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Hello and good evening to all of you illusion lovers! Well you did it! You made it to Friday, and we know how hard it was to get out of bed this morning since it is the last day of the work week, but it’ll all be over soon!  Perhaps this weekend, you all can head to the beach, if you are close to one, but we have to warn you, watch out for giant babies!  Don’t believe us? Well just look at today’s optical illusion and you’ll see a giant baby right on the beach, and he has someone’s head in his hand! You have to admit that it does look like this giant baby is having fun playing on the beach.  So what do you think of this picture?

Giant Baby Optical Illusion

Ready for an optical illusion with more than one meaning? Check out this optical illusion that is both teach and learn, and it’s definitely saying something isn’t it? We like the way this illusion was done because it’s really neat how the one word has a reflection that has the second word. So what do you guys think? Well we know its Friday, and you all are tired, but in a few hours you all will be able to go home and rest for the next couple of days!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday! How did it get to be Thursday so fast? My goodness the time sure seems to be flying by!   So, how many of you want to do nothing more than just dive into a pool or sit by the pool with a great cocktail in your hands? We have something to show you, and today’s optical illusion is all about a woman who is having a … well it’s a man drink! Now we know that there is no way a man can fit into a martini glass, but you have to admit it looks like it doesn’t it? However, it is also a pretty funny picture because it really does look like a man is a human cocktail.

Man Drink Optical Illusion

How many of you love to look at movie posters? Well here are some great Hollywood posters that look like faces, and we love these kinds of optical illusions because of the fact you can make out the faces. Sorry but its true, we love to find the hidden object in posters, and these are some great example! So, we know you all are probably getting tired, but have another cup of coffee, and sip it slowly, because there is still one more day to go in the week!

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Wednesday is here, and it’s time to breathe a little easier because it means the halfway point of the week has arrived. For some of the young, the week is not moving fast enough, but for others its moving along at its usual speed. So, how many of you have a hummingbird feeder right now outside your window hanging from your front porch? Well, if you do have a feeder, you all probably get to see a lot of really cute little hummingbirds floating around getting a drink from the feeder, or perhaps, drinking nectar from your flowers. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is all about a beautiful little hummingbird, but is it really a bird? Sorry, we may have given too much away, but it’s awesome!

Human Hummingbird Optical Illusion

Ready to see a classic optical illusions that is one of our favorites? Well check out the faces in the trees, and see how many you all can find. The last time we looked at this illusion, we counted 12 faces, but we may be wrong. Please count these faces and let us know how many you all find! Well today is Wednesday, and we know there are still a couple of days to go in the week, but you all will make it we promise!

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Hello to all of you and welcome to Tuesday! The week is still getting started, and for us here in the office, it still seems like Monday to us. How about you all? Well while going through some cool optical illusions, we found today’s, and its definitely an interesting one courtesy of a friend of ours.  We want you to take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is all about a lovely park at night full of trees and the stars, and its just gorgeous! But, this is an optical illusion, and can you all guess why? Well take a close look at this image, and it may not be a real park after all, but something else. Do you all see it?

Nighttime In the Park Optical Illusion

Well how about another great optical illusion. Take a look at these lips, and does it look like they are smiling. Who couldn’t use a smile especially on during work? One look at these cute little leaf lips and anyone will smile even if they’re having a bad day. So, we know that today is only Tuesday, and you are still having a hard time getting up in the morning, but you’re doing great and the week will be over before you know it!

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Good afternoon everyone and Monday is back and so are we after the weekend. So what are you all doing today? We know you all probably a little cranky, and we understand especially after a weekend of getting to sleep in and doing what you want. However, we have today’s optical illusion, which we think is going to make you all smile a little. How many of you like elephants? Well we want you all to check out this cool illusion, and once again, we want you to look close because there’s something about it that’s hidden. Do you see it? Well our lips are sealed but we know you all are very smart and will figure out what is so special about this illusion.

Elephant Body Paint Optical Illusion

So, how many of you ever studied geography? Well check out this cool moon and star islands optical illusion. Now, there is a question as to whether these two little islands actually exist, but they sure look real to us! What do you guys think? Well if you think this is a photoshop picture, let us know because we’re wondering if its real or not! Well we know its Monday, but try and have a good day anyway!

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Hi everyone and welcome to Sunday! Today is the last day of the weekend, and we know you all have something planned for it. So, we thought we would do something fun! Today’s optical illusion is all about a picture of a girl, but the problem is that this is not just an ordinary portrait. Take a close look at it, and you may not be able to figure out what the illusion is. Well, we will go ahead and let you in on the little secret. This portrait is not just a drawing, but it is a woman who is actually painted up to look like she is a drawing. Imagine how long it took for the artist who did this to make this woman look like a drawing. Talk about artist dedication!

Living Portrait Optical Illusion

So, moving on to something else that is pretty cool. How many of you have seen the image of the face on the moon? Check out this face that is supposedly on the surface of the moon, and it makes you wonder how it was created. Was there really live on the moon or is this a trick of the eye and the rocks on the moon? Scientists are still trying to figure out what caused this face, but its still pretty cool! Have a great Sunday!

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Saturday is here! Even we get to sleep in on the weekend, what about you? How many of you like to curl up in your nice warm beds for some extra sleeping? Well now that you all are up, how many of you have a pet chameleon or at least have seen one? Well today’s optical illusion is about a chameleon, and we want you to know that there is something really special about this chameleon. We are not going to tell you all anything because we want you to find out what it is for yourself. You won’t believe it once you find out what it is, and we want you to be surprised. When you do figure it out, please post a comment below because not everyone is going to be able to figure out what is so special about this little lizard.

Chameleon Optical Illusion

Ready for a man-lake optical illusion?  Once again we have been playing around on Google Earth, and we found this lake that looks just like a man lying down. Now, whether this lake rally is man-shaped for now, we think it’s pretty cool! Do you think this lake really does look like this or is it just a trick of the eye? Well today is Saturday, so try and do something fun!

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Hello everyone! Friday is here! YAYY! How many of you are now glancing at the clock and counting down the hours! Believe us, we are too because it has been a long week, and we are so tired we just want to fall asleep at our desks.  So, how many of you have a fish aquarium? Well there is one here in the office, and we have some fish and sea horses in it. Today’s optical illusion was inspired by our fish tank, and look at the sea horse! The secret is this is not really a sea horse, but someone that is painted to look like one. Do you all see that this is a person? Well we think its cool, and we know you do too.

Sea Horse Optical Illusion

So, how many of you have ever played around on Google Earth? Well we have, and we have found some interesting things, check out this dinosaur illusion we found on it! Can you see it? Its amazing how things look from high up, and this dinosaur illusion proves it. Ever found anything interesting on Google Earth? Well if so, go ahead and tell us all about it. Today is Friday, and it’s time for the weekend to begin for all of us.