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Wednesday is here, and week is half over, and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that the work week is beginning to wind down! Good Morning to you all, grab a cup of coffee and let’s sit and talk for a moment. In a famous movie, the main character makes a statement that a woman’s heart can be locked up and full of secrets. Well, today’s optical illusion is sort of based on that quote. However, there is a twist because it is not a woman’s heart that is shown being locked, but her stomach! This illusion just goes to show that any part of a woman can be locked up tight, and she is the only one with the key.

The Human Lock Optical Illusion

Speaking of optical illusions involving women, take a look at this one involving a woman’s hair! Do you see something in her hair that should not be there?  This great artist has made many works of art involving women, and they are just too cool for words, especially the hair full of horses illusion.  Optical illusions are a lot of fun, and they just make the day brighter, and hopefully now, you all will have a better Wednesday because of these. Have a great day!

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Happy Tuesday everyone, and hope your day is filled with fun and excitement.  After a long day of working, some people do things after they get home to help them relax. Some people like to read, while others prefer doing something more active like working in their flower gardens. Today’s optical illusion is all about flowers, which includes the very popular rose. Do you all see something unusual about this lovely rose?  Have you figured it out by now? This lovely rose is a fine example of beautiful body art, and the artist is truly talented to turn a person into a rose.

The Human Rose Optical Illusion

Artists really do capture real life, and they can be responsible for some amazing optical illusions. Take a look at these subway works of art. How amazing are these works of art that people can even interact with them?  Artists are truly talented people, and whether it is body painting or paintings on the walls of the subway, they are letting loose their amazing talent on the world. Everyone needs to support the art community because it makes this world a lot more beautiful.  Hope you all have a great day, and we will speak again tomorrow.

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Hello all, Steven here from Mighty Optical Illusions and I would just like to inform you all that I am currently looking for illusionists and artist to feature in the upcoming Mighty Optical Illusions book!

Interested? Contact me at steven@moillusions.com

So, what are the details?

You will receive credit for all of your images that are featured in the book. I’ll make sure your name and/or business name is featured below each image of yours that I use in the book. How cool will it be to see your name published in a book!?!? Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer any sort of cash compensation for your images.

The book goes into publication in October, 2014 and you’ll be able to walk into many different major book retailers to purchase a copy of the book. In other words, you’ll be able to tell your friends that they can go to your local bookstore and check out a book that you actually helped to create. Also, the book will be featured on major retail websites, such as Amazon.com.

What do I have to do to get my work featured in the book?

Simple, e-mail me at steven@moillusions.comMake sure you include all images you’d like to have included in the book. As of right now, I’m looking for as many optical illusions as possible, so feel free to include as many of your images as you’d like.

After we talk a bit through e-mail, I’ll send you a basic release form. Basically, the form states that the image(s) is yours, but you’re allowing me to use it in the book.

Sounds easy enough; right?

If you’re interested, make sure you email me by clicking on my email address in this post. I’d love to feature your work in the book, and I’m sure you’d love the exposure, so it’s a win-win situation. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Want to be featured in the book? Contact me at steven@moillusions.com

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Good morning and Happy Monday to you all! The weekend is gone, and the last week in August begins today. While you were enjoying your time off, we hope that you did something really fun and exciting like riding a motorcycle, perhaps. There are so many different models on the market today that people can choose any kind of bike they want. However, today’s optical illusion involves a very special brand of bike that is incredibly rare. This young lady is riding a motorcycle that is made entirely out of human beings! What do you all think of this very human bike? Clearly, this human bike is a work of body art, but you have to admit that it is pretty spectacular.

Woman on Motorcycle Optical Illusion

Ready or another great test of the human spirit and be an optical illusion at the same time? The man in this photography is defying gravity, and we are all dying to know how just how he did it! Did this man dig a pit and step into it or did he simply turn the camera on its side? We want to hear from you about how this man is defying gravity, so be sure you comment and tell us what you think.

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Sunday is upon us all, and this is known as a day of rest for the whole world. What are you all doing to relax on this last day of the weekend?  Have you all ever seen an optical illusion that was actually a hidden picture in a word?  Well, take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will see a word, but what else do you see? Could you perhaps see an elephant hiding in the word?  This is one giant optical illusion, and it just happens to have a trunk!

Word Optical Illusion

Ready for another great optical illusion involving the longest running cartoon show ever called the Simpsons?  Take a look at this huge Simpsons cast photo, but look closely because there is something in there that does not belong. Someone who is not part of the Simpsons television show has invaded the photo!  The Simpsons has been on the air for more than 20 years, and this is just one of the many photos that kind of have a Where’s Waldo theme? If you all manage to find the character in this photo that does not belong, please don’t be shy! Remember, not everyone has sharp eyes and may need the help so pleases comment below if you all manage to solve the mystery.

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Happy Saturday, and hopefully you all are doing something nice and relaxing. However, sometimes people use the weekend to satisfy their need for excitement, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. This girl looks like she is walking a tightrope high above the ground, one wrong step, and she will fall all the way down to the ground. Have you all ever seen the tightrope walkers at the circus? Ever wondered how much nerve it takes to do something like that?  You have to have nerves of steel to walk on a thin rope suspended between two buildings, and clearly, this young woman has what it takes!

Girl Walking a Tight Rope Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion? Take a look at these handprints; do you see what we all see? Do you see the animals locked inside of every single one of these cool ink handprints? Do you wonder just how these handprints were created? Is it a work of art or just the way people’s palms are naturally? So are we because they are just too cool for words, but if you all get any idea as to how they were made, please feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know! Have a great Saturday and we will talk again soon!

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Happy Friday everyone, the weekend, and time for fun, is only a few hours away! Everyone starts off their mornings with a nice steaming cup of coffee, and millions drink this hot beverage every single morning.  The caffeine in the coffee makes everyone wake up, but have you ever been so tired that you swear your coffee is staring back at you? A cup of coffee with eyes is the subject of today’s optical illusion.  Take a look at this picture, is the coffee staring back at you or is just a trick of the foam and cream in the coffee?

Coffee Cup with Eyes Optical Illusion

Speaking of coffee, take a look at this old black and white picture of kettles, do you see that these kettles are quite happy? Perhaps it is a trick of the light, but sure looks like those kettles are grinning doesn’t it?  You just never know when an optical illusion is going to be created, and this old picture just goes to show that you can even find optical illusions in the kitchen.  Whether you see the happy kettles or not, be sure you leave us a comment below because we love to hear from you and what you all think. Have a great weekend!

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Today is Thursday, and people are slowly waking up and reaching for that cup of coffee before they get ready for work. While sipping that delicious hot cup of java, it is time for today’s optical illusion, which is all about seeing something that may or may not be there. While thinking about the weekend, and what your plans may be, you may take a quick look at this picture, and your eyes may catch on an image that your brain is trying to process. Do you or do you not see a sleeping horse when you look at these rocks? The horse may not be there, or it may be a trick of the eyes, but it truly does look like a young horse is fast asleep.

Sleeping Horse Optical Illusion

Ready for more mind boggling illusions that may or may not be what they seem? Take a look at these illusions found in nature. Mother Nature is truly a wondrous thing, and these pictures truly do look like people, especially the illusions involving the trees. Whether you can see these natural optical illusions or not, we always welcome all of our faithful readers to please post a comment below about anything you want whether it is any illusion or just small talk, we want to hear from you!