See Your Little Ones Grow!


I have just received this optical illusion from my former classmate – it’s a promotional poster for some sort of product called Horlicks. I’m not gonna tell you what the the illusion here really is, as I have confidence you’ll manage to spot on your own. I’m sure you will find it sooner or later. Yet, there is a chance you won’t like it as much as I did (which is mostly because it managed to fool me when I first saw it). The only hint I can give you is this: if you think you’re seeing a hand holding a magnifying glass, think again! BTW, I was surprised how no one answered my earlier question :( !?

  • John

    Coffee cup.

  • Duncan

    It’s a mug of coffee. ‘See your little ones grow’ entails children, and parents usually drink coffee. Plus it looks like a magnifying glass.

  • Travis

    Its a coffe cup! the bubbles around the edges gave it away!

  • bring it

    It is a coffee mug she is holding

  • BNya

    I see a woman’s hand holding a coffee cup…

  • ???

    Magnifying glass? I only see a coffee mug…

  • mrboma

    A mug with coffee, or tea, or a latte, or something similar.

  • Yup, I got tricked/fooled. :)

  • Sissy hall

    Its either a cup of tea:D
    or coffee

  • bandit885

    i had to enlarge it to get a closer look, but i got it…. the inner edge of the “magnifying glass” gave it away for me. :)

    nice one.

  • gjkuhi

    I got fooled took me about 20 seconds to realise it was a cup of coffee

  • L

    I got it. But I had to enlarge image to pick it up.

  • Rootman

    At first glance it’s a hand holding a magnifying glass, but it’s actually a hand holding a coffee cup that’s colored nearly identically to the counter it’s over.

  • :)

    Ha. I get it.

  • Matthew

    it’s a cup of coffee!!!

  • Kimon


  • Umar

    oh man horlick is the shiz – btw its a mug that looks like a magnifying glass :D

  • Budi

    owh..this is awesome..
    I`ve been fooled 2 times!

  • ItsDave

    I would say that this is a cup of either hot chocolate or malted milk with the hand holding the handle of the cup. The thumb is in line with the handle making it appear like a handle. The same color background makes it appear as if you are looking through a glass, except for the small bubbles around the rim. Nice Photo effect.

  • Doax

    2 spoons of sugar plz xD

    • Izi

      Need help, can’t see it, what to do?

  • Sathish

    Got it in 2 secs flat.

  • I DONT GET IT!!!

  • Vera

    a cup of coffee?!!

  • Vera

    well, googled Horlicks and i got it now.

  • Emmy

    It’s a cup of coffee I knew it right away

  • Moe Lester

    I noticed the foam but for a long time a thought it was just a magnifying glass above a pint :P

  • Linda


  • me123987645

    I didn’t get fooled but it is quite a great way to advertise!

  • me123987645

    oh, and also I am sorry for not answering your question but I don’t live in the US so thus, I cannot answer your question.

  • quack yup quack

    its so cool but FYI horlicks tastes teribble

  • quack yup quack

    oh i get if you drink it you will grow so thats what they want to show

  • Dave

    Horlicks is a drink popular in Europe and Asia. It’s a powder you mix with hot water (or hot milk) and end up with a kind of sweet milky thing- it’s quite good, but I can’t describe the flavor exactly- sort of like a malty sweet deliciousness :)

  • Jeffrey

    I definitely liked this one however much you did.

  • Chakolate

    It was the way the hand was holding the handle that did it for me.

  • Like cafe

    Nice took me a wile tho

  • XRayA4T

    As a Horlicks user it is pretty obvious.

  • I see it! It’s not a magnifying glass! It’s a cup o’ joe!

  • Kelsey

    A hand holding a cup of Horlicks :)

    (Horlicks is a malted milk drink popular in the UK)

  • Gina

    I love it <3

  • cgimusic

    That is awesome. In answer to your previous question, I have no idea about how the agency’s work but TrueCrypt is open source and works fairly well.

  • Pxie Dust

    Wow, i actually found that super easy, still good tho

  • Benua

    Too tired to find, i’m gonna take a coffee.

  • lisas

    horlicks is a malt drink, similar to hot chocolate, mostly drank in the evening!

  • Ben

    oh I see it now. wow that’s really clever.

  • debbie

    the name Holicks gave it away for me….mmmmmm

  • Flabawoogl

    That was amazing, I laughed at my stupidity when I found it! xD

  • Aaron

    Haha the way the hand holds it gave it away for me… literally just stared at it for about 10 minutes… nice

  • Thanks. Your hint helped me look further, and the cafe au lait background clinched it.

  • Glidos

    I like it. Hey, I wish you could find some of the old Benson & Hedges cigarette adverts from the mid seventies. I remember one which had a huge bare packet in the corner of a blacksmith’s, covered with a cloth, and all the lettering being prepared in metal, some hanging over the anvil, some in the furnace, glowing red. They were art. Pity it was cigarettes they advertised.

