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Good morning and welcome to a new week! Since it’s Monday after a a holiday weekend, most of us are gearing up to go back to work and get back into the daily grind. To give your brains a little jump start, I thought an illusion that makes you think a little would be in order.

I rounded up this interesting hidden word dining room illusion to help you do just that! Since it’s the beginning of the week and your brain is probably still a little fuzzy, I’ll give you a hint and tell you that there’s a hidden word in this image.


Now, this room illusion looks just like a normal drawing of a fancy dining room when you first glance at it. You can easily make out a table, chairs, a chandelier, windows, and curtains. However, this dining room is made from something special. Take a closer look.

The first thing about this dining room illusion that popped out at me was hidden word on the table top. Or should I say hidden words? Because this entire room is created with words. The word “TABLE” is written over and over gain on the top. Now look at the wall to the left of the table; it has the hidden word “WALL” written on it over and over again. In fact, everything in this dining room illusion drawing has the name of the objects written all over them. More specifically, this drawing is made from nothing but hidden words! Besides the table and the wall, here are the ones I can see:

  • The frame around the artwork is made from the hidden word “BORDER”.
  • The French doors in the back of the room are covered with the hidden word “DOOR”.
  • The curtains are covered with the hidden word “CURTAIN”.
  • The border around the ceiling is covered with the hidden word “STUCCO”.
  • The chair is made from the word “CHAIR”, but the legs of the chair are made with the word “LEG”.
  • The baseboard near the floor at the very bottom of the room is covered with the word “EDGING”.

You may have to zoom in or click on the image to view it in full size to see some of these hidden words. It was even a little difficult for me to see some of the hidden word on the other objects. I originally thought the artwork in the room was a painting, and I expected it to be covered with the same word, but after zooming in, I discovered that it was a tapestry instead. I’d be really interested in knowing if the chandelier is covered with the same word, but one tends to lose a little quality when you zoom in too much.

Are you a fan of hidden word illusions? See if you can find the hidden word in this illusion!

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Have you ever seen something that just makes you go…”huh??” Of course you have and you probably love it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well, I ran across something the other day that made me do just that.

It took me a moment to figure out what was wrong with today’s photo illusion. It actually isn’t that difficult to spot, though, and when you do see it, it’ll blow your mind a little.

So, can you see what’s wrong with this photo illusion right away?


If you still can’t see it, I’ll give you a hint—take a good look at her hand in this photo illusion. Or should I say her foot? Or both?

In this photo illusion, it looks like she doesn’t have a hand at all. Instead, it looks like her arm ends in a foot. Definitely weird! Of course, this is a photo illusion and we know that things aren’t always what they seem. This photo illusion is just a product of good timing and positioning. It looks like this woman is simply reaching down toward her foot, and the skin of her arm and hand blends in with the skin on her ankle and foot. The result is a interesting photo illusion of a lady with a foot-hand. So, I guess we could call this the foot-hand photo illusion…?

Don’t forget to rate this foot-hand photo illusion below! If you liked this illusion, you might also want to take a peek at this horse mouth photo illusion!


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Happy Independence Day to all of our friends in the United States! We’re all gearing up to start celebrating with hot dogs and fireworks tonight over here, so I figured that a fun patriotic Statue of Liberty optical illusion was in order.

statue of liberty

First, I have to give credit where credit is due. This Statue of Liberty optical illusion is the creation of Flickr user Dimka. He has lots of other stereograms as well, so you might wanna take a moment to check him out!

Now, onto the illusion…

If you cant’s see what’s special about this Statue of Liberty optical illusion, you might need a refresher on how to see stereograms. There are actually a few different ways to see the hidden image in a stereogram.

  • Hold your face close to the image and slowly back away or move the image away. Keep focusing on the stereogram until a 3D image pops into view.
  • Unfocus or relax your eyes while staring at the stereogram. Do it until the image doubles then becomes very blurry. This is actually the method that works best for me, and I can see some stereogram illusions within seconds with this method.
  • Look through the image. If it helps, you can focus on an image a few feet away from you then slowly move the stereogram in front of the object while still focusing on the spot a few feet away.

Are you able to see the 3D effect in this Statue of Liberty optical illusion now? I’ll give you a hint—one of the statues pops out of the picture! There’s also another patriotic element that pops out at you. Can you see it?

If you’re celebrating the Fourth of July today and you loved this Statue of Liberty optical illusion, you might also like this fun American Flag optical illusion!

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Did anyone catch the full moon the other night? It was big and bright and just plain beautiful! It was also the first full moon of this month. That’s right, there’s not just one July full moon, but there are two this month! The second July full moon, known as a blue moon, will take place on July 31st. Did you know that the July full moon is also called the thunder moon, due to the increased thunderstorm activity during the month? It’s also called the full buck moon, because this is the time of year that male deer start getting their antlers.

In honor of our first July full moon of the month, I figured a little moon illusion was in order…


This moon illusion depicts a large bright full moon coming up behind two lovers that appear to be sitting on a balcony touching hands. Looking at the picture a little closer, though, do you see something a little more sinister?

