Wolves, Bears and All Sort of Things…

There was a significant amount of complaints recently, that addressed my English grammar. While I’m not perfectly comfortable when someone criticizes me, I have to admit you were right (this time). In order for this website to grow, and reach wider audiences, next logical step would be concentrating harder on article proofreading and higher level writing. How foolish of me was to decline free proofreading individual fans offered in the past. I just thought this wasn’t much relevant, and that it would just bring in more unnecessary work. Only now I realize how important this was for a website on it’s everlasting quest of expanding and pursuing credibility. Heads up! I’m gonna do something about it ASAP. In the mean time, enjoy this Gardner style artwork submitted by Donny Becker. There are many different optical illusion paintings by artist named Sharon Girwood, but this one is my favorite!

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  1. Well, I see a wolf face, profile, not telling where, is there more than that? Maybe something in the would at the left side…Great drawing!


  3. i just see wolves including the one in the branches. i dont see any other things. maybe a bear on the left.

  4. I have been going to your sight for roughly two years. I never got too upset about the grammatical errors, but I too have trouble with criticism. I think you handled it better than I would have. English is a terrible language. It is ugly, cumbersome, difficult to learn, full of rules and exceptions to those rules, and worst of all, it is the most idiomatic language that I know of. Yet most Americans and Brits take such pride in such a lousy tongue. You are a better man than I am for accepting criticism the way you did and I am sure that your site will be better for it. (I am sure that I too will receive some criticism for this.)

  5. Vurdlak, did you notice that many of the posts complaining about your English were using poor English themselves? There are many native English speakers who use poor grammar and spelling. (It’s probably the same in other languages as well). I admire people who can communicate in English when it’s not their birth tongue. You do very well with your writings. They are clear and understandable.

    In my opinion, there is no need for you to apologise. Unfortunately, you are right that use of proper English will make your site more attractive to those who demand perfection from others.

    You operate a great site. As you are criticised, remember that there are probably 100 very appreciative fans for every person giving criticism.

    Thanks for all your great work.

  6. Honestly, your grammar mistakes were not that bad. And this is coming from an English tutor. Your writing is very in depth and minor grammar mistakes can be overlooked by most of us who enjoy this site for the real reasons.
    -Keep up the good work and don’t worry!

  7. Dude-if people are coming to this site to check your English grammar they need to get a life. This site is awesome. Keep up the hard work. Most of us appreciate your efforts.

  8. yeah!! first comment!! I think this optical illusion is one of the best i have ever seen!! props to the artist!!

  9. Hi! I totally love this type of illusions, they just make me smile. It also reminds me of an Native American tribe called the Shoshone Indians, they believed that the wolf was a creator god, and it was him (the wolf) that created death, or to be more exact didnt revive the dead…spooky right?
    Well, buttom line the wolf in the branches reminds me of that god wolf looking over his kin…very cool!!!

    Hope everyone likes this point of view. =)

    Greeting from L.I.

  10. I love your site! I actually thought it was charming that your English isn’t perfect, it gave the site character. But I guess it is a wise choice to have your articles proofread.

    Keep up the great work! This illusion was awesome

  11. Not sure if it is my imagination or do I really see foxes/wolves every where ? I couldnt see a bear though….

  12. Hello!

    Thanks for your site!

    I should´t worry too much about the grammar. Those who complain are usually unilingual, having English as their mother tongue. I assume you, as myself, can communicate quite fluently in several languages.

    The main focus on this site should be on the pictures. Let them do most of the talking. The ones that are more interested in your grammar and/or spelling, do have other options. They can either stay away from this site or stick to a language proficiency site.

    Keep up the good work and don´t take any stress from insignificant commments! This website will mainly expand because of its content, not because of your grammar….

    Before any counterarguments….Of course a fluent and a consistent use of a language is important. Of course a fluent language makes a website more credible. I do think, however, that the language on this site is good enough. You have to remember that English is the mother tongue of only around 8 % of the worlds population…

  13. I think your english is more than understandable and that a few mistakes makes it sound exotic and sexy!!! lovely picture.

