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By on August 21, 2012, with 38 Comments

This photo was taken somewhere in Europe, and I can’t believe I never saw it before – specially since the author behind it is one and only #Julian Beever, master of 3D pavement art. What you see below is a street and a plain stone bench occupied by an ordinary citizen and one unordinary creature. Both pavement and bench are partially covered by a chalk drawing. The drawing disappears in places, and at one point seems to bump into a metal pole. What I find so interesting about this anamorphic painting is it’s seamless transition between flat pavement surface and a bench. But I guess this all makes sense when you see it from another angle. Both photos are included!

Giant Snail Attacking a Woman!
Giant Snail Attacking a Woman!


38 Responses
  1. alysha says:


  2. Dayveon says:

    Good stuff

  3. Stawolf1001 says:

    that’s pretty cool

  4. AmetuerAspirant says:

    i just love looking at these paintings.

  5. Marc says:

    I also like the ‘integration’ of the little metal pole on the pavement as an antenna.

  6. Care Bear says:

    Sprinkle a little salt on it. That should take care of it. Works in my garden anyway.

  7. pokemonmaster says:


  8. MasterSpyro001 says:

    WOW! OMG AMAZING!!! i like ilikeilikeilike!!! i will post on Google+

  9. Phil says:

    That is pretty awesome, and using the metal bollard as part of the artwork is a great addition to the usual illusions of this type!

  10. Trevor Davies says:

    Most entertaining!

  11. Nono says:

    WOW…just WOW.

    Without the second shot I would have had trouble believing my eyes. This ist PHANTASTIC!!!

  12. Josh H says:

    This is really good! I thought I’d be tired of these, but this one really pushes the envelope.

  13. R M Booker says:

    Now I know what is eating all my garden plants – that is not a Julian Beaver picture I want to meet, fan though I am of his works.

  14. elevown says:

    That is extremly well done- it must be hard to blend in the bend so well- and its very clever to position it to use that pole as one of the snails antenae.

  15. Max says:

    that’s gorgeous!

  16. Richard says:


  17. Joesmokabo says:

    pretty damn cool. A lot of thought and talent there.

  18. erin8ball says:

    i can draw pretty well but i can’t do it in chalk, mosty because you can’t erase.

  19. the dude says:

    wooaah epic

  20. anonymous says:

    This picture of the giant snail was made by the artist during Fall 2011 in a busy pedestrian shopping street in Brussels.
    The name of the street is called in Dutch language ” Nieuwstraat ” or in French language ” Rue Neuve ”
    The black stone benches are situated left and right in front of a church in this street
    The artist used a bench on the left side
    ( not on this picture )

  21. sage says:

    My first reaction : « How does the tentacles on the snail’s head cross on the second image and not on the first one… Hoooo ! Clever ! I see what you did there !! »

  22. Stan says:

    Thanks for the second vantage point. Having that second shot makes these kinds of illusions much more interesting!

  23. Jaahquubel says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  24. Phaeton99 says:

    Very effective! — especially since the photographer got the viewing angle right in the first shot to make it work properly.
    (It’s a pity how often they don’t and ruin the whole illusion).

  25. Eugenio says:

    Awesome, i’ve never seen a piece of street art like this before :)
    Thank you for sharing

  26. JamieG81 says:

    ****This is such an amazing medium being used to make this artwork! I would LOVE to learn how to achieve this level of skill & expertise myself some day, artistically. I am ALWAYS AMAZED at what Julian Beever creates using something as simple as chalk! THIS DEFINANTLY DESERVES 4 STARS!!!****

  27. Ajfan says:

    Amazing, absolutely amazing. I love it so much! THE best I’ve ever seen.

    • Ajfan says:

      But of course, from another angle, now you can understand why other pedestrians walking by don’t even look at her the way we did, since it needs to be at a certain angle ^^

  28. Naik says:

    Nicely a camera move from one angle to another

  29. kayk says:

    if you look clossely you can see the same box of art supply on the ground and on the giant pizza one too

  30. roshan ansal says:

    this is realy good expriment work keep it up

  31. urgen says:

    mind blowing!

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