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Good morning everyone, and happy Tuesday to you all! The week is still barely getting going, and one way to make it easier is to indulge in certain activities like reading, cooking, writing, or being with a favorite pet. There is nothing as wonderful as the love of a good pet, and today’s optical illusion is all about a woman and her unique pet. Take a look at this woman walking her pet lion, what do you all think of her very special pet? This pet looks real, but have you all figured out how this was done? Have you all ever seen a 3-D chalk drawing that you could walk?

A Woman and Her Pet Lion Optical Illusion

Speaking of optical illusions, how do you all feel about finding faces? Take a look at this great natural scene, and can you all find the 13 hidden faces? Finding hidden faces can be a lot of fun, and this picture can make it quite challenging. When you all have found all 13 hidden faces, can you please leave us a comment below to let us know where they are, and you can help others too that are not finding the faces. Good luck finding all the faces, and hope you all have a good day!

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Good morning everyone, and hopefully, you all had a great weekend. Monday is here again, and a whole new week is beginning.  Sometimes people do a lot of crazy things over the weekend, like get a tattoo, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. Take a look at this lovely picture of a tattoo, and what do you all see? Some of you may the shadow of a saxophone player, but do you all see anything else?  In addition to the saxophone player, you all may notice something else, like perhaps, a face that is looking back at you!

The Saxophone Player Tattoo Optical Illusion

Ready for another really neat optical illusion? Check out this picture painted by George Wotherspoon, which is called Society Portrait. Perhaps, Wotherspoon is trying to say something with this picture because there is a hidden optical illusion in it.  For anyone that needs a hint, if you look closely at the man in the middle of the two young women, you will see that there is a hidden donkey. Do you all see the donkey?  The donkey is made up of the man’s suit, and the women’s hats.  This is just one of the great illusions we offer to all of you, and we hope you enjoy it and have a great Monday.

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The last day of the weekend is here, its Sunday, and you all have one more day for a little rest and relaxation before going back to work tomorrow. Time to do something relaxing like read a book, or draw a cool picture, and today’s optical illusion is all about how much fun it can be to draw something that seems to just leap off of the page at you. Take a look at today’s optical illusion because it looks like a sea monster has been caught by the tail of the person that created it. Could this be the infamous Loch Ness monster? You have to admit, the drawing is very realistic looking, which does say something about the artist’s talent.

The Sea Monster Has Been Caught Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion that may just put a quiver in your liver?  Take a look at these giant spiders on the roof of this building! At first glance, it looks like giant Daddy Long Legs spiders are attacking Seattle, but then the other pictures show that the spiders are just painted on, but wow they really do look real in that first picture. The artist behind these giant spiders made good use of shadows to really make us believe these spiders are real, and anyone with a fear of spiders just fainted!  Happy Sunday to you all, and have a good day!

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Saturday is here, and now it is time to sleep in late, get up, pack a bag, and head for the soft wet sand, and cool waters of the nearest beach! While on the beach, you all can eat, sleep, swim, read, build sand castles, or even just climb a few stairs! Yes, today’s optical illusion is all about a cool carving in the sand that looks just like a staircase that people can climb. You all know that climbing steps is a great way to get exercise, and climbing steps on the beach is a great way to get excuse and play at the same time.

Climbing Stairs on the Beach Optical Illusion

A great place that has the best beaches in the world is known as Athens, Greece. Speaking of Athens, Greece, we have a great optical illusion that is full of love. Take a look at this picture of the Athens hillside, and what do you all see? Athens is known as an ancient city in Greece, but it now may be the city of love thanks to what is carved into this hill! We love Athens, Greece, and now this hill proves it! Have a great day and we will talk again soon!

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Congratulations! We have made it to the very last day of the work week, which is Friday! Time to throw confetti, break out the champagne, and plan to do something fun because the countdown for the weekend has just begun! Once the work day is done, you all can start off by heading to the beach, but you all need to be careful because there seems to be a phenomena known as the Headless Beach Syndrome. It seems that every time someone heads to the beach, they end up losing their heads, and today’s optical illusion is the perfect example of this terrible affliction! Scientists are working hard to figure out what causes people to lose their heads at the beach, but perhaps it is the lure of the sand that causes it.

Headless Man on the Beach Optical Illusion

Naturally, we are totally kidding about the syndrome, and we want to show you another great illusion. Here is a great game for you all to play, its called find all the people in the optical illusion. There are supposed to be 9 people hidden in this cool little illusion, and take your time as you are searching for them or you just might miss one! However, we recommend you all head for the beach to have some fun, and have a great weekend!

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Good morning and happy Thursday to you all! Some people really love Thursdays because it means that the weeks is starting to wind down, and hopefully, the workload is starting to drop as well since the weekend is only one day away. After the work day is done, all you guys need to go home and do something really fun like paint a picture or create a drawing. Anyone with the talent for drawing can make their own optical illusions, and we are very envious of anyone that has enough talent for that. Today’s optical illusion is all about someone with the drawing talent to make a really cool illusion, and it looks like someone is peeking out from under the piece of drawing paper. Be careful, some little creature is under that paper watching all of us!

Somebodys Eyes Are Watching Optical Illusion

Now it is time for all of us to drop what we are doing and head for the beach! Everyone loves the beach, even giants, and this optical illusion looks like a giant is at the beach eating children! Whoever did this illusion did a great job with it, and we hope that it makes you all believe in beach giants too! Have a great day!

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Happy Hump Day to you all, and Wednesdays are very special days because it means that the halfway point has been reached, and the rest of the week will be absolutely easy.  Because Wednesday means the week is half complete, many people absolutely love this day of the week because of it. How do you all feel about optical illusions that are all about faces? Today’s optical illusion is all about many faces being in the same picture, and how many faces do you all see when you look at this rather unusual looking black and white colored picture? When you all are done counting faces, be sure you drop us a note and let us know how many you have found.

Many Faces Optical Illusion

Ready for a really cool optical illusion? Despite having DVD players, many people still collect VHS tapes, and this person found a really unique way to recycle those tapes. Take a look at this VHS tape skull, and how cool is it? Who says you cannot turn anything into a great work of art? We hope you all have a great Wednesday, and we look forward to speaking to you again tomorrow for more really great optical illusions that we can all enjoy together!

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Tuesday is upon us all, and this means that the week is really cooking now. While the weekend is still a few days away, you all are doing great, and you will make it to the end of the week. Perhaps, when the weekend comes, you all will do something fun like going to the zoo, and animals are also the subject of today’s optical illusion. Take a look at this black drawing and ask yourself what do you see?  Do you all see a monkey swinging from the bare branch of a tree or do you see a lion with its mouth open and sharp teeth visible?

Lion or Monkey Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is something more than it seems? Take a look at these transport desktops, and ask yourself how these were made because they look really great. Though however these cool transparent desktops are done, they sure are a great trick to play on the eyes. What do you think of these transparent desktops? Good luck with figure out how these desktops are done, and please be sure and leave us a comment because we would love to hear from you about anything whether it is these illusions or something else! Don’t be shy!