don’t- know

  63. Does she play the piano? She’d be good at Chopin and Rachmananoff. You need extra finger to play their stuff.

  64. There are two illusions. There is also the M.C. Escher-like painting to the upper left. (Where is the ceiling of the room on that side of the picture? Compare to the right side.)

  65. Eh, whats optical-illusion about that? And by the way, are we sure thats not a hand mutation? i.e. seen that IRL..

    1. I was definitely the first to spot it, and I never get to see my comments either, Kelsey! The’re were no comments at all when I said she had six fingers…

    2. if you watch closely, there is a link “older comments” at the end of the comments section. as there are over 720 comments for this particular illusion, comment pages are broken each 50 comments, and you need to browse further to see older ones… hope I helped :D

    3. Vurdlak, the comment system is not very user friendly: there should be a “first page button” at least. Illusion is okay.

  66. If yuo look at her ear there’s appears to be 2 faces, One of a female the other of a male. The female is above the male.

  67. She has four bent fingers, from the index to the little finger. The thumb,which is not shown , is replaced by an artificially inserted index finger which is placed between her lips. We know that is not the thumb because the thumb contains only two bones and one joint between whereas all the other fingers contain three bones and two joints between, which is what this finger between her lips has. Also, the alignment of the base of this finger with the rest of her hand seems faulty and looks like an “add on”.

  68. There are a few illusions at work here, all photoshop. But remember it is a smiling girl, and she is at the right shoulder. Look at the chair she is right there. By the way only A+. You all tried a little too hard.

    1. What smiling girl? I don’t see a smiling girl! Behind her shoulder there is something that looks like a sleeve but i see no face.. Someone talked about a chair, there’s a chair in the left corner, and it looks like there’s a dog, but that’s not the illusion right? I don’t get it. And yeah i see the “extra finger” but that’s not the illusion either, right?

  69. the finger in the mouth should be the thumb but it isnt. The pinky finger is the first finger showing the last finger should be the thumb but is not

  70. she has 5 fingers and 1 thumb instead of 4 fingers and one thumb :) soo what i’m sayin is she has 6 fingers instead of 5

  71. just for instance, if you look carefully at the left side of her face, there is a shovel hanging on the wall! just for instance!

  72. You’re All Wrong. Just like in the ‘going to commercial’ pause frames while watching “FRINGE”, the picture shows FIVE Fingers, and a THUMB!

  73. besides the fingers , I see some illusion in te left-top side in the shelf direction and the picture on the wall !

  74. I actually noticed something else… There seems to be a kind of lizzard crawling out of her hair onto her shoulder. Can anyone see it or is it just me? A prehistoric looking lizzard (resembling the frilled lizzard) with a mean grin on its face.

    1. I’ve outlined it to make it easy. Can you see it?

  75. I just can’t see the ilussion in the left corner and I think that lizard – because I can see it too – it’s just a cool thing or a coincidence and the trick is with her pointing finger, because if you follow the URL from these words:”this earlier post” from its description, you will see that the tree is showing us its “finger”, so this is the trick or ilussion or however you wanna call it (with the finger)!

  76. Well I do see she has 6 fingers but I also see she’s in the wrong time zone because the background look out dated for this girl. The background look like its all the way back in the I Love Lucy times! LMBO

  77. is it just me, or when you look at the left side of the screen, it looks like someones in the doorway on the right side? (peripheral vision)

  78. but the thing is it’s not blatant like a third eye. How long did it take you to piece together 1:1 n notice she already had a fist in front of her finger?

    it’s kinda like that picture of an elephant that should have 5 legs instead of 4

    1. Heyy… You’ve got a point there…
      Unintentioned illusion in a photo of a non-illusion. !Roflcopter!

  79. Stupid… this is more like a can you spot the difference in the picture(s) you find in those People and cheesy magazines.

  80. Are we sure the extra finger is the illusion? Maybe her parents were close before getting married… Like cousins, or something.

  81. That’s not a frickin’ illusion, that’s a ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ or ‘Find the Hidden Object’ game.
    This is the ACTUAL definition of an illusion-
    il·lu·sion (plural il·lu·sions)
    1. something with deceptive appearance: something that deceives the senses or mind, e.g. by appearing to exist when it does not or appearing to be one thing when it is in fact another.
    This might be an illusion if, say, she appeared to have a sixth finger but did not actually have a sixth finger present in the photo. THIS ISN’T AN ILLUSION.
    The same applies to the flip-off tree, pal- That is simply a photo of a rude tree with a middle finger.

  82. the illusion is the square in the background not the five fingers, which isn’t as rare as we all seem to think, its like having three nipples. its supposed to throw you off.