  • Jean

    I too had to enlarge then i got it very good

  • MS

    …to go?

  • Oron

    Good illusion, but what was wrong with my answer yesterday?

  • AB

    Wow that took me a long time, even with enlarging it! I saw the word under the tags but still couldn’t see it. Love your site:)

  • Phil

    Nice one, fooled me, but got it eventually.

  • RickyM

    For our cousins across the pond, Horlicks is a UK hot malted milk bedtime drink favoured by many senior citizens.

    Thanks for the great illusions, makes my day every time I see them.

  • Ed

    smells nice

  • anna

    Horlicks is an old malted milk product.

    • Kelsey

      Horlicks isn’t “old” – you can still buy it in supermarkets in the UK

  • kjm0591

    very cool…didnt see it until I enlarged

  • Mike

    HInt: Horlicks is a hot drink.

  • Leroy

    Horlicks is a nice drink…

    And yup. The bubbles really give away the illusion when you look at it closely

  • Alex

    It’s actually a cup of hot cocoa/hot coffee

  • barbara

    WOW, this really got me at first, thought it was a spy glass then a wand to blow bubbles then finally, a cup of hot Horlicks! I should have known as I’ve seen Horlicks in stores before now. But this stumped good at first. Good one

  • Matjl

    it fooled me, at first i thought it was a magnifying glass, then a bubble maker, and then i finally saw what it is.

  • RuloCore

    I got it in… 5 seconds :) I don’t lie, seriously.
    HINT: The title can help you :)

  • fred

    Hmmmmm, chocolate ! Or ist it coffee ;(

  • Phenix

    Horlicks is a drink, my mother used to drink it all the time, so that is what gave it away for me.

  • Alex

    William Horlick (the namesake of Horlick High School in Racine, WI – go Rebels!) invented malted milk. With that information this illusion shouldn’t be too tough to figure out.

  • Josh

    Horlicks is a milky hot chocolate powder, notoriously known for it’s drowzy effects and sweet sweet taste :)

  • Sentinel

    Horlicks is a drink made from malt.

  • Comp1

    In answer to your earlier qusetion about encription: ANY computer cypher is breakable under brute force. It’s just a matter of time. The high “bit code” used the longer the crack takes. With current technology, a 256-bit code could take a brute force program several hundred (or even thousands) of years to crack.

    So again, everything is crackable. But in 2ooo years, will you really care if they find it?

  • marcy

    that’s a lot of cream lol

  • dnada

    Horlicks is an english instant product apparently had just before sleeping(I’m pretty sure, I am Australian and have never tried it). I hope that is not too much of a giveaway.

  • melk


  • Anh Pham

    I sure the author use photoshop for the background, the colors look samilar

  • Joe Smith

    same color as my coffee with half and half, i saw it immediately.

  • Lindsey

    I got it pretty quickly.

  • tashi

    wow that is really awesome……
    it really is too good.

  • Preethi

    Good one and I got it ! Horlicks being spoken about here.. quite unexpected ! Its a Health Food Drink Brand here in India.. a malt based hot milk drink.


    As I am an avid coffee drinker….I wasn’t fooled =)

  • Ally

    Got it! im having one of those as we speak!

  • Eric

    handle gave it away for me – figured the little things in the “magnifying glass were bacteria or something – not enlarged”
    as an illusion – I like it; probably wouldnt have been so readily fooled if it wasnt for the title… was with that?
    and as far as a promotional poster… what are they saying? its bland? seriously… what are they trying to get across?
    awesome illusion – horrible promotion

  • ramiro

    what is it

  • Frank

    How is this not obviously a cup of coffee?? O.o (Magnifying glasses don’t foam)

  • What is it?? I cant tell

  • Jeff

    Got it right away but I stare at that all day workin in a bar.

  • dustyvanila

    Ahh Horlicks, yum, if you’ve never tried it now’s the time.

  • Sergio

    I love Horlick’s!

  • CissyDoraTrix

    I first thought it was a magnifying glass! It’s really coffee <3

  • SonnyC

    Why look! It’s a cup of coffee, perhaps with cream!

  • whootie

    Good one. Enlarge to really see the illusion. Thought I had a dirty screen @ first. lol

  • Alice

    I had to enlarge the pic but i got it cool illusion!

  • txedomoon

    took me a while to visualize this one.
    must be a lack of caffeine.

  • guemes bill

    Ok, so I didn’t see it the first time and yup! it’s easy to not see it right off…..Thanks fella’s ya’ got me again!!

  • guemes bill

    Oh yeah and by the way, my morning cup is usually in a black mug too!

  • z2d4th

    Mug of coffee

  • Mike

    I can’t wake up in the morning without my first magnifying glass of illusion.

