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Happy Hump Day to you all, and Wednesdays are very special days because it means that the halfway point has been reached, and the rest of the week will be absolutely easy.  Because Wednesday means the week is half complete, many people absolutely love this day of the week because of it. How do you all feel about optical illusions that are all about faces? Today’s optical illusion is all about many faces being in the same picture, and how many faces do you all see when you look at this rather unusual looking black and white colored picture? When you all are done counting faces, be sure you drop us a note and let us know how many you have found.

Many Faces Optical Illusion

Ready for a really cool optical illusion? Despite having DVD players, many people still collect VHS tapes, and this person found a really unique way to recycle those tapes. Take a look at this VHS tape skull, and how cool is it? Who says you cannot turn anything into a great work of art? We hope you all have a great Wednesday, and we look forward to speaking to you again tomorrow for more really great optical illusions that we can all enjoy together!

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Tuesday is upon us all, and this means that the week is really cooking now. While the weekend is still a few days away, you all are doing great, and you will make it to the end of the week. Perhaps, when the weekend comes, you all will do something fun like going to the zoo, and animals are also the subject of today’s optical illusion. Take a look at this black drawing and ask yourself what do you see?  Do you all see a monkey swinging from the bare branch of a tree or do you see a lion with its mouth open and sharp teeth visible?

Lion or Monkey Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is something more than it seems? Take a look at these transport desktops, and ask yourself how these were made because they look really great. Though however these cool transparent desktops are done, they sure are a great trick to play on the eyes. What do you think of these transparent desktops? Good luck with figure out how these desktops are done, and please be sure and leave us a comment because we would love to hear from you about anything whether it is these illusions or something else! Don’t be shy!

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Monday is here once again, and the weekend is behind us all once again. I hope you all had a great weekend, but now is the time is to focus on work before the fun can begin once again. After a long day of working, one thing that people can do to relax until the weekend comes is to indulge in their favorite hobbies such as reading, writing, or in the case of today’s optical illusion, drawing really cool pictures. Take look at this amazing optical illusion because it looks like this scorpion drawing has actually come to life, and is about to crawl away, if not for the quick hand of its talented creator.

The Scorpion is Alive Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion that may fool the eyes? This vintage pin up girl optical illusion may be old, but it sure proved that people loved optical illusions even back in the days of black and white pictures.  Does it not look like the Doublemint twins met with some foul accident that left them headless? This vintage picture is a great way to start off the week, and we have many more great optical illusions where this one came from for you all to enjoy!

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Sunday, sweet Sunday!  Good Morning to all of you, and hopefully you all are going to have a good day of rest. What are your plans for this glorious Sunday? Perhaps, one thing you all can do, is to take a ride in a hot air balloon.  There is nothing more exhilarating then rising high above the ground, and experiencing the world from high above, which makes it look like a calm and peaceful place. However, what if someone high above is not too thrilled with big red hot air balloons invading his sky? Today’s optical illusion is all about what looks like the finger of God making a decision to not allow a big hot air balloon to fly. Do you all think that the Lord Almighty might know something about flying that the pilots and passengers do not? Perhaps this great divine warning should be headed before someone ends up hurt.

The Finger of God Optical Illusion

How do you all feel about cats? Take a look at this really cool cat illusion. Does it not look like the cat has an extra long neck? Is this cat part giraffe or is it two cats that are playing with the blinds? Hope you all have a great Sunday and we will talk again soon.

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Saturday is here, and you all are going to wake up late, and head out of the house for a day of endless adventure! You have no idea where the day may take you, and who knows, you may end up in the middle of the desert! Some people love to get into their little four wheel drive vehicles so they can ride up and down the sand dunes, and it truly is a whole lot of fun! Speaking of the desert, we have a great picture for you all to say, and today’s optical illusion is all about being in the desert with a four wheel drive vehicle, and possibly, a hungry giant! This woman sure looks like a giant to us, and worst of all, a hungry one that is about to have a Jeep for lunch!

Hungry Giant Lady Optical Illusion

Perhaps, you all would rather stay home and play a game, like basketball, and with that in mind we have this great trick basketball optical illusion.  Take a close look because it looks like this statue just scored a basket! Well whether you go four wheeling in the desert, or just stay home for basketball, have fun and a great Saturday with your friends and family.

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Happy TGIF everyone and we know you all are just as excited about the weekend as we are!  Once the big whistle blows, and the weekend begins, you all will probably be so happy, you’ll get home and kiss that person that means so much to you, which brings us to today’s optical illusion, which is all about kissing, but with an unusual twist. Take a look at this kissing optical illusion, and you may notice something different about it, which is the fact that it’s actually a skull making up the kiss or the kiss making up the skull depending on what your eyes and brain will see first.

Kissing Skull Optical Illusion

Aren’t hidden optical illusions a lot of fun? Well, we have another great one for you where you have to find all the birds.  Supposedly, there are only 5 birds, but then again, there may be more than that, and we would really like to know. You all are very sharp, and we know that you will find all of the birds. Once you are done bird hunting, please let us know how many you find when you post a comment because we are very curious. Have a good day and a great weekend.

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Good morning, and happy Thursday to you all. The weekend will be here in two days, and we know your brains are already hard at work thinking up what will happen once you get those two glorious days off. You may decide to hit the beach, you may decide to hit the mall, or you may decide to get in the car and take the family out for some time in the natural world. The scent of pine in the air, the tall trees, and the clean surroundings are just what everyone needs after a long week in the city.  While you all are out in nature, be sure to look for creatures like butterflies, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. This young girl got very close to a butterfly, so close in fact you might say she has butterfly eyes, or at least, that is what it looks like thanks to the spots on the butterfly’s big wings.

Butterfly Eyes Optical Illusion

Since we are already out in the woods, how about another nature illusion? Take a look at this picture of bears, and the challenge is you all have to find out just how many bears there are. This fun game of counting bears will surely keep you all busy until the weekend comes, and let us know how many you end up finding.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday, the halfway point in the week. You all are hard at work now, but you have made it to halfway, and now it is all downhill from here. Anyone that has ever taken a flight of stairs know that they can only go so far either up or down, but we have something here that is sure to amaze you, and possibly also make you scratch your head and think. Today’s optical illusion is all about a staircase, but it looks like it may be one that goes all the way to heaven! While staring at this hole in the stairs, you may wonder just how high up this building goes, but just watch that last step because it may be dangerous!

Stairway to Heaven Optical Illusion

We know how much you all love to find hidden animals, so we have the ultimate horses illusion, and with this, you all get to find as many horses as possible.  After you are done counting them all, be sure you leave us a comment because we are not too sure ourselves just how many horses there are, and we would really like to know. Hope you all have a good day, and we will meet up once again tomorrow.