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Friday is here, and let the weekend begin! The great thing about the weekend is that there is so many fun things to do, like explore brand new places. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, it is just the colors of black and white together, but they sure do seem to form a tunnel do they not? Or perhaps a great hall? What do you all think? Do you think you are walking through a great hall when you see this optical illusion? Is it not amazing what two colors combined together can do to the human eye?

Black and White Tunnel Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion? How do you all feel about great literature? Don Quixote is one of the most famous stories ever, and a great character too, and this optical illusion is Don Quixote, but can you all see him? The great thing about this illusion is how it is formed, and there are so many elements that combine together in order to form the famous windmill fighter.  If you all do manage to find the famous man from La Mancha, be sure you and leave a comment and tell us all about it! We love to hear from all of our loyal readers and fellow lovers of optical illusions.

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Good morning everyone! Today is Thursday, and Thursday is the favorite day of a lot of people because it means that there is just one more day until the weekend begins! Yes, believe it or not, some people do consider Friday the start of the weekend even though it is still a week day!

Some people have a lot of passion for certain things, and they express their love of those things by getting a tattoo. Today’s optical illusion is a bit of a puzzling one because it shows a tattoo of someone with newspaper under their skin, so the natural assumption is that this man may be a reporter or is somehow involved in the journalism industry.

Newspaper Under the Skin Optical Illusion

What do you all think? Why else would someone have newspaper under their skin?  Ready for another  great optical illusion? Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in nature, but this flower does not smell so sweet. Do you see something in this Halloween rose optical illusion? Perhaps it is the fact that the rose has a face, and that face is kind of a scary one! Is this rose going toward the window to have a peek or does it have a more sinister purpose? You all be the judge! Have a Happy Thursday!

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Good morning to you all, and today is Wednesday. We have reached the halfway point in the week, but it is all downhill from here.  Ever walked by a rock wall that looked like something else, and then you realized that you were looking at an optical illusion? Sometimes brick walls are known to contain illusions, but what about other kinds of walls?

Today’s optical illusion deals with a rock wall, but the rocks are arranged in such a way that makes it a really cool optical illusion. What do you all think? Does it not look like the rocks are being sucked into that center circle?

Spinning Rock Wall Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is something, but looks like something else? Check out these doggy hills. Do they not look like canines lying down? What about that second picture? Can you all find any optical illusion in that second picture? Great! You all are so smart, and we want to hear all about it so please tell us your thoughts about both of these really neat optical illusions by leaving us a comment.  We want to hear from all of you because we love optical illusions, and we want to hear from people who love them just as much as we do!

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Today is Tuesday, and hopefully you all are still having a good week!  There are millions of people in the world that have tattoos, and the reason why they get them is usually for a very personal reason that they may or may not share with others.  Today’s optical illusion is all about love, and it involves a tattoo that depicts two people close to one another.

However, is that all you can see in this tattoo is the two people in love? If you look closely, you just may see something else in this tattoo, can you see anything else? Perhaps, if you are having trouble seeing the hidden optical illusion, try looking around the very edges of it, and it may help your eyes focus on the image better.  If you do finally see it, be sure and let us know by posting a comment below.

Miguel Angel Tattoo Optical Illusion

Ready for another find the image optical illusion? This illusion is called the hunter and his prey, now look closely, and you may see something or you may not! You too are the hunter now as well, and good luck to you in finding this hidden optical illusion! If you do find it, post a comment on it, or if you are stuck, read the comments to help you figure it out!

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Good Morning everyone, and once again, a brand new week is upon us all! The weekend is gone now, but don’t worry, there will be another one in the very near future, so start making your plans now!

Let us begin this week with an optical illusion that is sure to blow your mind.  Check out this Crazy Circle optical illusion video because it is quite fascinating, and something you might not expect! Watch the spinning circle, and keep in mind that it is not a group of circles spinning, but circles that are rolling along one single straight line.

Pretty neat huh? Want to see another great illusion that will make you blink your eyes a few times? This is called a Wordplay optical illusion, and can you see the two words that are located within it? Here is a hint, the words are the two most important words in the English language. Do you see them? Well, if you do figure out what these two words are, be sure and leave us a comment below. We would love to hear what you think about this fun optical illusion. Happy Monday to you all, and have a lot of fun with these two optical illusions.

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Ah Sunday, a day of rest and reflection , and hopefully that is what you all are doing today! There is an old song from the 1980s that talks about how someone can spin someone else around like a record. Now, with today’s optical illusion, that is exactly what you get! You spin me right round baby! How do you get to spin around? Why all you have to do is stare directly into the center of this red brick optical illusion, and your eyes are going to see the tiles slowly starting to spin in a circle!

Spinning Red Bricks Optical Illusion

Pretty cool right? Now do us a big favor, if you all get dizzy from this spinning red squares optical illusion, we want you to tell us so. Please remember, we love to hear that our optical illusions are loved by all of you, and comments are the best way to do it!

Ready for a 3-D optical illusion involving a banana? This banana optical illusion is guaranteed to make your eyes get a workout, but it really is worth it! Stare hard at the center of the banana, and all will be revealed! Once you are done, post a comment below and have a great Sunday!

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Good morning everyone! Today is Saturday, and hopefully you all are outdoors enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Going outdoors can make people relax, and so can things like music, and the music of a beautiful harp is some of the most soothing and beautiful music in the world.

People love to hear the harp because its very angelic sounding, and many people firmly believe that angels are the only ones that make harp music because it is just too ethereal to be made by human hands. Today’s optical illusion is all about the beautiful harp, and if you look closely, you may see a lovely lady in the harp.

Lovely Lady in the Harp Optical Illusion

Do you see her? What makes this illusion truly stunning is the fact she has a flower in her hair, and the clouds in the sky give her hair!

Ready to challenge your eyes and imagination with another optical illusion? Vincent Price was one of the most famous actors in the world, and it is said that his image is hidden in this pile of leaves! So, go ahead and study these leaves closely, and if you do see the late great Vincent Price, be sure you comment below! Have a great weekend!

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Happy Friday to everyone and rejoice because the last day of the week is upon us! Now is the time to start planning for the weekend fun, and you all can do anything in the world like perhaps going fishing! Imagine spending the weekend by a nice lake with just you and your fishing pole? Speaking of fishing it is time for today’s optical illusion, which is all about fishing!

Hooked a Big One Optical Illusion

Now, who says you have to go to a lake to go fishing when there is a handy sidewalk? This fisherman hooked a big one, and all he had to do is lower his bait into a sidewalk hole!

So what do you all think of this illusion? Is it not amazing how realistic it looks? Since its Friday, how about a nice cup of coffee to help you get through the last day of the week? If you love coffee, then check out this coffee skull optical illusion. Is it a skull in the coffee or just an accidental creation of adding a little milk or cream to the coffee? Well, whatever formed it, there truly is a skull in the cup of coffee, but don’t worry, once you take that first sip, it’ll probably be gone!