  • Norm

    Good one! Thanks! :-)

  • :?

    I don’t get it. Is it a cup of coffee? Why are people talking about magnifying glasses? Is the illusion in her hand? :'( I don’t see it!

  • eee efff geee


  • Eric

    Is it a hand holding a cup of yellow liquid? Please tell me what it is because I don’t get it, and if it IS a hand holding a cup of yellow liquid, why is the title “See Your Little Ones Grow”?

  • Artemis Fowl


  • Luke

    That’s clever, first thought that it might be different thing ‘holding’ the maginifying glass, but then realised

  • popesantaxiv

    Mhmm. The minute I saw “horlick”, I got it. it’s a milky drink powder that’s used to strengthen children’s bones and help them grow healthy. Excellent illusion.

  • jeremy

    is it suposse to be a coffe cup


    i love this illusion!

  • ramanathan

    horlicks in btw the glass :)

  • William

    The lil bubbles around the inside of the cup gives it away

  • Care Bear

    Count me in if it has Hazelnut Creamer.

  • Ice

    Well, I know what Horlicks is so I get the picture.

  • Gnucklehead

    Hey, That was great fun!
    Wiggerlocky Naybaby, don’t go slow,
    Go like Elvis, Go Man Go!

  • First i saw the photo and thought that i would see a magnifie glass and then i read the text, after 10sec i saw the ….. XD you fooled me >.<

  • Rath

    The hand appears as if he or she is holding a magnifying glass but IF you look carefully, there are bubbles frothing around the rim, which means that the magnifying glass is actually a cup of Horlicks. You are fooled by this because the background is the same as the Horlicks drink.

    My photo.

  • Fink

    Along with @doax 2 spoons, I’ll have some cream.

  • Chenoa Zephyra

    Got it and love it!

  • kunstbanause

    i cant find a contact field so ill take this one
    maybee old too you but new to me:
    check it out its full of the best intentions ;)

  • John Elliott

    Now that is really cool! I enjoyed it, it fooled me at first sight. Neat. And I love Horlicks.

  • Dee

    Got it! Luv Horlicks.

  • oh i get it! haha funny

  • ‘lynne

    Easy when you know what Horlicks is.

  • aid

    got it because of inner edge ….. not a magnifying glass

  • Myonen

    I prefer mine black so it took me a minute

  • JackOfAll

    Unfortunately, the “Horlicks” in your post gave it away for me; no illusion remained when I looked at the picture.

    It’s delicious, by the way.

  • Z

    its really easy picked it up on the first look

  • Erin

    I saw that first and the magnifying glass second. hmm

  • tara

    i get it now…that’s really cool!!

  • bettyboop

    oooh… its coffee i get it now (:

  • bettyboop

    jk. i just looked “horlicks” up. its a malt drink thingy :/

  • PromiseMe

    It took me a while but I got it eventually!

  • nobody

    um its kind of obvious…i saw it as soon as i looked at it

  • sharon

    horlicks is a malt drink that can help you sleep at night its really nice you make it with hot milk though some people make it with water, its a bit like ovaltine………and i knew straight away it was a cup yumm think ill go make a horlicks xxx

  • John Steven Hoglund

    Horelicks was a well-known maker of malted milk tablets, which were the brown color you showed.
    I ate them like candy back in the late 1950s-early 1960s. I got nostalgic (and hungry) looking at the ad you posted!

  • dom

    i got this first time as the inside of the mug had bubbles :)

  • Rath

    It looks as if the person is holding a magnifying-glass BUT if you look carefully, there are bubbles frothing around the rim, which indicates that the person is actually holding onto a cup of Horlicks, not a magnifying-glass. The reason why you are fooled is because the drink’s colour is the same as the background and the bubbles are quite small.

    My photo

  • Izi


  • sue hutchinsonaswas

    first time I cant work one out

  • rtw

    I drink coffee in a black cup with lots of milk, so this one was easy for me.

  • Kirk

    I saw it right away. It is something that I consume every day,as do most people.

  • Shane

    Tagging this post ‘cup’ kinda gives it away……

  • mycaricature

    Horlicks is delicious!!

  • sindy006618

    i got it straight away lol!!

  • stacie

    Thats how I like mine.

  • wendy

    Its a cup of coffee with milk in it…top side view

    • Simon

      Horlicks is NOT the same as coffee! D’uh. One is a hot milky malt drink that purports to help you chillax to SLEEP-and is the same colour however you make it. The other is, as ev1 knows, a drink that can be had hot or cold, can be kinda diff shades depending how you prepare it, u can get lotsa diff varieties of coffee as opposed to Horlicks where there’s um 2 kinds-reg and chocolate and the most marked diff’rence is of course that coffee is reckoned to keep one AWAKE! Don’t start me on decaf heheh! *Sorry for the textual harassment folks, I know it’s not important n it don’t amount to a hill of (coffee) beans Lol. Now, bk to the matter in hand-optical illusions… x

  • cyber

    i thout it was a magnifier glass and yup i was fooled

  • Josh

    I would have guessed the colour inside the cup would be exactly the same as the colour outside it. Then I got the real point of the illusion :).

