Can You Find the Farmer’s Wife?

The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell… Hi-Ho, the derry-o, the Farmer in the  dell! Betcha can’t figure out what today’s illusion is all about. Ok, maybe you can. I suppose that song sort of gave it away, didn’t it? I have a fun little farmer optical illusion brainteaser for you today. Unfortunately, out farmer today is lonely. You see, his wife has gone missing. Oh no! Can you help find the farmer’s wife?

find the farmer's wife

Did you find the farmer’s wife yet? No? Well, keep looking’! He’s so very lonely, and he hasn’t even had his dinner yet. Of course, he could probably go into his little country kitchen and pop a TV dinner into the microwave, but he doesn’t know that.

If you’re looking for hints, you won’t find the here. I’m not giving away any hints this time. You’ll have to find the farmer’s wife all on your own today!

When you find the farmer’s wife, head over and see if you can find the miller!

8 Replies to “Can You Find the Farmer’s Wife?”

  1. I feel like there should be more to her, but I see a woman’s face in the bush next to him upside down. It’s between his leg and his cane.

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