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Good Tuesday morning, hope you all are up and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee while you are doing things like reading the news or getting ready to head out to work.  Now, to help make your day a little bright, we have found a really cool optical illusion for you all that is really going to make you think! Today’s optical illusion is all about a beautiful picture of the woods, but there are hidden things all over this gorgeous picture. What do you all see?  Believe it or not, there are hidden animals in this picture too along with a lady! Do you all see her or any of those animals? Look hard because this great optical illusion is really tricky!

Lady and Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Ready for another cool optical illusion? Take a look at these this river that is going through the desert?   Does this river not look just like a tree with many branches?  It is amazing just what things can look like from above, and this river is a fine example of how different things can look when photographed from high up.  Well, we hope you all have a good day, and we will talk to you again tomorrow with another optical illusion for you all to enjoy.

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to another marvelous Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, but don’t worry, this is a short week for all of us because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Back in the 1600s, the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, and they feasted together with the local tribe of Native Americans.  Ever since then, we celebrate Thanksgiving, and we also honor the Native Americans because if not for their help, those first settlers would not had survived their first year in the New World. Speaking of Native Americans, take a look at today’s optical illusion. The Native American people believe that the spirits of nature watch over the land, and this optical illusion proves that what they have always believed in just happens to be true.  Do you all see this beautiful Native American spirit?

Native American Spirit Optical Illusion

Ready for an optical illusion that is fun? Check out this body paint optical illusion that really shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! This woman is proud of her body, and loves to show it off, but as you all have surely figured out by now, part of her is body paint. We all need to love ourselves for who we are, and this optical illusion proves a very good point about it. Have a good Monday!

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Happy Sunday to all of you, and hope you all have plans for this last day of the weekend. What do you all do on Sundays? Do you all go to church, go to breakfast, and then go out for some fun? Well, we all have our own weekend traditions, but some people love to go outside even if the weather is not the most cooperative. The great outdoors is great even if it is cover with ice and snow. Speaking of the great outdoors, check out today’s optical illusion! There is a hidden animal in this field, but we are not going to tell you anything about it! If you look closely among the rocks, you may see something very tiny and cute hiding there! Do you all see it? Well, if you all spot this mystery animal, be sure you post all about it so you can help others find it too!

Mystery Animal in the Rocks Optical Illusion

Ready for a shocking optical illusion? Check out what happened to this poor woman’s leg! This poor woman looks like she a horrific injury, but believe it not it’s just some body paint! Amazing right because it looks like she is about to lose her leg! Well we hope you all have a good and safe Sunday!

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Saturday is here, which means a lot of resting, and possibly planning for the big holiday coming up, which is Thanksgiving! Now, not every country in the world celebrates Thanksgiving, but some do, and it’s a chance for everyone to enjoy a nice meal together. Thanksgiving is also a lot of fun because people love to cook, and cooking for families and friends is a dream come true every year. Ready to see a really cool optical illusion involving monkeys?  Check out this image of some hidden monkeys, and they really do blend in well to the background because of the combination of snow, the rocks, and the color of the ground.

Hidden Monkeys Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion? Check out this very special eyelash illusion.  Now, if you all look closely, you will see that looks like a tiny boat full of people on a giant lake, but it’s really just a clever way to use makeup! These days, faces can be used as works of art, and the eyelashes and eyebrow area are also being used to create tiny works of art like these eyelashes.  The detail with this eyelash illusion is amazing, and it makes you wonder how long it took for them to create that tiny boat with its tiny occupants. Have a great Saturday!

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The last day of the week is finally here, and after today, there are two whole days of rest and relaxation coming for all of us.  The holidays are also coming up fast, and hopefully, you all are working on getting all you need for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas will be right after it!  Are you all ready for the start of the holiday season?  Today’s optical illusion is all about something hidden, and take a close look at these rocks. Do you all see something hidden among these rocks? We don’t want to give anything away, but these is a very special hidden image looking back at all of you!

Rocky Face Optical Illusion

Ready to look for some hidden animals?  Take a look at this poster from the World Wildlife Fund, and you all should be able to find all kinds of animals in this image. When you all have found all of the hidden animals, make sure you comment below so we will know how many there actually are.  Today is Friday, and we hope you all have a good day, and a great weekend too! We will talk to you all tomorrow, and of course, we will have even more great optical illusions for you all to enjoy!

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Good Thursday morning to all of you! The weather outside is pretty cold for the whole country, and the scary part is that it is not even officially winter yet! Who has ever heard of such frigid fall weather? Some places are having snow already, and the winter wonderland has definitely arrived earlier than expected.  Imagine where we would all be without big cars to plow our way through the snow? Back in the olden days, everyone was on horses, which brings us to today’s optical illusion! Check out this lovely image of three horses, but they are not alone because there are a lot more horses all around them, you all just have to find them! We are not sure how many there are, so please let us know in a comment how many of these epic equines you all just happen to find.

Horse Mural Optical Illusion

It’s so cold outside, and you all need to drink some coffee to stay warm. Ready to check out a coffee-based illusion? Check out this advertisement from the popular coffee brand, Nescafe.  The part that we really love best is the fact that the steam rising from the coffee looks just like a nose! Pretty clever right?  After all, who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh pot of coffee? Have a good Thursday everyone, and please remember to keep warm!

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Welcome to the midpoint of the week, and we know you all are just as happy that the week is half over as we are! In order to get through the rest of the week, you all may have to resort to going to your happy place, and that can be anywhere you feel relaxed — like the beach, the forest, or even the jungle!  Today’s optical illusion is all about the jungle, and we have a picture here that we think you all will be amazed by. Check out this cool picture of the jungle, and you may notice that it is not just a picture of the jungle, but there are hidden things inside this image. Do you all see the amazing animals? Well, today’s optical illusion is to find the hidden animals, and we know you all are good at these kinds of things, and will find all of the hidden beasts. Please post a comment when you do find them because we want to know just how many there are.

Wild Kingdom Optical Illusion

Ready for a cool optical illusion involving a movie poster?  Here is the poster for the movie 127. There is a hidden optical illusion inside this amazing poster, and once again we ask that you all post a comment to let us know if you figured it out. Have a happy Wednesday!

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Good Tuesday morning to all of you! Hope you all are getting ready for work and we know you all will have a wonderful day. Working can sometimes be really hard, and sometimes people can feel like they are hanging off the side of a cliff by just the tips of their fingers. Now, today’s optical illusion is all about a man hanging from the side of a cliff. Just take a look at this poor man, and it really does look like he is in a heap of trouble doesn’t it? Believe it or not, this heart stopping image is actually not real, but an optical illusion. You all will be relieved to know that this poor man is not moments away from falling to his own death, which we are all very thankful for.

Just Hanging Around Optical Illusion

Want to see another really cool optical illusion that was actually a movie poster? Check out this poster for The Dinosaur Project.  This poster may look ordinary, but it really has a hidden image of a dinosaur! Do you all see it? If you need a hint, all you have to do is look at the branch that the people in the poster are walking on, which forms the dinosaur’s mouth. See it now?   We hope you all have a great Tuesday, and we will speak again tomorrow.