I Bet You Won’t See It (The Illusion)!

Now let me show you something funny I stumbled upon recently… Actually, I’m not 100% sure whether I found it myself or it was submitted to me by one of our fans. Whichever it is, be sure to take a moment of your time and carefully observe the attached photo. Have you noticed anything strange in it? How about them cups of hot chocolate? Anything suspicious? If you still have trouble guessing, you may find the solution in here. Now admit it, how many of you got it right?

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  1. My guess is there are forks for hot chocololate and the chocolate looks more like a mousse..maybe it’s really a dessert?

    1. There are a few things I noticed in this picture:
      One- You don’t need forks for Hot Chocolate
      Two- The forks only have three points which is uncommon
      Three- The cups are distorted
      Four- The marshmellows are not in the hot chocolate they are sitting ON the hot chocolate. This makes it appear to be solid chocolate. This is not a liquid. It must be a solid.

  2. The cups are not made out of ceramic because they are a little distorted, have weird looking handles and are not as reflective as the plates. Maybe they are made out of a sugary food like marshmallow or cake frosting.

  3. They’re served with forks because they’re actually cakes made to look like mugs of hot chocolate. There’s an icing overlap on the far side of the nearest “mug”

    1. thats not a dent..thats the reflection of the fork..which shouldnt be there anyway lol

  4. I saw immediately that there are forks instead of spoons and I think it isn’t chocolatemilk but pudding.

  5. Could have sworn I saw the word cake somewhere in the text! Looked again twice but didn’t spot..

    1. umm if you put your mouse over it…its says hot-chocolate-cupcakes………..

  6. First I thought that it was extrange that the forks had 3 … ends (I dont know how are called), but then I realized that you dont need forks to eat chocolate!!!

    wait a sec….. OH MY GOD!!! have you ever watch the program ace of cakes? THERE ARE NO CHOCOLATE CUPS… BOTH ARE CAKES!!! awesome illusion man!!!!!!

    1. The fork “ends” are called tines. It took me a while to figure this out and , ok I admit it, I looked at the comments to figure out what the illusion was. Funny idea, cup cakes, but can this really be called an illusion?

  7. I thought it was some hyper-realistic stuff…because the saucer (?) of the cup on the right is kinda “on” the first saucer… i^_.~’

  8. I predicted that, sort of. I did not specifically predict cake, but I thought the top of the hot chocolate looked too solid to be a drink. I did not even think about the forks!

    1. I agree with you. Can’t really classify this as an illusion. Nice trickery, but an illusion it is not.

    2. I’ve seen cakes and frosting use to make very convincing images of many things – I don’t see it as a trick or light or perception, however, which are the things I find fascinating with regard to perception/interpretation.

  9. As the link shows, they are actually little cakes. That’s why the forks.
    I noticed the upper one was misshapen and the icing seemed suspicious, but I didn’t guess the cups were edible.

  10. you’re right tom. the cups dont look real. they’re kinda warped. and the hot chocolate is definately not liquid. and forks? maybe it’s cake.

  11. I think the whole cup, including the ‘chocolate’ is a piece of cupcake. You can see the surface of the cup is not as smooth or shiny as the plate.

    Lovely cupcake :)

  12. Sorry, but anybody who visits cakewrecks.com regularly will spot these as cakes right away.

    Extremely well done, though!

  13. The cups aren’t quite “perfect”. I figure the entire thing (sans doily, saucer, and fork) is an edible treat. And I bet it’s really yummy!

  14. Am I the only one who sees a smiling face looking up from inside the bottom (left) cup? The shadow of the marshmallows form the eyes. JA

  15. That is too cute! for some reason, even though I saw that the cups are not made of ceramic, it did not cross my mind that they are real live cupcakes! :))) fooled me!

  16. Is it an optical illusion?

    It is a cake designed to look like a cup and saucer, which admittedly looks very realistic.
    There is no ‘optical’ trick of the eye/brain, making you think it is something that it is not, so is it really an optical illusion?

  17. WOAHHH they’re cakes! i only found out that they were because i saw ‘cakes’ in the tabs :P but i could tell it wasn’t real hot chocolate… and of course, it would be odd to eat/drink hot chocolate with a fork? lol.

  18. oh yes, and im guessing the ‘cups’ are made of white fondant, that’s why the top one has like a kind of dent in it.

  19. I saw the dent at the side of the second cup!

    The title was like, ‘I BET you won’t see it’.
    So I was like going backwards from the screen…
    “Hey, it doesn’t look pixelated!” (It WAS pixelated…)
    Then I saw the dent.
    Then I noticed the forks!

