Multicolor Swirling Ball Optical Illusion

Happy Saturday everyone! How has the weekend been so far for all of you? Are you all ready for today’s amazing illusion?  Everyone loves rainbows when they appear in a sky after a rainstorm, but today’s illusion will make you think twice when you see one.

Muticolor Swirling Ball Optical Illusion

Follow the bouncing ball, or is it really bouncing? The rainbow is going around and around, and it looks like it is collapsing in on itself. For people who are fascinated by rainbows in the first place, this illusion can be quite mind blowing! Just watching the rainbow can be quite hypnotizing, and you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from it.  It’s like watching a television show, and your mind cannot help but try and figure it out! What do you think of the dancing rainbow ball?

Do you want to see more amazing mind blowing optical illusions? Neptune is the king of the ocean, and this illusion will make you see him, or maybe it won’t depending on whether your eyes can see it or not! Check out the Invisible Neptune optical illusion and be sure you leave a comment about it because we love to hear from everyone that frequents our page!

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