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Happy Friday to everyone and rejoice because the last day of the week is upon us! Now is the time to start planning for the weekend fun, and you all can do anything in the world like perhaps going fishing! Imagine spending the weekend by a nice lake with just you and your fishing pole? Speaking of fishing it is time for today’s optical illusion, which is all about fishing!

Hooked a Big One Optical Illusion

Now, who says you have to go to a lake to go fishing when there is a handy sidewalk? This fisherman hooked a big one, and all he had to do is lower his bait into a sidewalk hole!

So what do you all think of this illusion? Is it not amazing how realistic it looks? Since its Friday, how about a nice cup of coffee to help you get through the last day of the week? If you love coffee, then check out this coffee skull optical illusion. Is it a skull in the coffee or just an accidental creation of adding a little milk or cream to the coffee? Well, whatever formed it, there truly is a skull in the cup of coffee, but don’t worry, once you take that first sip, it’ll probably be gone!

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Happy Thursday! Hope all of you have a good hump day, and we are on the fourth day of the week, and soon it will be party time when the weekend comes! Everyone has to wear clothes every single day of their lives, and some clothing has zippers while others have buttons! However, imagine what it would be like if the human skin covering the body also had zippers or buttons?

Today’s optical illusion is all about body buttons, and it’s so cool and clever that is really does look like this person’s skin is being held onto his body with a set of buttons!

 Button Body Optical Illusion

Ready to see something else that might blow your mind or perhaps inspire your imagination! This amazing little illusion is called the Spirit of the Water and the Woods, and it truly is because one innocent little picture can truly show something remarkable. So, do you all see the spirit? If you look very hard, you may see it, and here is a hint, all you need to do is either turn the image or turn your head in order to see it! If you are able to see, please let us know by posting a comment below.

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Happy Hump Day to all of you, and hope you all are doing great on this beautiful Wednesday morning!  The week is half over, and it’s only a few days until the weekend begins. Every year, we all have one birthday, and we get together with our friends, have some fun, and then at the end, we get to have a big birthday cake with candles. What is the best part about a birthday? The answer is blowing out a candle and making a wish! What if you could have the sun be the biggest birthday candle you ever had? Well, just take a look at today’s optical illusion.

Birthday Candle Sun Optical Illusion

This woman is getting to blow out the sun, and it looks so amazing! Hopefully, with a birthday candle that big, her wish came true!

Ready for another great optical illusion? Halloween is still a few months away, but who says you cannot enjoy a Halloween optical illusion right now? Take a look at this illusion, is it a tree, or just a group of kids going trick or treating? Study this illusion closely, and when you all figure it out, be sure you go ahead and drop us a comment below.

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Good Morning Everyone! Today is Tuesday, and you are all probably still recovering from your weekend! Sometimes, the most innocent objects can come together to form an optical illusion, and that is exactly what happened with today’s optical illusion! Take a look at it, and do you see a hidden Sesame Street character named Cookie Monster?

Hidden Cookie Monster Optical Illusion

For those of you who have no idea who Cookie Monster is, here are some hints, he is blue, and has giant white eyes, and he is also known for the fact his mouth is always open. Does that help you all find the hidden Cookie Monster? If you all find him, be sure and leave us a comment below.

Now, here is another great illusion involving one of the most famous monuments in the world, Mount Rushmore! This famous monument in South Dakota has the carved out faces of four of the greatest Presidents that the United States ever had, but did you know that there is a fifth face? See if you all can find the fifth face, and if you do, don’t be shy about leaving a comment all about it because we love to read comments! Good luck with the illusion hunting, and have a terrific Tuesday!

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Good morning everyone! Today is Monday, and everyone is just starting their week! Hopefully, you all got plenty of rest over the weekend, and are rested and refreshed for a brand new week!

How many of you have ever played with shadow puppets, or watched when someone else did shadow puppets? Shadows can be fun, and anyone that has ever watched them play across their ceiling or floor at night can understand just how deceptive they can be! Today’s optical illusion is actually a video that shows the power of shadows.

Quite an impressive sight is it not? The way that the tree was turned into the Flamenco dancer? This video just goes to show how talented some people can be at creating mind blowing optical illusions!

Ready to check out another fun optical illusion? Check out this Ticino Village illusion, and what do you see? Do you all see two men working in the village or do you see something else? Illusions are a lot of fun because they can really stimulate the imagination, and if you all see the hidden illusion, be sure you drop us a comment below and let us know all about it! Happy Monday and have a great day!

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Sunday is upon us all, and it can be sad because this means that today is the last day of the weekend, but some people have the most fun relaxing on Sundays, so don’t get down on yourself! What is it about illusions that people find so interesting? Is it the fact that these illusions are like mysteries that some people cannot resist and want to solve?

Well, with that in mind, here is today’s illusion that is sure to be another mystery that is just begging to be solved! So, this is a square that has a cross in the middle of it, and if you look at it long enough, it looks like the center of the square is swirling!

 Two Direction Swirling Square Optical Illusion

Do you all see it? Well, it may be tough to see, and some people may not be able to see it at all! Whether you see it or not, please be sure and post your thoughts below by leaving us a comment!

No Sunday is complete without a second illusion, and this one is a lot of fun because it’s basically a game of trying to find the deer! So, how many deer can you find in this fun illusion? Talk about a fun way to go deer hunting without any harm coming to the deer!

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Happy Saturday to one and all! Hopefully, you all are having a good time hanging out the friends and family.  Sometimes, people like to do things like go on vacation together, which is the subject of today’s mind blowing optical illusion!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is thousands of years old, and over the course of those years, the tower has begun to lean over. While visiting Italy, these fun tourists have taken advantage of the fact that the tower is leaning over, and decided to take a really cool picture.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Optical Illusion

Does it not look like this young woman is kicking over the tower, and the ancient structure has a lean because she is kicking it over!

Ready for another really cool illusion that will stimulate your imagination? Take a look at this illusion called Surreal World. What do you see when  you look at this picture? The most obvious guess is a guy on a boat and another guy playing a saxophone, but there is a hidden surprise. Do you all see it? Here is a hint to help you find, it and all you have to do is tip your head to one side and things will become much clearer for you! Good Luck and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Good morning everyone, and hooray it is finally Friday! The weekend is going to begin as soon as the sun goes down! So, now that the fun is about to begin, take a look at today’s optical illusion.

From a first glance, this illusion just looks like a woman sitting at her dresser looking at herself in the mirror. However, there is more to this illusion that meets the eye. What else do you all see? There is a hidden illusion with this woman, but we aren’t telling you what it is! All you have to do is look closely, and you will see exactly what we are talking about!

Woman Looking in the Mirror Optical Illusion

Once you all figure it out, and see the hidden optical illusion, be sure you drop us a comment with your best guest!  Since this optical illusion is a little bit hard, how about an easy one? This is one is all about the art of camouflage, and some people really love to paint themselves like a building and blend into it!

What do you all think of these remarkable works of living art? Is it not totally amazing just what people can do with their own artistic talent? Well, enjoy  your Friday and have a great weekend!