Cool Optical Illusions That Will Fool Your Eyes

When it comes to these types of animations, some are a little easier to figure out than others. As someone who has been an avid fan of optical illusions for decades, there are still some that continue to catch me off guard. You might be able to glance quickly at some and decipher what the supposed illusion is in a matter of moments. Others, you might sit there for hours on end trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Take the time to study this illusion and dig into our collection of cool optical illusions. I can assure you nothing else will ever compare to what you are going to witness here.

Cool Optical Illusion to fool your eyes

At first, the brain teaser seems like nothing more than a bunch of colorful circles on a purple background. In reality, it is much more than that.  When you stop to look at the picture, you can see the circles spinning about in all different directions.  It literally almost puts you into a hypnotic trance that you have to try and escape and draw yourself away from. As I sat there looking at these cool optical illusions, I caught myself swirling and tilting my head from one side to another just to try and level myself out and get back on an even keel.

Now, I don’t know about you, but seeing a bunch of swirling circles is definitely one way to make you want to lose your lunch or go take a nap. You pick. For me, this was much more than what I had expected.  From a child’s perspective, they might see tires spinning around and wondering why something like that is going on with the picture. Everyone has their own ideas and perceptions. See what your friends and family members think about the image and embrace cool optical illusions for what they really are. Make sure to give your eyes some time to focus before trying to run around the house or you might just end up running into something along the way.

4 Replies to “Cool Optical Illusions That Will Fool Your Eyes”

  1. Pretty need one! lots of movement in this one. I also had to look at it very hard to determine if each shape was a spiral or three circles. then I had to turn away before I got nauseous

  2. If you look at each of those circles the three rings seem to be connected, but if you look closely they arent. Sadly its all that I can see. The spinning in different directions I dont recognize

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