Happy Kettles

This is one of the funniest (and coolest!) optical illusions I have seen recently! If you look at this photo more closely, you will notice that the eyes and happy mouth aren’t drawn on these two kettles, instead it’s the perfect example of anamorphism. It’s hard to believe, that the photo was taken from the perfect angle, so that the reflection of the stove makes the happy face on the kettles. If you like this, you will surely adore Walt Disney and Jules Verne anamorphic portraits. Originally I posted cylindrical mirrors, but as wee see it works with the other kitchen accessories as well! Also check: Jean De Dinterville optical illusion.

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  1. unless u people haven’t figured it out already, the eyes are the reflection of the two round things in front of the pot, the nose is the round thing in front of the pot, and the smily face is the line in front of the pot. Easy to make and fun to look:)

  2. here is the explanation the burners are the eyes and the little black thing is the nose and the line is the mouth and pls add me in yahoo messenger my email add is [email protected] and the password is *****

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