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Good morning everyone and welcome to the last Friday in February! March begins this weekend, and with it is supposed to come the warmer weather, but we just have to wait and see! So, since this is Friday, we decided to show you a very cool optical illusion! How many of you are about to have a nice cup of coffee? Now, we have featured plenty of optical illusions involving coffee, and some that have featured foam in the coffee looking like an elephant before, but we have never seen an optical illusion like this ever! Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a foamy cat that looks like it is about to reach its paw down and grab some unsuspecting swimming fish. Whoever did this foamy cat and fish is one talented barista, and the coffee is so cool who can possibly drink it?

Coffee with Foamy Cat Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion involving a hidden cat? This illusion is really hard because we have trouble finding the cat, but do you all see this furry feline? Well you have to look close, and if you happen to find the cat, please leave us a comment and let us know because it’s quite possible that some of us need glasses! Have a good day!

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the very last Thursday in February of 2015! The month of February always goes by so fast it is absolutely amazing. Since today is Thursday, and there is only one more day in the week, we thought we would show you an optical illusion that we find absolutely hilarious! Take a look at today’s optical illusion because when we saw it, the first thing we thought of was… Beep your nose!  You have to admit, the way the young man is standing next to the giant hand and arm poster, that is exactly what is happening! Does it not look like the finger is beeping his nose? We thought it was hilarious and thought you all could use a smile on this lovely Thursday morning.

beep your nose optical illusion

So, are you ready to play a little game of find the hidden hunter? There may be a spirit in the woods, but in this image it is the spirit of a hunter, and we know you all have sharp eyes and will be able to spot him right away. Well, today is Thursday, and we hope you all have a great day! Remember, tomorrow is Friday, which is the end of the week and there is only a couple of days left in February too.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday, which is also known as Hump Day. We know that you all are doing well in terms of your work, and you have officially made it to the halfway point of the week. We know you all are getting tired, but you are doing well and we know you can make it to Friday. How many of you have heard a jet going overhead, and you all looked up to see it? Have you ever been to an air show to see more than one jet flying through the air? Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will be shocked because it looks like these two planes are about to not only touch noses, but also crash into one another! However, believe it or not, the two planes are not hitting, but it sure does look like it right?

Two Planes Touching Noses Optical Illusion

So, ready to see another cool optical illusion involving a hidden person? Check out this wall covered with flowers wallpaper. Do you all see a lady hidden in the wall? Camouflage can be a lot of fun, and this lady hiding in plain sight really shows just how well someone can blend into their surroundings just like a chameleon! Happy Hump Day everyone and have a nice day!

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Good morning to all of you optical illusion fans, and welcome to Tuesday morning! Hope you all are well, and getting up to face another work day. However, before you go, we have a cool optical illusion to share with you all. What do you all think of a knight all in black, would you say that was a good knight or a bad night? Well think about it while you check out today’s optical illusion, which is  all about a black knight made of black ink! Do you all see it in the glass of water? It is amazing what a few drops of ink can do in a glass of water, but you have to admit, it does look like a knight riding a horse.

ink knight optical illusion

Want to see another great body paint optical illusion? Now, this may look like a flamingo, but it is really a person painted up to look like one, but it is still so cool! It is really hard to tell that this is not a real flamingo, which says a lot about the artist that created it.  What do you all think of this great body paint work of art? Well, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week, but the last week in February!  The weekend is gone, and we know you all probably had a lot of fun, but now the time to get back to work is upon us all. So, did you all do anything exciting like hit the beach, go to the park, or even took a dip in a nice built-in backyard swimming pool? If you all did head for a swimming pool, you probably had friends with you, or even one friend that just happens to be small and furry.  Check out today’s optical illusion, which is a furry canine that just happens to be able to run on water! How do you all think this image was done or do you all believe this dog has special powers that allow it to run right on the water?

dog running on water

Ready for another cool optical illusion? These days, car manufacturers have unusual ways to advertise their new cars, and this may be the coolest advertisement ever! This advertisement for Fiat is quite unusual because it just happens to be made of human bodies painted to look like one of their cars! What do you all think of it? We know its Monday, and you all are recovering from the weekend, but have a nice day!

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Sunday is here and today is the first, or perhaps, the last day of the week depending on how you look at it. However, today is also the second day of the weekend, but that does not mean that the fun has to end just because its normally a day of rest. How many of you have ever rode around on public transportation?  Today’s optical illusion is all about a man who is riding around in public transportation, and from just how he is sitting on the bus, it looks like he is wearing a dress and has very long legs! What do you all think? Is the man dressing as a woman or is it just the way, and the location, of his seat in the window?  You all have to admit, it really does look like the man is wearing a dress, and let’s not forget those long legs!

Man with long legs optical illusion picture

Ready to see a cool hidden man in a picture of a snowy scene? Check out this image, do you all see the man? If not for the fact his head is clearly outlined, the face of this man would really blend into the background and the snow. So, today is Sunday, but no matter what you all have planned, be sure and have a great time because tomorrow is Monday, which means back to the work week!

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The weekend is here! Hooray for Saturday! You all have had a hard work week, and now you can take the next couple of days to rest. So, what are you going to do today? Perhaps, you all can take your favorite canine friend for a nice walk or run on the beach.  Speaking of the beach, today’s optical illusion is all about a dog on the beach, and if you look closely, you will notice that this dog appears to be walking on two legs. Now, dogs walk on just four legs, but the fact is that this dog appears to be walking on two. How is it possible that this dog is walking like its owner? Is this a doctored photo or not?

Dog Walks On Two Legs Optical Illusion picture

Ready to see another cool natural optical illusion? Check out this optical illusion that is nothing more than a bunch of flowers. However, if you all will notice right away that these are not ordinary flowers, but there is a woman hidden inside.  Do you all see her? Well, we know that today is Saturday, but try and get out of the house and do something fun like head to the beach with your favorite canine pal! See you all later, and have a nice day!

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Friday is here at last, and how many of you woke up today in a really great mood? We sure did because we are making plans for being off the next couple of days, which we are so looking forward to and also getting some much needed rest. So, are you all making plans to go someplace else with the people you care about most in the world? Getting together with friends can mean messing around, and having fun, and that brings us to today’s optical illusion. Check out what looks like a giant man and a group of people that it looks like he is playing with. How was this cool optical illusion done because it does look like this is one giant man playing with his friends?

Giant Man Playing With People Optical Illusion picture

Ready for another cool optical illusion involving sand? Check out this bottle on the beach image. Do you all notice something unusual about this bottle lying on the sand? Believe it or not, this is not a bottle, but it is actually a woman that is tied up. Do you all see the woman? We know today is Friday, and you all are excited that the weekend is just hours away, but whatever you do, have a great time and enjoy yourselves!