Coffee Cup with Eyes Optical Illusion

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend, and time for fun, is only a few hours away! Everyone starts off their mornings with a nice steaming cup of coffee, and millions drink this hot beverage every single morning.  The caffeine in the coffee makes everyone wake up, but have you ever been so tired that you swear your coffee is staring back at you? A cup of coffee with eyes is the subject of today’s optical illusion.  Take a look at this picture, is the coffee staring back at you or is just a trick of the foam and cream in the coffee?

coffee cup with eyes optical illusion

Speaking of coffee, take a look at this old black and white picture of kettles, do you see that these kettles are quite happy? Perhaps it is a trick of the light, but sure looks like those kettles are grinning doesn’t it?  You just never know when an optical illusion is going to be created, and this old picture just goes to show that you can even find optical illusions in the kitchen.  Whether you see the happy kettles or not, be sure you leave us a comment below because we love to hear from you and what you all think. Have a great weekend!

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