  20. The cups look like they’re made out of dough or clay or something like that… They’re not perfectly round around the rim…

  21. on because of your hinting I noticed the different texture of the cups to the saucers and also a friend of mine decorates cakes,

  22. you can tell its a cake considering that hot chocolate is never that dark. theyre ultra cool cakes, except the hot choc part needs to be lighter to fool me!!!!!!! :):):):):)LOLOLOLOLOL

  23. I knew that it wasnt hot chocolate, I didnt know it was cake The frosting gave it away and the forks

  24. First I was looking if maybe the fork ends were misconnected, then I noticed one ear of the cup looked funny and then I noticed that forks are not usual for hot chocolate (which looked more like tomato soup to me). :)

  25. I admit nothing! NOTHING !!

    Ok, I admit that much that I watched the solution. :) And what a clever illusion it was. I thought that the chocolate looked somewhat solid. So I would have guessed that they were some magnified miniature dollhouse cups. Edible cups, I would like to taste them.

  26. The back saucer is propped up on the front saucer making it look like the two cups were taken each from a slightly different perspective.

  27. I saw right away that the “hot chocolate” mounded up in the middle, instead of being flat.

    With the fork, it makes it obvious that it is not a liquid. I could not tell that the ‘cup’ was edible, in large part because I sculpt clay and glass, so I don’t expect cups to be ‘perfect’.

  28. The fact that the marshmallows are just sitting right on top of the surface is a dead give away. Also there are forks and the far cup looks more of an octagon than round.

  29. Yes! I was right. It wasn’t hot chocolate. The forks make you suspicious,and then how thick the chocolate is,way thicker and goopier than hot chocolate…

  30. I looked a little beyond the hot chocolate cup cakes and noticed in the lower cupcake on the surface of the chocolate icing, there appears to be a human figure by the lower marshmellow. It looks to me that the figure is a female wearing a white blouse and a brown skirt leaning on/pushing/lifting the marshmellow, with her left leg crossed in front of her right leg.

  31. I saw the dent on one of the cups. So then i thought it was made of sugar, but then i realized they were cakes i thought it was funny. They were ‘cup’cakes…

  32. How is this a not an optical illusion? Cakes (and other baked goods, such as marzipan) are made into tons of different shapes. There are even television shows about how they do it.

    They look tasty and the baker did a nice job, but this is not an optical illusion.

    Think I’ll go get a muffin now…

  33. is it just me or does there also appear to be a woman leaning on the white marshmellow in the foreground cupcake.

  34. Unfortunately, my mouse was hovering over the image while I was reading the write-up and the tooltip that popped up show the image filename… “hot-chocolate-cupcakes-600×400-500×333”. That kind of gave it away. Maybe the images’ tooltips should either be blank, or something more generic? Something that won’t give the illusion away.

  35. At first I thought it was Italian style hot chocolate-thick as pudding-because I noticed the thick look of the “liquid,” but then the fork threw me off and I had to take a peek at the solution! Yum!

  36. I noticed that it wasn’t hot chocolate, thought it was mousse in a cup. I didn’t realize the cups were edible…my brain didn’t go there. I guess you stumped me on half of the illusion. :)

  37. First I thought it seemed rather than beside the first marshmallow, a child was eating the marshmallow

  38. I think the cups are just plastic and the hotchoclate is definitley choclate pudding with marshmellows ;)

    Cool Illusion Dude;)

    1. I think the ‘cup’ is white chocolate …
      I LURVE white chocolate!!! ^-‘

    1. Actually the impossible visual creaminess of the ‘hot chocolate’ gives it away. I mean, does anyone know of hot chocolate that creamy?

  39. I think this is rediculous. In no way is this an optical illusion. It looks like a solid substance in the cups, but that is not an “optical illusion” this picture makes me not want to view this site! CRAP!!!

  40. Yumm! Totally didn’t see that one. I wonder how long it took the baker to make those? I think I could devour it in seconds.

  41. I thought the cup on the left the melted slightly marshmellow looks like a girl with a skirt on slightly bent.

  42. haha kinda easy to get the illusion when the picture is named hot chocolate cupcakes. Just hover your mouse over the picture, riddle solved :P

  43. The forks sort of gave it away. Also, the chocolate is too contoured… looks more like pudding. And you can see the seam of the fondant at the back of each cup. Still, a very good illusion!

    1. there is no need to be calling people dumb***es. they just didn’t see the elusive fact that they were looking at cakes.

    1. It’s not funny ok!! Your so FAKE and CORNY!! Gosh the Golly!! Your such a Comment Freak!!

  44. That one was dumb. While you can’t really tell exactly what it is, it is clear it’s not a liquid in the cups.

  45. Woah! When I click for the solution, I was taken aback for a moment there. Those who wants to guess before looking at the illusion, here’s a clue: ‘Anyone seen a person drinking hot chocolate with a fork?’ *Warning!: Spoilers!* Applause to the person who made this ‘hot chocolate’ cakes… Really beautiful cakes that looks like a nice, inviting cup of hot chocolates.

  46. the forks. A cup of hot chocolate with a fork? Hmm? and then, tadaah, that’s not a cup of hot chocolate. that’s cake!! Omg, I love this!

