The Fifth Face of Mount Rushmore

I’m not exactly sure if Jerome Santucci discovered this interesting phenomenon, or did he just report what he learned. Apparently, if you observe Mount Rushmore from certain point, you can see that four former US presidents aren’t the only ones present.

Turning the photo for 90 degrees can help you visualize the fifth persona even better! Who would you say it represents? Think this was by accident or intentionally planned?

Anyway, here’s an interesting fact about Mount Rushmore: did you know that the four presidents carved into the granite were initially planned to be depicted from head to waist? Unfortunately, lack of funding forced construction to its end. Either way, the memorial still attracts approximately two million people annually! You can see Gutzon Borglum’s (man behind the idea) original plans by visiting this wikipedia page.

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  1. Cool illusion
    I had always understood that the reason for not completing was due to the dark line of rock that is seen in this photo. It is a band of Schist in the Granite and proved to be too unstable for carving.

  2. some show me in the pic where the 5th or
    if there is a 5th face is
    cause i dont c it
    circle the face in red or outline it
    or something any thing

  3. If you posted every picture that “sort of” looks like a face, this site would be over run with shitty picture. Please try to keep your posts about true illusions.

  4. Not many presidents have such astounding facial hair, but I would probably have to say either Rutherford Hayes, or James Garfield. Or Mick Foley. :D

  5. I don’t see it! i stared at it forever and nothing. im usually very good at these and i even looked it up on the internet after but i still could see it, could anyone point it out to me?

  6. wo! That is pretty cool… The eye is the bottom presidents chest, the nose is his head. I am not American, and don’t know all their names…

  7. What is more interesting to me if you look at the light rock to the left of the rock chip pile in the top photo it resembles a standing person cradling something like a baby.

  8. Well, If the illusion is that the big round shadow is the eye, and one of the presidents head is the mouth, then it looks more like a monkey to me :P

  9. I don’t see anything… the outline of the entire mountain kinda looks like a profile of a face (looking left), but that would be a stretch.

    That was a cool fact about Mt.RM, though.

  10. Gutzon Borglum´s father, Jens Møller Børglum, was a carpenter from Denmark (my contry) who migrated to USA and became a doctor.

    1. Or is Washington suppose to look like B. Franklin? Neither of them were presidents, but thats all I can potentially see for now.

    1. its the entire mountain as a whole that makes the face, dont focus on one area look at everything together and you’ll see the face looking to the side (washington’s head is the nose)

  11. Of course having agreed with Mr. Collins and giving some granite a Nixon avatar, I took one last glance at the stony silhouette and NOW I must add that I also think George W. Bush could arguably be seen in the same stone.
    Again, this is not a happy Mr. Bush. Probably some pesky voter wanting to be heard, he has FAR MORE important thins to deal withf
    ell, he might have his secretary’s secretary do the honor add her position and Mr. ArericasTireAStores the time comes closer to genera unification. So many have laid down their lives to give us the freedom to read and writ…amd go on tto long expressing our opiniopon[img]Marlene1[/img]

  12. I see two other faces. One right below Washington. The nose is right below Washington’s chin and it looks like a guy with a beard. Jesus, maybe?
    Then if you look at the whole rock formation, you can see a hair line, an eyebrow, eye, very bumpy nose and a big chin. He doesn’t look very happy.

  13. I see it, but it’s a stretch.
    Everyone’s seeing faces in things because they’re looking for them and forcing themselves to see it.

  14. There is a face under washington’ s chin. G.W.’ s collar on the left side representing the nostril of the face. It is a profile (side view) shot. It’s only a partial face of a man with what looks like a goatee. ha ha weird

  15. If you close one eye, squint with the open one, move your head away from the screen, slightly ‘blur’ the focusing eye, turn your head slightly to one side a bit… use a polarising filter… you might just be able to make the profile of…

    … a heap of bloody rocks!

  16. The whole mountain is the profile of a face, Washington being the nose and under that is the chin. The shadowy area between lincoln and roosevelt is the eye.

  17. I think you’re all on devil’s lettuce! I can only see the whole figure in much detail of one of the seven dwarfs if you tip it up the other way.

  18. … and a camel’s face (maybe in sunglasses) at the bottom of the turned picture. Presi’s faces to the left. I think I’m gettin it – it’s a side profile – the nose next to the blue sky? The shadow area is an eye? He needs plastic surgery for that probuscus.

  19. Doane Robinson, who was the Superintendent of the South Dakota State Historical Society, was the force behind Mt. Rushmore.

    Gutzon Borglem, was the sculptor.

    Doane Robinson, originally wanted to immortalize early explorers and Native American Chiefs, but that plan changed in order to get congressional support and funding for the project.

    As such, the fifth face, carved into the mountain, is the face of a Native American Chief; this is hidden, in plan sight.

    The whole Mt. Rushmore project is amazing!

  20. It can’t be Reagan or Bush or Nixon or even JFK because it was done b4 their time. Don’t you people know your history? I think it is just the human brain making a face out of the faceless. I’m sure everyone has seen faces in tree bark or wood or on the front of cars. This is the same thing.

    1. Turn the second photo right and look all the way to the left of the mountain. What do you see? Plant of the Apes???

  21. I see two faces and one woman’s body. First is the skull at the top left of the second picture, then flip the second picture upside down and you see an angry revolutionary solider. Then the woman’s body is below Washington and it looks like a dress (the shadow) a great woman is behind every man right? going by the fact that Washington is jutting out and the dress is a shadow (technically behind him)

  22. It looks like some kind of Abbnormal figure so different it looks like omg.. Could it be NO!! President Obama??

  23. When you say woman are you talking about the little girl looking figure? It almost looks like she is leaning forward to peck Washington on the cheek. I think she’s much more interesting than the fifth face. [img][/img]

  24. i’ve checked dozens posts earlier and didn’t see any comments regarding of what I am actually seeing there. very visible! it is a head and a face of an elephant. far right in the original photo. trunk is hanging down the crack in the mountain. there are some other photos that capture that elephant’s head shape too. look it up :) anyone else see it?

  25. All that is is a picture of the man in the mountain in New Hampshire before it collapsed. This is no where near mt Rushmore!

  26. Our family visited mt. Rushmore around 1970 and I took a photo of the faces, and a perfect picture showed up of a native American male from the shadows. It was as though it was part of the monument.

  27. Its Bush… The illuminati was the creators of the mountain and knew this time would come. They are slowly but surely taking over

  28. It’s no wonder no one can see the 5th face, the picture is turned upside down! Just flip it over and the face becomes as clear as day, with mouth open, teeth & all (the eyes are squinting & either the forehead is furrowed or he is wearing a cap of some sort. He also has a mustash & a goatee.

  29. The is the great Indian chief, Sitting Bull memorialize in stone by Mother Nature. I need not say more. Look him up and you may come to believe that there’s no such thing as accident.

  30. Before they carved the faces of the presidents there were other faces carved on that mountain including birds and alien looking faces. The guy who carved My Rushmore he would always say to his workers that the faces were already there .

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