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By on February 8, 2016, with 0 Comments  

Good morning! Another weekend has passed, and it’s time to head into yet another work week. If you’re not looking forward to the daily grind, buck up! Work doesn’t have to be so bad. Do what you can to make the best of it. It’s all in how you look at it really. Kinda like this giant dog optical illusion…

giant dog optical illusion

That is one big dog, isn’t it? Or, maybe not…

Looking at things from a certain position or angle can completely change the whole thing. This dog is actually a normal size dog, for instance. In fact, it’s probably a little lap dog. But, in this photo, he’s much closer to the camera, making him appear to be a giant dog. This picture was snapped at just the right time to create a giant dog optical illusion.

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! It’s a big Super Bowl too—Super Bowl 50! Tonight, millions of football fans will sit around their televisions and watch the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers in what will probably be one of the most watched sporting events ever. Of course, some viewers will only be watching for the commercials too, but hey! Nothing wrong with that. Since it’s Super Bowl 50, I figured that a football illusion was fitting this morning. A Super Bowl football Magic Eye to be more precise….

super bowl Sunday football magic eye

For those of you familiar with Magic Eye illusions, or stereograms, you know that if you look at this football Magic Eye image in just the right way, you should see a 3D image pop out of it.

There are actually a few different methods that you can use to see the hidden image in this football Magic Eye…

  • Hold your face close to the image and slowly back away or move the image away. Keep focusing on the stereogram until a 3D image pops into view.
  • Unfocus or relax your eyes while staring at the stereogram. Do it until the image doubles then becomes very blurry. This is actually the method that works best for me, and I can see some stereogram illusions within seconds with this method.
  • Look through the image. If it helps, you can focus on an image a few feet away from you then slowly move the stereogram in front of the object while still focusing on the spot a few feet away.

Happy Super Bowl 50, everyone!

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Things in jars have always fascinated me to some extent. I’ve seen all sorts of things in jars, from coins to ships to large ball bearings. So, when I ran across this Rubiks cube in a jar, I just had to share!

rubiks cube in a jar

A Rubik’s cube in a jar seems impossible, doesn’t it? It’s really not, though, and it’s probably actually a lot easier than getting other objects into jars. If you’re familiar with Rubik’s cubes, you probably know that they can be disassembled. So, getting a Rubik’s cube in a jar is very similar to building a ship in a bottle. It just needs to be reassembled in the jar, which—one would imagine—would take copious amounts of time and patience!

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With many of us still struggling with getting piles of snow dumped on us, it can be hard to imagine that sunshine and warmth will ever be here again. But, spring and summer are just around the corner, I swear. And, with warmer weather comes all sorts of new life, including the Monarch butterfly. Which brings us to today’s ominous butterfly optical illusion…

ominous butterfly optical illusion

Why is this an ominous butterfly optical illusion, you ask? It may seem innocent enough at first, but I can assure you that there’s a little more going on in this image than you might first notice. You’ll have to look pretty closely at this butterfly optical illusion to see the ominous part of it, though.

I’m not going to give away the answer here, but I can give you a hint. Actually, I can give you two hints. Take a look at this caterpillar illusion and this leafy chameleon illusion, then look at the picture of the butterfly above again.

Do you see what makes this butterfly illusion so ominous now…?

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I was driving along on a road in my town yesterday, just minding my own business, when BAM! It felt like my tire hit a sinkhole! It scared the feathers out of me, but it’s really nothing new in my town, though. The pothole situation around here is just plain awful. We can’t seem to go anywhere without driving into a crater. Is it just here or are other towns like that too? If you live in a pothole town, you’ll probably be able to appreciate today’s highway optical illusion…

1010 highway optical illusion france

This highway optical illusion can be found in France and it really looks like a giant hole sinking into the road. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this were the potholes in my town! Sad but true…

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We’ve had some pretty funky and trippy optical illusions here on Mighty Optical Illusions in the past, and I hope to add to that collection today. This green and pink pulsating color illusion was enough to completely mesmerize me for a few moments this morning…

pulsating color illusion

You’d swear this was a moving image, wouldn’t you? Like a moving GIF or video? But, it’s not! This pulsating color illusion just seems like it’s moving.

In fact, the bright pink and green in this pulsating color illusion just seem to be out of control, at least to me! The entire image seems to move when you’re looking straight at it and when you’re looking at it from the corner of your eye. For some really crazy movement, move your eyes slowly over the image. Don’t stare at it for too long, though, or you might start to feel a bit queasy…

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Happy Groundhog Day everyone! This morning, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow, and we all know what that means—an early spring! Because it’s so scientific and all. Since today is a day to celebrate that little rodent and his shadow, I figured that a shadow illusion is fitting for today’s post. Actually, it’s a reverse shadow illusion, but I’m getting to that.

First, lets take a look at these ordinary vases…

reverse shadow optical illusion

Here we have a couple of vases casting normal shadows. Nothing unusual here, is there? But, what happens when the lights go out…?

reverse shadow lamps

We have ourselves a reverse shadow illusion! In the dark, these vases should be casting no shadows, or at least some faint shadows in the shapes of the vases. But, as you’ve probably already figured out, these are not your typical vases. They’re actually a pair of unique lamps with the backs cut out. When you turn them on, the result is a reverse shadow illusion on the wall!

The cords probably gave it away early. I’m thinking that these would be SO much cooler if they ran on battery power instead!

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With two kids home sick with a mild case of food poisoning, I’m quite behind with today’s tasks. You’ll have to excuse the lateness and shortness of today’s post. Hopefully, the sheer awesomeness of today’s color illusion will speak for itself…

color illusion

Okay, so it’s not mind blowing, but it’s still pretty cool. You might not see what’s so special about it just yet, though. Take a look at the first picture on the upper left corner and the last picture on the lower right corner. The first picture of the woman probably appears darker to you, doesn’t it. In reality, though, it’s exactly the same as the last picture. If you don’t believe me, open the picture in a photo editor and move the pictures next to each other. You can also use a color picker tool to check.

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