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By on October 31, 2010, with 29 Comments

I just had an opportunity to see Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster titled Inception. It features Leonardo DiCaprio in main role, and the movie is courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. Needless to say, this movie got some of the highest ratings in 2010 (9/10). I found it entertaining enough, but not even close to being best movie I’ve ever seen. Will probably forget everything about it in day or two. But why am I writing all this, is because of a peculiar moment, found somewhere at 40th minute of the movie. Not to reveal any spoilers, two of the main characters found themselves on what appears to be Escher inspired staircase. It appears they keep climbing the ascending staircase, while in fact it’s only an illusion. Check out the first screenshot below, and another one inside this article for solution. Would like to hear your comments on movie itself!

Inceptions Endless Staircase
Inceptions Endless Staircase


29 Responses
  1. Xy says:

    Wow….this illusion is awesome! I never did know how those staircase illusions worked. Thanks!

  2. jorjeea says:


  3. JMAN12 says:

    This seems to be a very common illusion…AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Bryce says:

    No spoiler alerts here, but Inception IS a great movie. It’s difficult for a movie to be both action packed AND cerebral at the same time, but Inception pulls it off. They’ve also done a great job of keeping several “levels” running at the same time without losing the audience. Best of all, you find that you’re second-guessing yourself the entire movie . . .even at the conclusion. Kind of like Escher staircase . . .you think you know what you’re seeing, but is that REALLY what you’re seeing?

  5. Anon says:

    “I just had an opportunity to see Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster titled Inception”
    “I just had the opportunity to download the DVD-Rip of Inception as it has just recently been released” fixed! :P lol xD just kidding of course ;-)

  6. Hi says:

    you can tell that the picture is an illusion because where its not connected, there is no bottom railing thingy

  7. TwistedTool says:

    Saw the movie and on this specific scene, MOIllusions came to my mind :D

    Excellent movie, indeed!

  8. Care Bear says:

    Welcome to my world.

  9. Terra says:

    Inception ruined in 3 panels :D ->


  10. Noxie says:

    I was the opposite of you, i thought this WAS the best movie i’ve seen in 2010 (so far) I’m almost sure Harry Potter 7-1 will beat it when it releases and maybe Sint will as well.

  11. jaxx says:

    It is well done. The only thing that spoils it form me is the one hand rail does not go up the stairs. It is a good illusion none the less.

  12. exuse me but you took this long to see inception?!?

  13. Jimmy Lopez says:

    Inception is one of my all time favorites. And this illusion is always cool =)

  14. Mizer says:

    I loved the movie! my brain hurt by the end of it.

  15. some optical illusion adect says:

    thats how it works O_O

  16. Blue says:

    I thought inception was a great movie. Ellen Page’s character was a bit underplayed but other than that it was pretty damn cool.
    I’ve got a book of Echer’s and love this illusion, the use of it in the movie (i thought) was done well. Love the “inception ruined in 3 panels” by the way :D

  17. Gman` says:

    I thought the first half was alright…

    …fell asleep…

  18. Leo DiCaprio is a great actor. He was especially terrific in “The Aviator” portraying Howard Hughes. I felt so sorry for Mr. Hughes suffering through that painful mental illness. Leo seemed to be actually living the role. Sad to see that he is no longer as good looking as he was when he was younger, but hey, we ALL get older.

  19. Its amazing to see that the stair is like a never ending story, you going and going through it but it really never ends. Thats the perfect illusion and i am sure that its the idea of a beautiful mind that is creative and innovative. Thanks a lot….

  20. GaryZ says:

    What I really like about Inception in addition to the plot is the mind blowing-earth bending CGI magic. Best CGI since the movie 2012 which really raised the bar for CGI.

  21. notarealname says:

    harry potter is that you

  22. efrain says:

    soo cool!!!!

  23. The-Penguin says:


  24. LOL says:


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