Giant Seagull Optical Illusion

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today is Wednesday, which means that the top of the hill has been reached and the weekend will soon be here.  Today’s optical illusion is quite an amazing one because it makes people truly about the power of Mother Nature. Could it be true that one day Mother Nature will inherit the earth once again? Or perhaps there is something in the fish that is making this seagull go from a normal size one to a giant one?

Giant Seagull Optical Illusion


What about that man that is right next to this huge bird, is he afraid that he is next on the dinner menu because it looks like the seagull just has to go down and snatch him right off of the sidewalk! So what is it about today’s illusion? Is it a trick of the eye or the camera? How is it that this simple little innocent seagull can look so gigantic?

Well, if you were happy with today’s illusion, and want to see more, than here is another great one for you to look at.  Take a look at this broken tree illusion, and try and figure out if this is an act of Mother Nature or something else?

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