  • Honey

    sweet illusion !

  • John Steven Hoglund

    please post the comment i left the other day. or let me know why it didn’t pass muster. thanks.

  • John Steven Hoglund

    i found it. thanks.

  • seth

    thats easy. its just a cup of coffee

  • illusion lover

    that is awesome

  • chelsea

    its a mug with horlicks mixed in milk in it.

  • Peter Spijkerman

    Verry impressive. Due to my mentalcoach ‘being’, I’d like to buy a poster from this. Can anyone tell/help me?

  • 7ass00n

    Is it sugar free ?! :P

  • quack yup quack

    ew horlicks is disgusting

  • Its a cup of coffee

  • Julie

    coffee mug

  • Sonic

    WHAT IS IT!!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS IT!!! I KEEP ON LOOKING! NOTHING!!!!!!!! Except a piece of blank paper that is the same colour as the wall… Nothing much on the paper…. just blank….

    NOW WHAT IS IT!!!!!!!! >:( I know to look “under” the screen but…. I HAVE A COMPUTER…. NOT A LAPTOP! So I can’t see under it. I only saw a bit though… In the magnifying glass.

  • fatimah

    ha! a cup oh this ‘horlicks’

  • HaloDUDE80

    Took me a while to figure this one out!

  • bree

    holding a mug….

  • mew


  • Tristan

    Cool! its a coffee. At first I thought its a magnifying glass… You fooled my friend here. hahaha!

    • Neebo

      Its actually horlicks..

  • steve aylin

    cool coffee mug

  • Simon

    Don’t start me on decaf heheh! *Sorry for the textual harassment folks, I know it’s not important n it don’t amount to a hill of (coffee) beans Lol. Now, bk to the matter in hand-optical illusions… x

  • A

    SO COOL!

  • Mighty Ice

    It is supposed to be a cup of horlicks but the tile says watch your little ones grow because it means to give the message that if your child drinks horlicks he will become smart enough to become a detective (Thus the maginfying glass).

  • Vanessa

    Mind blown by Vsauce once again!

  • Alex

    i like mine black

  • annonimous

    I still dont get See your little ones grow

  • cherry

    its a cup of coffee


    I’m guessing two possibilties here. First a cup of egg nog maybe enhanced with vitamin or energy type(grow)sprinkled pixie dust toppings.secondly a mini pancake or(sugar looking)cookie skillet?


    When I grow up maybe I’ll learn to spell and punctuate. First, a cup of egg nog maybe enhanced with vitamins(similar to ovaltine)or energy type pixie dust toppings to help you grow. Or secondly, a mini-pancake or (sugar looking) cookie skillet?

  • jake


  • chaitali

    It is a nutritional drink, that children in India drink… something like, Proteinex, or Ovaltine, or Maltova… It’s supposed to be good for kids, and usually dissolved in hot milk.

  • Coolio

    Read the posts, and everyone keeps “coffee” or “ovaltine”or “latte,” when the description says “Horlicks” . FYI, Horlicks is a drink that helps you sleep. You dissolve it in milk, then heat it in the microwave, then drink the whole thing before you go to sleep. Being a severe insomniac, it only half-helps me.

  • swizzlestix

    O O

    • Harper

      I love your reply….lol

  • Anna

    ~o) <—- *hint hint*

  • Piper

    I thought it was a tiny pan…….. then I thought it was coffee

  • dovahkiin

    this took 1 min
    no jk

  • amy

    i see the foam duh

  • Khan

    its a coffee cup

    u fooled me

  • Kaitlyn

    Its a magnifying glass?i thought it was
    A cofee cup

  • Wendy

    It took me a few minutes. But it WoW me!

  • Isabella

    Is it suppose to be the moon be wide if it is that would be lame

  • elly

    I do not get this pic at all, I dont really read the article.HeHe

  • elly

    And I Drink Horlicks for bed. I am put off for the rest of my days.

  • BunnyGirl

    BLECH! It’s a mug full of coffee! I might only be 11, but I like Pakistani Chai and Tim Horton’s Iced Cappucino Supreme better. Mmmm…

  • Lewys Jenkins

    It’s a cup of coffee! The bubbles around the edge gave it away!

  • Por2gal

    a cup of horlicks… love the stuff…. use to advertised as a ‘night cap’

  • Por2gal

    use to be advertised as a ‘night cap’; a nice hot cup of horlicks

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