The Miller is Here Optical Illusion Puzzle

Sunday seems like a good day for an optical illusion puzzle, don’t you think? Well, I do, and here it is—your end of weekend brain buster…
The Miller is Here

*WARNING: Solution ahead!*

You’ve gotta love these old optical illusion puzzle cards. As simple as they were, they were really quite clever. I just wish modern companies would continue to include fun puzzles and optical illusions in with their products It would make life just a little more interesting.

Anyway, back to today’s optical illusion puzzle. As the bottom of the image states, the miller is in this image. The question is, where exactly is he? I’ll give you a hint and tell you where he isn’t. He is not standing in the doorway of the mill building. Com’on, you didn’t think I’d throw an optical illusion puzzle that easy, now do you?

Of course I wouldn’t. You’ll have to look a lot harder to find the hidden miller in this image.

Still can’t see it? Do you finally give up on this optical illusion puzzle? If you’re ready for the solution to this puzzle, keep scrolling…

…and scrolling…

The Miller is Here Solution

Bam! There he is! All you had to do was look at the image from a different angle, and the miller’s face was right there on the side of the donkey. Nifty little optical illusion puzzle, no? If you liked this illusion, don’t forget to rate it with lots of stars below!

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  1. I could kind of see it before I scrolled, but I can’t make out any features, and even after the highlight it’s still indistinct.

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