    1. I actually also got the idea that it is cake from the dent in the right cup, forks and the fork on the left, :P

  47. Look above the end of the fork on the top mug… There is a dent!It’s how I discovered their cakes!

  48. these were obviously cakes. There are forks instead of spoon, and they didn’t look like the usual chocolate drink.

  49. the cup on the right has a dent in the cup, and if one has a dent like that there Thrown out. and when object is set in to a liguid: it sends of sonic waves throughout the liguid, this cup didnt do that.

    1. They look like cup cakes to me..I knew it was a solid..I shook my monitor and no liquid moved in either cup..


    1. I know A half these people probably looked first. I agree i thought it was like you know a trick my eyes couldnt see but good job! Dont feel stupid im twenty three and couldnt find it! Have a great day!

  51. the hot chocolate looks too thick…
    and the spoons look unrealistic…

    and the solution… It’s a Cake! oh lol…

    Good One…

  52. it looks like the saucer closest to the camera is half bowl. and the fork looks funny. the shadows are off

  53. Whoaaaaaaaaaa I just jumped with joy after I saw the solution and found out I got it right! NICE!!! :D

  54. this one’s pretty clever :D. i finally found out why the “cup” on the right isn’t looking flat.
    i’d love to eat these x9

  55. I was right, the chocolate was to thick to be a cup of hot coco and there shouldn’t be forks ther so it had to be a pastry!

  56. The cup on the bottom left hand corner, if you look close enough the foam next to the white marshmallow looks like a woman’s body in a white dress and one hand on the marshmallow.

  57. HAHHAHA i had NO idea it was a cake but i could tell after a minute of looking that it was in fact NOT an actual cup i thought it was a sculpture or it was the chocolate that wasn’t real lol

  58. I thought the cups looked imperfect, and I didn’t think it was impossible that it might be… :D I GOT IT RIGHT. :D

  59. the mugs are cakes…lol nice illusion, like alina, i knew it was fake but i didnt know it was a cake, it just looked to perfect…now i know it is cake im drooling O.O

  60. Well, I am a nut because I see a little girl in the bottom photo look above the handle and someone tell me that is a girl with her hands up looks like she is praying

  61. at first I just thought the forks were weird, but when I looked closer I saw the forks were normal becase it was a cake!

  62. That would be such a cool thing to do for the holidays! Everybody gets their own individual “cup of chocolate” after the dinner.
    Stick a mini candy cane in there for garnish and away you go!
    Kids would love it. ^_^
    Gonna have to remember this and pass it along. And hey if you come across any more illusions like this one, would Looove to see them. I love food based illusions. =)

  63. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS NOT AN OPTICAL ILLUSION!?!? It appears to be something that it is not… optical illusion. Sheeeeeesh people. At first I didn’t notice anything and then I realised that the cups looked like they themselves were food (like cake haha) and then I realised the whole thing is in fact cake. Really cool!

  64. Hum i’m french so don’t care about my english please.

    The illusion is on the junction of that two cups. The first cup isn’t under the second one ;)

  65. Okay, First of all, forks are not used for a hot chocolate. I think maybe the real illusion here is, it’s a cake.

  66. Part of the illusion is that it’s a cake, however, I think the first part of the illusion is that one plate is resting on the other plate. If the cups were real, with liquid, the liquid in the cup would not be level – probably ready to spill over.

    Just my guess

    1. Forks….with hot chocolate….anything strange about that?… I guess Liam Payne won’t find it weird…….get it?! Coz he’s afraid of spoons!!! Yah…no.

    2. Wait! No! I see it! The left ‘rim of the cup’ isn’t level…so it’s a cupcake! Yum.

  67. I noticed that the hot chocolate was served with forks… and that those forks have only three tines… and that the left cup doesn’t appear to be level on top… but I never would have guessed the reason without the explanation.

  68. I didn’t know what was wrong with it, but the fork and the non-sinking marshmallows gave away that it wasn’t hot chocolate.

    1. I can’t see how you would eat a pudding in a cup with a cake fork, though, without having to leave quite a lot. Cake forks are for…cakes.

  69. where ‘in here’ is in the paragraph click it; it will lead you to the illusion and a cake!

  70. I got it half-right: I knew it was not hot chocolate, but I didn’t know it was a cupcake. Also I thought something was wrong with those cups-the one on the right had a dent in it! Seriously, I’m 11 years old and even I could tell, (once I saw the answer)those cups are made of fondant!

  71. 1 the hot chocolate is putting
    2 the marshmellos are mints
    3 the forks have three thongs
    4 there is a dent in the cup
    5why would someone put a cloth under it

    mmmmmmhhhhhh im nine I know this

  72. 1. The forks are 3 pronged
    2. The cup on the right is dented
    3. The marshmallows are on TOP of the “chocolate milk” whereas if it was milk it would be IN the liquid

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