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I’m not a “fashionista” at all, by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t pretend to be. In fact, I find most runway fashion pretty…unattractive.

However, every once in a while, I run across a runway fashion that really piques my interest. It doesn’t happen very often, mind you, but it does happen. Like this dress…

screenshot-www.lovelyish.com 2015-07-02 08-25-22

Or rather, this dress illusion!

I know they say you have to suffer for fashion and pain is beauty and all that jaz, but wow! I mean, did they really have to chop the model in half??

It looks like the to of this model’s body is floating above the bottom half, with a cushion of air between the two halves. Kinda like she’s been bisected at the hips.

Of course, walking anywhere, let alone down a runway, would be impossible after being cut in half like this. So, common sense tells us that this image is nothing more than a dress illusion. But, how does this dress illusion work?

I’ll give you a hint—it’s NOT a clever Photoshop job.

Okay that wasn’t a very good hint, so I’ll just show you…

Dress Illusion Busted

Although I don’t see this becoming mainstream off the rack fashion, its still a pretty cool dress illusion! This dress illusion was featured in the Spring 2010 Viktor & Rolf runway show. In the second photo, you can see that there is actually a slim black section of the dress between the two halves of the dress. At the right angle, the black band blends right in with the background, creating a dress illusion with the model cut in half.

What did you think of this dress illusion? Check out some of these other dress illusions, which are a little more wearable for most ladies! They’re even pretty slimming!

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I love summertime! I usually like to take advantage of warm and sunny summer days and take the kids for a walk. Yesterday was one of the rare sunny days we’ve had in this otherwise wet and disgusting summer, so I did just that yesterday.

The kids and I went for a walk in the local park. We even got a chance to see a few little critters! First, we saw a swan…


Ooh… Or was that a squirrel??

What do you think? Is it a swan or squirrel?

It’s a pretty ambiguous image, and it could actually be either a swan or squirrel, depending on how you look at it. The first animal that jumps out at me is the swan. The left side of the image looks like a swan, who has tucked its beak down onto its chest. The right side of the image looks like the swan’s tail feathers.

Remember, though, that this image could be either a swan or squirrel. Now, look at the right side of the image again; it looks like a squirrel engrossed in an acorn or other bit of tastiness. The left side of the image, which was originally the swan’s neck and face, now looks like the squirrel’s bushy tail!

It’s definitely a fun image, and you could go back and forth all day long trying to figure out if it’s a swan or squirrel! Forget that noise, though! In the interest of time, I’m going to say that its both…

So what do you think it is—a swan or squirrel? Or both? If you liked this illusion, make sure you check out this Jeep ad campaign with lots of animal optical illusions!

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I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately trying to find new and different illusions to feature on the site. I’ve realized that there are only so many illusions out there, and they aren’t exactly being created at an industrial rate.

Today, I have a pretty simple lines optical illusion for you. It’s plain, black and white, and straightforward. Today’s lines optical illusion has no bells and whistles and it’s modeled after several classic lines optical illusions.

simple optical illusion

ow, all you have to do is look at the lines optical illusion above and ask yourself—”are the lines straight and parallel?” The answer of course, is that even though they appear to be at an angle or bulging, the lines above are perfectly straight up and down and parallel to one another. They only look crooked because the patterns used to create each bigger lines are made of smaller diagonal slanting lines.

Why such a simple crooked lines optical illusion today, you ask? Well, because the line illusion above is the first optical illusion I’ve made so far! I figured I’d start out small and work my way up to making larger illusions. I’m a savvy kind of blogger—if I can’t find something, I’ll make it!

Feel free to try your hand at making your own optical illusions too! Maybe I’ll start featuring some of y’all’s own original illusions! Just submit them via the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page.

If you liked this crooked lines optical illusion, head over and tell me—are the purple lines straight or bent?

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Wow! While watching the TV show Brain Games last night, and they showed a pretty awesome photograph that I just had to share with you guys! Check out this National Geographic camel illusion!

Nationa Geographic Camel Illusion

It’s pretty obvious that this is a photograph of a camel train traveling across the desert, no? So, you might be wondering why this is even considered to be a camel illusion. Well, take a closer look. Still don’t see it? I’ll give you a little hint. This photograph was taken from above, with the camera pointing straight down.

