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jason paul freerunning red bull art of motionHave you heard about parkour and freerunning? Parkour is a sport that involves moving as quickly as possible through an urban area; parkour athletes maneuver through obstacles typically found in an urban setting—like walls, steps, and railings—by jumping, leaping, vaulting, climbing, and scaling in order to get from one place to another as quickly as possible. And the object is also to maneuver through these obstacles as smoothly as possible, so that pretty much leaves me out.

Freerunning is a form of parkour with a little more flair. In addition to moving through a space as quickly and efficiently as possible, freerunners also do tricks, such as flips, spins, and gymnastic-type moves.

One of the world’s best and most recognized freerunners is Jason Paul. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Jason Paul has quickly gained notoriety in the world of freerunning due to his unique skill, style, and just general awesomeness. He’s competed in freerunning championships, including the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships, and even teamed up with Red Bull for their Art of Motion freerunning competition and campaign…which is where today’s optical illusion comes from!

Actually, you could say that Jason Paul and Red Bull have created several different optical illusions in this Art of Motion video through creative angles, artistic flair, and some crazy moves! Check it out…

Wow! Just…wow. I redict that freerunning will gain more popularity in the coming years, due to sheer awesomeness!

What did you think of today’s freerunning optical illusions with Jason Paul and Pavel Petkuns in this Red Bull Art of Motion video? It almost reminds me a little of this man jumping over a plane illusion

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Perfectly timed photographs can be a hoot! In the past, we’ve shared some pretty cool perfectly timed photos as illusions, like the dog with antlers and the dog on a bus. I’ve also had people comment that these are not actually illusions. I disagree, though! If you look at the actual definition of optical illusion…

something that looks different from what it is; something that you seem to see but that is not really there

…I’d say that perfectly timed and posed photos count as optical illusions! They’re also a pretty fun distraction, and it’s not difficult to lose oodles of time just browsing through them. (Don’t believe me? Just click on the “Random Illusion” button at the top of this page!)

With that being said, today’s illusion is just that—a perfectly timed photo…


When I first looked at this photo, I swear I thought it was my brother! With long hair, which was kind of weird. But, it looks just like a certain face he makes from time to time. Upon closer inspection, though, I was able to see that not only was it not my brother (Phew!) but it was a woman. In addition, the extreme frowny face she’s making is not her actual mouth and nose (Double phew!), but the underside of the mouth of her dog. The color of the dog just happened to blend in well with her own skin tone, making for a pretty neat illusion!

Do you think perfectly timed photos and perfectly posed photos are actually illusions? Sound off in the comments below!

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A fat fluffy cat can be the perfect companion. I have such a fat fluffy cat, and she’s a perfect little sweetheart; always there when I need her and trying to rub her entire body all over me even when I want left alone. I swear that cat is constantly up my butt! She plops her butt outside my bathroom door when I take a shower and even tries to plant her butt next to me at the dinner table…and stares…

cat illusion

Much like the feline in this cat illusion, she gives me that longing look, thinking that I’m going to share my own dinner. False, Cat! I wonder if the diners in this picture find the little kitty cat staring at their dinner as annoying as I do…

What? You didn’t see the people in this cat illusion? Check out the cat’s ears, eyes, nose, and chin. The ears are the din’er’s chairs, the eyes are their heads, the nose is a vase on the table, and the chin is the corner of their table.

I’d say that this cat illusion is quite well done! Which did you see first in this cat illusion—the diners or the cat?

What did think of this cat illusion? Don’t forget to rate it below! When you’re done, head over and try to figure out if this cat is going up or down the stairs!

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Moving illusions are still a big mystery. Scientists still aren’t quite sure how our eyes trick us into perceiving movement in moving illusions, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome! In fact, don’t you think that a little mystery makes them even cooler?

I’ve run into quite a few new moving optical illusion lately, and I have one more for you today. For this moving illusion, move your eyes slowly up and down the image…

Moving Blobs Optical Illusion

Do the blue blobs look like they’re moving around? At first glance, you might think this is an animated GIF, but I can assure you that it’s not! Just put your mouse on the edge of one of the blue bobs, and you’ll see that nothing is moving at all.