  14. No comments yet!! I need help what else is there? I only see a bear, 2no 4 wolves. Is there a fish? an alligator? Not sure but it sure looks like to me. Waiting to see what everyone else finds.

  15. I like this one, very nicely done.

    V – the grammar can be bit of an issue, but don’t let it get you down, a lot of American speakers can’t use grammar or even basic ‘English’. Personally I think it is about time they labeled their language American, it is not English. We speak English in England, why not American is America?

    Besides, we all understand you.

    Did you ever find out who the face painted fish artists were?

  16. Your English is far better than the foreign language skills demonstrated by most native English speakers.

    Whilst one can tell that English is not your first language your text is always clear and comprehensible.

  17. I can see a bear in the branches, and a wolf where the bear’s ear i supposed to be. Not much else yet. A very nice image though – your site is a favourite of mine. I always show your daily illusions to collegues at work, seeing who can figure them out and who can’t. A great site.

  18. I’ve been going to Mighty Optical Illusions for months now and this is my first comment. I see a bear, 2 wolves, a rabbit, a fish, a bat, and something that looks like a lake monster.

    *Spoiler Alert*
    Bear-Tree Branches
    Wolves-Too Obvious
    Rabbit-Upside-down Shadow in River
    Fish-Right Above Rabbit Shadow
    Bat-Between the Bear’s Paws
    Monster-Behind Fish

  19. I found this one hard to see at first, but if you look hard enough you will see the elution it is pretty cool.

  20. I wouldn’t worry about people criticising your English or grammar, mate. English may not be your first language, nobody has any right to criticise you because of that.
    It just goes to show that you can spend your own time creati9ng a free and interesting site, which is regularly updated, and some f**ktard still thinks it’s OK to complain :-)

  21. ** Anonymous “I just thought this wasn’t much relevant” hmmm… still need to work on you’re grammar mate. **

    I’m not much on grammar, but if you’re (you are) going to point out another’s mistake, shouldn’t you use the right “your”?

  22. For English isn’t my native language either (it’s Dutch), I don’t care about your language mistakes (I probably make a few of them myself in this comment). If you want to get more visitors, it might be a good idea to introduce proofreading. Anyway, know that tere is a great number of visitors that enjoy the website also without a perfect spelling and grammar and think it’s great enough that you invest this labour to show us a new illusion every day, much bigger than the little part that keeps on about a few little mistakes.

  23. Hell I’m english and you probably speak it better than I. Keep up the good work. Your site is one of the only reasons I keep coming on my PC every day so hats off to you mate :)

  24. Please someone tell me exactly what to look for.. Im getting frustrated.. I want to see what you are seeing!!!
    I see the two wolves but thats all – WERE DO I LOOK AND FOR WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR???

  25. it shouldn’t be “wasn’t much relevant” it should be “wasn’t very relevant” …. relevant is an adjective and needs to be modified by an adverb, and the adverbial form of much doesn’t really work there

  26. I see two wolves, one bear, one (for me) undefinable animal right next to the wolves in the tree branches…

  27. if you look in the branchs of the tree u can see a bear head and if u look at it differently u can see a wolf body walking

  28. Honey, I was born in the South and English is my mother tongue; however, I know I don’t always speak or write it correctly and I don’t care. Because this is your “business” and you want things to be “perfect” I understand your delima; however, I believe the people who are truly interested in what you have on your site are perfectly willing to overlook any mistakes you may accidently make when writing a 2nd language. I think you do a terrific job and I hope you will not let critics faze you. Now, to put in my view of the latest, well, I think I see 10 animals and the side view of a man’s face. Will you give us a hint so we can see how close we get?