That’ right! The images of the camels in this photo aren’t actually camels at all! Rather they’re the shadows of the camels. The small white smudges at the bottoms of the camels’ shadows are the actual animals. The sun was simply at the perfect angle in the sky when this camel illusion photo was taken. The shadows of the camels look like the real thing from above.

This camel illusion was taken by George Steinmetz, a photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic magazine. In order to gain an aerial perspective, Steinmetz used a motorized paraglider. The resulting photo was used in a 2005 Turkish National Geographic feature story about deserts.

What did you think about this camel illusion? If you loved it, make sure you check out this zebra shadows illusion, also from National Geographic!

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The weekend’s almost over, but that’s no reason to lose your head! Or, maybe it is…

headless girl illusion

This headless girl illusion is an example of a perfectly posed photograph. It looks like this girl is not only headless, but also carrying her head under her arm. If I had to guess, I’d say that there are actually two people in this headless girl illusion. One is standing with her head down and her back to the camera, and the other one is standing in front of the first girl with her arm under the first girl’s head. The first girl’s legs are together, so the second girl’s legs are hidden behind them.

You have to admit that the resulting headless girl illusion is pretty great! I love the expression on the girl’s face too. She really doesn’t look all that happy about being headless. I might just round up the kids and try to create my own headless girl illusion!

If you loved this headless girl illusion, be sure to check out our other headless illusions! You’ll find a headless gymnast, a headless baseball player, and a headless boy!

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Well, the weekend is finally here, kids! That means I finally get to go furniture shopping. I need a new sofa and love seat something terrible, and I’m looking forward to updating my living room.

In honor of my furniture shopping escapade today, I’ve found a fun illusion to share with you.


When you look at it at first, it just looks like a row of chairs, right? Take a closer look, though. There’s a pun hidden in them there chairs. In fact, if you look hard enough, you’ll see that it’s actually a “love seat illusion”. The backs of each chair spell out the letters L-O-V-E.

This love seat illusion may not be the mot stunning option as far as optical illusions go, but it’s still a fun one! I hope you enjoyed today’s illusions and have a fun and safe weekend!

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I have an awesome curtain illusion from an amazing surrealist painter today! Take a look…

curtain illusion

Did you see the beautiful city skyline first? Or did you see the curtains? Depending on how you look at it, you an actually see both.

The curtains on the left side of the room are cut into the silhouette of tall buildings. Using negative space, the curtain cutter—on the right side of the painting—made a curtain illusion with the buildings appearing in the windows. You can see the scissors in his hand and a book with a city skyline picture that he used for his curtain illusion inspiration on the stool in front of him; remnants of the fabric used to create this curtain illusion are strewn around the room on the floor.

I think the negative space aspect in this painting is my favorite part. The artist, Rob Gonsalves, has some amazing paintings, but this one is my favorite. I love the way that the stars in the country night sky just transform into big city lights with a few snips of the scissors.

If you love paintings like this, Rob Gonsalves has lots more! Definitely check out his work if you get a chance!

Loved this surreal curtain illusion? Be sure to check out works by other surreal artists, David Dory, Paul Parkus, and Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

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Creative advertising is hard to find these days! Maybe that’s why this Coca-Cola Plants Make Us Happy campaign really caught my eye.

This ad campaign is a series of optical illusions depicting plants. Each ad illusion includes a short quip about how plants make us happy, and go on to say that Coca-Coca bottles are made from plants as well.

The first Coca-Cola illusion out of the bunch is an interesting motion illusion. The leaves in this ad look like they’re moving, perhaps fluttering in the breeze, but it’s really a still image.

Coca cola illusion

The rest of the Coca-Cola illusions are a series of negative space images that look like two different things. So, tell me…what images popped out at you first in these Coca-Cola illusions?


Coca cola plants make us happy

The hands or the bird?


Coca-Cola Illusion

The pencil or the tree?


Coca-Cola plants make us happy

The flower or the kissing face?

These Coca-Cola illusions are definitely creative and just a little bit brilliant! The white and red colors of the ads are instantly recognizable, so this global beverage giant springs to mind almost as soon as you see these Coca-Cola illusions. Once you look at the illusions, you can’t help but read the message announcing that Coca-Cola bottle are now “made from plants” and 100% recyclable, a couple of bonus points in today’s environmentally conscious society.

If you loved these Coca-Cola illusions, be sure to check out theBuenos Aires Zoo animal optical illusions or these Jeep animal optical illusions!