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By on October 6, 2015, with 0 Comments  

If you’re a regular follower of the Mighty Optical Illusions blog here, you’re probably already familiar with the blivet, or Devil’s Fork illusion. Heck, even if you aren’t a regular follower, you’re probably still familiar with this impossible object! It’s one of the most widely recognized illusions out there. Along with the impossible triangle, the Devil’s Fork illusion of the illusions that most people immediately think of when they hear the term optical illusion.

We’ve seen the devil’s fork illusion so many times that we can recognize it in our sleep, whether it’s hidden in a picture of deer and trees, a coloring page, or one of the many other Devil’s Fork illusions. Another popular variation of the Devil’s Fork optical illusion is hiding the cylinders of this impossible illusion in people legs.

Today’s Devil’s Fork optical illusion is a simpler variation of the leg blivet illusions, but it’s still pretty striking and interesting!

devil's fork illusion

As you can see, it’s not as detailed as, say, this cowboy legs illusion. But that doesn’t mean that it’s any less cool! It’s just cool in a different way, no?

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Shadow optical illusion picture are always some of my favorites. There’s just something so enigmatic and a little beautiful about shadows! Sometimes I run across a shadow optical illusion that is simply breathtaking to me.

Today, I’d like to share a shadow optical illusion that really blew my mind…

dog shadow optical illusion

This shadow optical illusion is really very easy to figure out after you look at it for just a couple of moments. It’s obviously a photo of a dog walking through a pool of water; maybe the ocean? The sky above is being reflected into the pool of water as is the silhouette of the dog. The whole image has just been flipped 180 degrees.

However, if you were to look at just the top half of the image, it would seem like you were looking at a mysterious shadow dog. It’s one of those images that’s obvious after a bit, but makes you at least pause to do a double take.

Be sure to rate this dog shadow optical illusion with the stars below! Afterward, you might want to head over and check out this shadow falling over a cliff!

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The weekend is almost over for us, and Ill definitely be sad to see it go! That means another week of work and craziness. Ugh! I am not ready to get back to it. I still haven’t fully recovered from being sick, and I’m just so tired.

I need a fun illusion to get me cheered up and pumped up for another week of work. And, I think I found a nice fun staircase illusion tucked away in my folder today!

staircase illusion

This staircase illusion photo was taken in Prague at the Cafe Orient restaurant. What did you notice first about this staircase illusion? Was it the bright shining light bulb in the center of the image? Of course, there’e no actual light bulb there, and I would guess that it’s a well-placed skylight in the ceiling at the top of the stairs, and the elegantly curved stairs take on the shape of a light bulb.

Here’s another view of the Cafe Orient staircase…

another view of cafe orient stairs

It almost doesn’t look like the same staircase illusion, does it?

If you liked this staircase illusion, head over and try to decide whether this cat is going up or down the stairs.

By on October 3, 2015, with 1 Comment  

It’s the start of the weekend, and judging by the wet nasty outside my window, it isn’t going to be a very nice one! The little man also has a midget football game today, so today should be extra fun!

On a lighter note, I have a fun illusion for you today! I’ve been looking at a lot of negative space art lately, and I’ve gotten quite fond of it. I love the use of contrasting colors to create a subtle shape. A lot of times, you have to really look to see the second image. I don’t know about you, but I generally see the image in the darker portion of the negative space illusion pictures; the lighter areas of the images just don’t pop out at me right away.

What about you? Which shape did you see first in this negative space illusion first?


This one was an odd one for me, though. Unlike with most other negative space illusion pictures, I saw the bird in the lighter art of the image first. I don’t think there’s really much difference between this negative space illusions and other negative space illusions out there, so I can’t really tell you why. Maybe it’s just a fluke, or maybe I’ve already seen the image int he past and now can’t get the bird out of my head.

Which did you see first?

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A centaur is a mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human. The lower half of its body is that of a horse, including all four legs, a horse’s body, and a tail. Sounds like an interesting creature, doesn’t it? But, of course, there are no real centaurs, at least today.

Or is there…?

centaur optical illusion

The position of the woman and dog in this centaur optical illusion is just about perfect. As she’s standing to cut vegetables, the dog is positioned behind her with its head and front feet hidden. Her black pants blend in perfectly with the dog, completing the centaur optical illusion. The resulting photo looks like she has the head, torso, and arms of a human, and the legs and lower body of an animal.

Definitely a wicked centaur optical illusion! I wonder if this photo was taken on purpose, or if it was one of those happy accidents and perfectly timed photos. What do you think?

Before you go, take a moment to rate this centaur optical illusion with the stars below! When you’re done, head over and check out this hidden horse rider optical illusion!

By on October 1, 2015, with 4 Comments  

As the title of this posts suggests, today’s puzzle is both an optical illusion and a maze—an optical illusion maze. Or, if you prefer an optical illusion puzzle. Either way, though, one thing remains clear…

It’s tough!

optical illusion maze

When I tried solving it a few times, this optical illusion maze kept moving on me! Now, I know that it wasn’t really moving, but it sure looked like it. I still haven’t solved it, and truth be told, I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a solution! I’m also not quite sure if we’re supposed to follow the black lines or the white lines. every time I try to follow either one, I get stuck.

I do know that you need to enter this optical illusion maze in the upper left corner and exit in the lower right corner. Unless you do mazes backwards, like I do sometimes.

Before you throw u your hands in frustration and leave, make sure you take a moment to rate this optical illusion maze. It would mean oh so much to me…

If this optical illusion maze was just too much for you, don’t feel bad! I haven’t been able to solve it either. There’s a much simpler penguin maze you can try, though!

By on September 30, 2015, with 5 Comments  

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a lovely morning so far. I got a few very important things straightened out this week, so I’m a little less stressed out than I was over the weekend, so that’s always good. Today’s my busy day, though, so I’m looking at a long day at work. And, When I’m already tired and ready to just sleep, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all!

Since it’s going to be a long, long day for me, I thought I’d leave you with a fun dog illusion this morning…


Some of you will see the dog illusion in this photo and some of you won’t. I’m guessing that this illusion will be a little easier for those of you who own or have owned dogs. You’re more likely to understand the behavior of our furry best friends and how they like to get acquainted, so to speak.

Oops! I may have just given away the dog illusion there. Well, that’s okay! You’re a smart bunch, and you were bound to sniff out the dog illusion in this image sooner or later!

See those little stars below this post? Go ahead and click on one of those to rate this dog illusion! Five stars for fun and awesome, or one star for boring and awful.

If you liked this dog illusion, head over and see if you can find the hidden word here!

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We’re probably all familiar with the impossible triangle illusion, or Penrose triangle, right? It’s such a simple design, yet so complex. At first glance, it looks like your typical 3D triangle. However, look a little closer and you can see that the way the sides of the triangle are supposed to be connected are…well, impossible!

It’s also such a popular and widely recognized illusion, and there have been many variations of it including a more robust version and an impossible heart. Wel, now we have another impossible triangle variation to add to the mix! Let me introduce you the the impossible star illusion…


You may have already met the impossible star in your travels, but it’s always nice to run into an old friend, isn’t it? The impossible star above is drawn with somewhat thin sides, making it just a little more difficult to recognize right off the bat what it is. However, the impossible star below, drawn by Irwell Pete in 2000, was drawn with thicker sides, so it’s actually easier to see that it’s an impossible object. It’s also a lot more colorful and pretty too!


If you liked today’s impossible star illusion, please take a moment to rate it below! If you love the impossible, be sure to check out our collection of impossible objects!