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It’s no secret around here that I despise winter and can’t wait for warm sunny days. Lately, I’ve been posting images and illusions that remind me of those beloved lazy summer days, and today is no different. In my Internet travels this morning, I found a fun Escher style pool illusion… I don’t know about […]


If you’re a big fan of optical illusions, you’re familiar with MC Escher’s work. Escher was a Dutch artist who, over the course of his life, created numerous pieces of art, many of which are viewed as some of the most popular optical illusions today. His impossible object illusions, like Relativity and Waterfall, are particularly popular. […]

Here are three impossible #LEGO constructions for you to solve. Can you explain them? It’s important to understand there was no tampering with none of the showcased photos. Nor were they digitally manipulated in any aspect. I’d also like to distress how the illusion works from a single specific angle – it’s up to you to try and […]

Here’s a very fun animated tessellation picturing birds and cats. Animation truly brings a new dimension to these kind of pictures that use repetition of shapes with no overlaps and no gaps – it additionally helps you see both variations of the image, no matter whether you originally recognised the empty space containing cat shapes, […]

Have you seen this #Escher_inspired poster released by Etrade Australia recently? Titled Spot the opportunity, this poster was done by use of a tessellation technique. Tessellation is a process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps. As we noted before, tessellations frequently appeared in […]

As a Moillusions reader, you’ve undoubtedly already seen your share of Penrose Triangles both here and elsewhere. Even so, the concept remains fascinating, particularly when turned into real-life objects, because the design itself is, in actuality, impossible. That’s why this Steelwork Illusion created by Deskarati is simply so fascinating -the illusion is so subtle and […]

Two years ago, a Spanish filmmaker Cristóbal Vila shot an exquisite short movie “Nature by Numbers“, which captured the ways in which mathematical concepts like Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Number exist in nature. Vila has now returned with even more magnificent film called “Inspirations”, which tries to imagine what M.C. Escher’s workplace might have looked […]

I’m certain that most of you illusion purists are already very familiar with the Penrose triangle illusion as it has already been featured extensively on the site. That being said, this great impossible font titled “Frustro” by its creator Martzi Hegedűs brings an entirely new angle (pardon the phun) to this classic illusion. While Hegedűs […]