Hidden Cookie Monster Optical Illusion

Good Morning Everyone! Today is Tuesday, and you are all probably still recovering from your weekend! Sometimes, the most innocent objects can come together to form an optical illusion, and that is exactly what happened with today’s optical illusion! Take a look at it, and do you see a hidden Sesame Street character named Cookie Monster?

Hidden Cookie Monster Optical Illusion

For those of you who have no idea who Cookie Monster is, here are some hints, he is blue, and has giant white eyes, and he is also known for the fact his mouth is always open. Does that help you all find the hidden Cookie Monster? If you all find him, be sure and leave us a comment below.

Now, here is another great illusion involving one of the most famous monuments in the world, Mount Rushmore! This famous monument in South Dakota has the carved out faces of four of the greatest Presidents that the United States ever had, but did you know that there is a fifth face? See if you all can find the fifth face, and if you do, don’t be shy about leaving a comment all about it because we love to read comments! Good luck with the illusion hunting, and have a terrific Tuesday!

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