Hidden Deer Optical Illusion

Yesterday, I posted up another brain teaser optical illusion, because I know all of you love brain teasers. If you didn’t check it out, it’s called the Bent Legs Optical Illusion and a lot of you left comments here and on the Facebook page giving me praise for posting what many of you considered an amazing optical illusion. I love receiving comments like this, so thank you all for leaving them.

Since all of you love having your brain power tested, I decided to post up a new optical illusion that is going to take you a decent bit of time to crack. This one isn’t necessarily a brain teaser, but it’s a spot the object optical illusion. Basically, you have to find all of the deer hidden within the picture. Are you ready to give it a go? Scroll down to get started.


So, were you able to find all of the deer hidden within the image? How many did you see? Leave a comment and let us know how many deer you found and compare your findings with other viewers. Remember to take your time, because this certainly is not an easy one.

Still hungry for more optical illusions? If so, you should check out this optical illusion. I bet you won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong with the image.

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  1. James Dean — you’re right they are somewhat hidden — however I can even see them in the thumbnail from my Yahoo page! LOL

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