The Invisible Neptune

The Invisible Neptune by Sandro Del PreteJust found this piece in my mailbox, submitted by an anonymous fan. It seems we haven’t heard the last from Sandro Del Prete with our previous mega gallery. Today’s illusion works in a way “What do you see?” illusion worked. Only no sex this time. Some of you will notice the invisible Neptune first, and only later realize there are bunch of see animals instead. Others will see just the opposite.

I think the trend began with Napoleon’s Grave and Invisible Prince mural. Still, it makes one fine optical illusion, but hey – we haven’t expected anything less from great #Sandro Del Prete, haven’t we? Be sure to check the tag to see most of his previous illusory works!

When you’re done, there is another impossible illusion to be found in the poster on your right. How long does it take for you to see it? Looking forward to hear your comments!

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  1. the impossible illusion is the corners of the picture seem to pop out in odd directions to make it look kinda like there are 2 pictures at right angles which merge together

  2. If you look at the left side of the picture, the brown part looks like the spine of a book, which makes the picture look the the cover illustration of the book. But if you look at the right side, the brown part looks like a picture frame.

  3. cmon really? the second i looked at that the first thing i saw wuz neptune, then i had to concentrate to see da rest.

    might have something to do with my obsession of ancient greek and roman myths.

  4. I saw neptune first. still trying to find all the components that make him up. what is the hair and eyes?

  5. i first saw the Neptune and then the dolphins to the sides.
    I think the other illusion is some sort of impossible book.
    there are corners of it poppin out in the top right corner and bottom left.

  6. I saw the picture of Neptune first. That was due to seeing it in a widget thumbnail. I didn’t see the details until I opened the web page. It took a couple of seconds for me to recognize the details.

  7. Hey Kelli,
    I dont really agree with what you said, becasue the brown “framework” is at both sides a book, but it is an impossible book, just like many other illusions on this side ;)
    Now, take another look and tell me what you think.

  8. I noticed the dolphins first, then when I opened it from my Google gadgets I saw the bigger picture. I can see the octopus, ship, dolphins and also the figure of Neptune. I can see that the picture also looks like it is either flat or coming out at an angle. A bit like 3D.

  9. He’s not invisible, I see him right away, along with the dolphins, octopus, seaweed, ship, trident all meshed into one picture.

  10. After reading your last sentences of the post I concentrated and identified the illusion in just 2 seconds but its fantastic piece of art very difficult for those ones who are not given the idea that its an illusion.

  11. Saw “Neptune” first, then saw the other critters later. I think the other illusion is a book………

  12. i noticed the invisible neptune first, then i realized they were animals making the figure. the other optical illusion, is if you look at the book in different ways, it can be facing left or right, or laying flat, or facing straight up. :)

  13. It helped for me to see his arm by going cross eyed. I was however distracted by the galaxy’s advert next to it … :L

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