Upon closer inspection, this full moon illusion looks like a skull. It definitely makes for a pretty creepy moon illusion, don’t you think?

Love this moon illusion? Check out out the Reconsidering the Moon post for more great moon illusions!



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I’m not a “fashionista” at all, by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t pretend to be. In fact, I find most runway fashion pretty…unattractive.

However, every once in a while, I run across a runway fashion that really piques my interest. It doesn’t happen very often, mind you, but it does happen. Like this dress…

screenshot-www.lovelyish.com 2015-07-02 08-25-22

Or rather, this dress illusion!

I know they say you have to suffer for fashion and pain is beauty and all that jaz, but wow! I mean, did they really have to chop the model in half??

It looks like the to of this model’s body is floating above the bottom half, with a cushion of air between the two halves. Kinda like she’s been bisected at the hips.

Of course, walking anywhere, let alone down a runway, would be impossible after being cut in half like this. So, common sense tells us that this image is nothing more than a dress illusion. But, how does this dress illusion work?

I’ll give you a hint—it’s NOT a clever Photoshop job.

Okay that wasn’t a very good hint, so I’ll just show you…

Dress Illusion Busted

Although I don’t see this becoming mainstream off the rack fashion, its still a pretty cool dress illusion! This dress illusion was featured in the Spring 2010 Viktor & Rolf runway show. In the second photo, you can see that there is actually a slim black section of the dress between the two halves of the dress. At the right angle, the black band blends right in with the background, creating a dress illusion with the model cut in half.

What did you think of this dress illusion? Check out some of these other dress illusions, which are a little more wearable for most ladies! They’re even pretty slimming!

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I love summertime! I usually like to take advantage of warm and sunny summer days and take the kids for a walk. Yesterday was one of the rare sunny days we’ve had in this otherwise wet and disgusting summer, so I did just that yesterday.

The kids and I went for a walk in the local park. We even got a chance to see a few little critters! First, we saw a swan…


Ooh… Or was that a squirrel??

What do you think? Is it a swan or squirrel?

It’s a pretty ambiguous image, and it could actually be either a swan or squirrel, depending on how you look at it. The first animal that jumps out at me is the swan. The left side of the image looks like a swan, who has tucked its beak down onto its chest. The right side of the image looks like the swan’s tail feathers.

Remember, though, that this image could be either a swan or squirrel. Now, look at the right side of the image again; it looks like a squirrel engrossed in an acorn or other bit of tastiness. The left side of the image, which was originally the swan’s neck and face, now looks like the squirrel’s bushy tail!

It’s definitely a fun image, and you could go back and forth all day long trying to figure out if it’s a swan or squirrel! Forget that noise, though! In the interest of time, I’m going to say that its both…

So what do you think it is—a swan or squirrel? Or both? If you liked this illusion, make sure you check out this Jeep ad campaign with lots of animal optical illusions!

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I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately trying to find new and different illusions to feature on the site. I’ve realized that there are only so many illusions out there, and they aren’t exactly being created at an industrial rate.

Today, I have a pretty simple lines optical illusion for you. It’s plain, black and white, and straightforward. Today’s lines optical illusion has no bells and whistles and it’s modeled after several classic lines optical illusions.

simple optical illusion

ow, all you have to do is look at the lines optical illusion above and ask yourself—”are the lines straight and parallel?” The answer of course, is that even though they appear to be at an angle or bulging, the lines above are perfectly straight up and down and parallel to one another. They only look crooked because the patterns used to create each bigger lines are made of smaller diagonal slanting lines.

Why such a simple crooked lines optical illusion today, you ask? Well, because the line illusion above is the first optical illusion I’ve made so far! I figured I’d start out small and work my way up to making larger illusions. I’m a savvy kind of blogger—if I can’t find something, I’ll make it!

Feel free to try your hand at making your own optical illusions too! Maybe I’ll start featuring some of y’all’s own original illusions! Just submit them via the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page.

If you liked this crooked lines optical illusion, head over and tell me—are the purple lines straight or bent?

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Wow! While watching the TV show Brain Games last night, and they showed a pretty awesome photograph that I just had to share with you guys! Check out this National Geographic camel illusion!

Nationa Geographic Camel Illusion

It’s pretty obvious that this is a photograph of a camel train traveling across the desert, no? So, you might be wondering why this is even considered to be a camel illusion. Well, take a closer look. Still don’t see it? I’ll give you a little hint. This photograph was taken from above, with the camera pointing straight down.

That’ right! The images of the camels in this photo aren’t actually camels at all! Rather they’re the shadows of the camels. The small white smudges at the bottoms of the camels’ shadows are the actual animals. The sun was simply at the perfect angle in the sky when this camel illusion photo was taken. The shadows of the camels look like the real thing from above.

This camel illusion was taken by George Steinmetz, a photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic magazine. In order to gain an aerial perspective, Steinmetz used a motorized paraglider. The resulting photo was used in a 2005 Turkish National Geographic feature story about deserts.

What did you think about this camel illusion? If you loved it, make sure you check out this zebra shadows illusion, also from National Geographic!