Rotating Crosses Optical Illusion

How are all of you doing out there today? Did you enjoy that nice weather we were having yesterday? I certainly hope so. I made sure to go out and get myself some vitamin D. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to snow where I live today. It’s amazing how it can go from 70 degrees and sunny one day to 30 degrees and snowy the next. Either way, I hope you all took advantage of the warm weather like I did yesterday.

Today, I’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from posting up videos. However, I’m still going to post a new optical illusion that is animated. The object of this optical illusion is for you to figure out whether the crosses in the illusion are black or white. Ready to check it out? Scroll down.

rotating crosses optical illusions

So, what color are the crosses? Are they black? White? Maybe they’re both. Either way, leave your comment in the section below with your answer.

Do you still want to check out some more optical illusions? If so, I dug through the archives and found an amazing optical illusion from the past. Check this out and make sure you read the description. It’s going to take you a little bit to spot what this image truly is.

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  1. Wonderful illusion. the white crosses seem to rotate clockwise, whilst concentrating on the black crosses, they seem to go anticlockwise. The wonder is, if you concentrate on one colour of cross, the other colour crosses seem to disappear!

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