Broken Tree Illusion

Michelle Pisano submitted this awesome Tree Illusion few days ago. I don’t have to describe the illusion, since you are not dumb, and have eyes to see the image below. How it works is also clear. Still an awesome capture! Good job Michelle. This text made me think… I know blind people are able to use the internet with a help from technology and accessories specially made for them, but did you ever think how hard for them must be in everyday life? Not only they can’t see optical illusions, but so many things we take for granted are unreachable for them. When I think about stuff like this, it makes me grateful to God (or some higher force that is responsible for who I am) for my health.

Ignore my spiritual thoughts and care for disabled. If all this nerves you, you should watch this Dennis Leary stand-up comedy show. It has to be the funniest stand-up ever! I’m just not sure how sky didn’t open, and lightning struck him, after things he said. If you don’t know the guy, he’s the sick one (Tommy) from NYFD Rescue Me. After you watched his angry stand-up, please share your thoughts :)

35 Replies to “Broken Tree Illusion”

  1. wow…. very creative! I love it! Its a great illusion, especially because it took me a couple of times to see what it really was!

  2. there is one tree which is behind the fence and the front one is trimmed!! it’s easy. i just took me a second to find it out. I rule!!

  3. Um.. WOW, Saahi.. Not to sound rude, but I think most ppl figure it out :p I dont even know if it has to be figured out, its more like an awsome poicture :)

  4. Easy to figure out, but really hard to get the sizes of the tree right if you are taking the photo. Belieive me. I tried it with a tree stump, a car and another tree behind the car. I failed.

  5. Very cool, and BOTH Denis Leary’s Stand-ups are freeking HIL-AR-I-OUS!

    Have you heard his song “Merry #$%^*& Christmas” yet? For you, I highly recommend it. ;)


  6. Freaky! Another reaction of mine when it comes of illusion. I’m really just fascinated to illusions the PERFECT one’s should I say.

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