  83. She has a spare finger, there is a person in the doorway, the top left corner is not an illusion it is hidden duct work, perhaps she is a man? or the room isnt a room but a poster of a poster of a room

  84. There is something in the chair, like a demoniac face but I can’t see clrealy çause it’s white and black (I don;t have to say “black and white”. I mean, why? =-)D). Btw, coincidentally, she has two horns (I don’t really have to say where are they, right? :P

    Anyways, stop seeing illusions. Stop hallucinating. She has just the index finger twice, instead of the thum finger. Nope, she doesn;t have 6 fingers. Just two indexes :P that seems like a very tiny woman leg rac

  85. I see in the door several animals a lion is one in particular and of course also her having more than enough digits.

  86. other than the fingers if you look around and above her mouth she appers to smile but the when you look back shes not

  87. Except for al the things already mentioned (extra index finger, someone in the door etc etc)..

    What’s that with the white cube thing in the corner? (up left in the room) and also, what is hanging on the ceiling above the door? It looks like the room is turned or something..

  88. she is in a room that is upside down!!!!!!!! the door behind her is actually the window,the door on the ceiling is the carpet/rug!!!!!!

    1. That is her finger. If you look closely, you can see that she have two identical ring fingers. So that means the photo was made with some application like PhotoShop or something.

    2. No shit it was altered with Photoshop Tabitha! It even says so in the description & it even states that they wouldn’t necessarily call this an “optical illusion” but more of a “hard-to-see-thingy” (they’re quote), basically it’s a “hidden object photo” (my quote hehe)

  89. The lady looks cute but has what looks to be six fingers visible on her hand. The finger she is biting seems to me the fake one.Ha ha ha ha. This is a good one.

  90. or maybe that’s a piece of plastic, or paper, not an actual finger, you can see an edge in the pic and naturally fingers don’t have an edge like that.

  91. she is just holding the finger she puts in her m0uth, maybe it’s a toy finger, i don’t know, to make it not obvious, they change the c0lor of the picture.

  92. Her photo washotoshopped in the room, if you look at the reflection or glare, the follow it, you wont see a shadow, the finger and hand were photoshopped seperately, first editting outnher original hand, then uptting the finger, then hand, if you look at her teth, she didnt open her mouth wide enough to fit anwhole tip of the finger, and you can see her original hand to the lowr right of her photoshopped hand

  93. Lol the finger in her mouth is not even attached to the hand (hint: look at the strand of hair on her right shoulder)

  94. Well, it could be her thumb with a fake finger on it… like the ones you get for Halloween at Party City.

  95. She has no thumb which creeped the living crap out of me for a sec but she has 5 fingers but no thumb on her hand. weird 0.o

  96. There someone behind here and that’s where the other finger comes from by her hand and u see someone’s shoulder next to her left shoulder

  97. If you look at the extra finger you’ll notice it isn’t attached at all. photo shop fail. You can clearly see the edge of it at the base

  98. They photoshopped another finger, so it looks as if she has 6 fingers/ knuckles. (Aka, another ring finger…)

  99. Why is having an extra finger so creepy? Even if it was real, who cares? It’s not like she has 3 eyes or a mouth on her forehead or something. It does not creep me out in the slightest… some people really do freak easily :)

  100. 6 fingers, however the one she is biting, is clearly misplaced. You can see it sticks out way more than the rest (where the knuckle should be)

  101. man, you guys really gotta be american hillbilly’s cause im only counting 5 fingers. damn, 5 people seeing 6 fingers while there are only 5.

    1. there are 5 fingers and one thumb – the thumb is obviously behind the finger that is in her mouth – which by the way the finger in the mouth has been photoshopped in; that is the illusion peeps…everything behind her is irrelevant…

      So 5 fingers plus 1 thumb = 6

  102. there are 5 fingers and one thumb – the thumb is obviously behind the finger that is in her mouth – which by the way the finger in the mouth has been photoshopped in; that is the illusion peeps…everything behind her is irrelevant…

    So 5 fingers plus 1 thumb = 6

  103. Everyone is saying that she has 6 fingers, but has anyone noticed that near the “knuckle” of the “sixth” finger (which she’s biting) pops out, i think that the one that she is biting is fake

  104. In addition to the five digets (+thumb), I see a latent image of a dog in the door, frog in her hair, several butt shapes in her hair, baby in the lobe of her ear, woman with crossed legs in the pillow on the chair, teddy bear on the brush shaped wall decoration, phalic shaped ear ring, etc.

  105. Dude, it’s clear that she has five fingers and a thumb, therefore making it six fingers. If it’s Photoshopped, good job, it took me a while, if not that’s soooooooo cool!

  106. if you look very closly in the right where there the door my brother spoted a shap of aman if look very closly and it was true

  107. Wow but do you see the hand behind her left shoulder now thats creepy lol, but I read the other comments first then I saw that one and that one was one of the most obvious ones to see, Well I’m an old horror movie watcher from the 80’s hey I was only a kid then and they scartd the bejesus out of me them lol but I’m an Adult now LOL

  108. The illusion is that she looks like a bimbo but is, in fact, a Rhodes Scholar currently running a street-kid drop-in center in a slum in the west of Mumbai.

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