If you love moving optical illusions, make sure you head over and check out these moving illusions!


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I hope you’ve been enjoying the optical illusions this week. It’s Sunday, though, and I’m thinking we need a fun photo illusion! So, here’s a pretty unique two-headed dog for your viewing pleasure…

Walking a two headed dog

I think that walking a two headed dog down the street might get you a few strange looks, don’t you think? Of course, this isn’t a real two headed dog; it only looks like it! It’s actually two dogs. One dog’s body is just hidden from view. At first I thought that the second dog’s body was hidden behind the first dog, but after looking at it closer, I’m thinking that it’s actually hidden between the dog walker’s legs. Either way, it’s still a fun little illusion!

Show a little love and rate this two headed dog illusion below if you want to see more. Your ratings help us decide which illusions we post and which ones make their way to the recycle bin!

Think this two headed dog illusion was freaky? Head over and check out this two headed goat!

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reverse motion pigeons

The start of the weekend is finally here! We’ve still got some nice summer weather here, and it’s a good day to head to the park. While we’re there, we just might be able to feed the pigeons if they’re hanging around…

Looks like these little guys are just walking around bobbing their heads without a care in the word, huh? Well, except for maybe chasing those worms. But, these pigeons or worms aren’t really animated. Your eyes are playing tricks on you! The black and white vertical stripes just make it look like walking pigeons and wriggly worms. In reality, they’re just images moving across the screen, and no different than the images you see all the way to the left before they enter the black and white jungle.

If you liked today’s walking pigeons illusion, don’t forget to rate it below!

Thought this walking pigeons illusion was cool? Head over and check out the flying bird after image!

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Friday is finally here, and it’s a beautiful thing! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend! I get to catch up on sleep and finally relax a little! Of course, I also have to catch up on a little work, but I can handle it.

For today’s illusion, I wanted to post something a little fun. Call it Fun Friday, if you will. This one might take you a moment…

devil's fork illusion

Do you see it? Probably; it’s really not that difficult of an illusion to see. It’s an interesting little twist on the devil’s fork illusion, or blivet. If you look closely at the cowboys’ legs, you’ll notice that they just aren’t quite right. Try starting at the feet and following their legs up toward their bodies. Thanks to the devil’s fork illusion incorporated into this drawing, their legs don’t actually reach their bodies. In fact, neither does the cowboy on the left’s gun.

The devil’s fork illusion is a fun illusion to play around with, and it’s been used in several other optical illusions. Take a look at our nice little collection of devil’s fork illusion here, for instance. The devil’s fork illusion has also been used in this some assembly required illusion as well as this devil’s fork coloring page.

What did you think of today’s Fun Friday devil’s fork optical illusion? Don’t forget to rate it below!

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The blue pill and the red pill were first seen in the movie The Matrix, when Morpheus gives Neo a choice—take the blue pill to stay asleep in the fabricated world The Matrix created or take the red pill to wake up and learn the truth.

Even today, the red pill blue pill symbols are still widely recognized, even by people who haven’t seen the movie. A red pill blue pill decision means the people can “take the red pill” to learn the hard truth or “take the blue pill” and remain blissfully ignorant. Redpills are people who have chosen to learn the truth about something, while Bluepills are people who have chosen to remain blind to reality.

It would definitely be a difficult decision to make! If given the choice, which would you take? The pill on the left or the pill on the right?

red pill blue pill

So, which did you choose—the blue pill or the red pill? I’m going to blow your mind right now and tell you that you didn’t choose either the blue pill or the red pill.


It’s true! Both of the pills in the image above are actually gray. They aren’t exactly the same shade of gray,but they’re pretty close! If you don’t believe me, open the image in an image editor and use the color picker. I’ve done it for you below, but you can still try it for yourself…

red pill blue pill same color

Welcome to The Matrix…

What did you think of today’s Matrix blue pill, red pill illusion? Don’t forget to rate it below! Then, head over here for some more great movie illusions!