  29. I seriously don’t see why most of the people on here feel they can even criticize your grammar. Every single person’s comment I’ve seen so far has at least one silly grammatical error in it. For someone who isn’t a native speaker, you have a very broad vocabulary, and I for one appreciate that and what you do with this site. Granted your grammar isn’t perfect, but the mistakes you make are signs of just how idiomatic and complex English can be for totally arbitrary reasons. The mistakes they make are simply ignorant ones such as using “you’re” as a possessive. Your decision to address the issue is well-founded, but you should cut yourself some slack considering how stupid most of your critics are.

  30. mate, you find an illusion every day for peoples enjoyment, if they dont enjoy an aspect of it, if it be grammar, or whatever, tell them not to subscribe.

    you do a good job and many people enjoy your work, so keep it up.

    some people just live to put others down and pick faults in other people. Maybe they arent getting ahead in life an need to try and slow everyone own so they dont get too far behind.


  31. Vurdlak,

    Love your site! The work and research you put into it makes it really enjoyable – it is the first site I pull up when I go on line.

    I have to agree with some of the other posts – your English is quite acceptable, especially since it is not your mother tongue. I really admire those of you who have the capability to master more than one language, and I agree – English is not easy, even for those of us who have English as our first language!

    I work for an international company who recently had an English “test” to determine if we require any lessons. While I expected to pass with no problems, I passed the spoken test perfectly but had a few surprising negative comments on my written grammar! Born and raised Canadian, I hardly expected to hear this (although some of you Brits may think this self explanatory ;o)). It really made me take a step back and review my own knowledge of the language. So you see – we can all further our “English” education.

    I think you already do a great job and agree with MATT – you bring a certain charm to the site that is rather endearing.

  32. thank you for the wonderful site. whoever was criticizing your english, probably does not speak any other language anyway, so why don’t you just forget such idiotic comments. such people not only do not speak any other language but likely do not have enough phantasy, courage and ideas to produce such a wonderful site that i enjoy every single day.

    just disregard and ignore these comments.


  33. I see 3 wolves faces. And then there could be a fourth in the far shore catching a fish but im not sure. But there are 3 for SURE in the branches.

  34. As many other people here stated, most of us don’t come here for a grammar lesson. We visit because we love the content of your sight. All those elitist jerks can shove it. You run a great website and should be really proud of everything you accomplished. And just like someone else commented here, for every one person who criticizes you, there are 100 more who support you silently.

  35. oh who cares about proper english as long as your illusions keep the high standard as it usually does. thanks for a great website!

  36. There is a great big bear and about 3 wolf faces in the tree branches….bear is facing left and the wolves are behind his head. Come on guys!

  37. hum…

    either my eyes are playing tricks on me or I’m seeing:
    Two wolves (the obvious)
    A duck (using the eye of the wolf on the right, the white patch of the face creates a duck’s face)
    A rhino head (in between two wolf’s head, look for a horn and go from there)
    A bear head (right next to the rhino)
    Platypus (under the wolf on the left, the two branches connect into the platypus’…beak? protruding from the duck’s head)
    all condensed into the upper right section of the picture.

    and mate, your english is fine so no need to fret

  38. Hello all
    I am the artist Sharon Girdwood,who created this picture.
    Go to http://www.hiddenwildlifeart.com to see more. The answers are there too!
    I see you are all being very creative with what you can see! It’s great to see all your comments on my work.
    Thanks to the creator of the site for posting the picture. Please contact me. I’d love to help out with more hidden Images.

  39. omg i see
    an elephant
    tons of stuff!!

    (and so what if ur grammer is wrong coz look mine is to and all that matters is that u can read it which u can!

  40. 2 wolves and the face of a bear…..and maybe I’m crazy, but i also see the face of a snake…I’ d like to explain how can I see the snake but I’m not english and I don’t know what words could I use…sorry ^^

  41. i can see the wolves and the bear. the bear is on the branches. look carefully if you can :) others? i can’t find them..daa..


  42. A Bear , Wolves (x4) ,person’s head ,elephant , birds , crocodiles , hippopotamus , and a cat that’s all I think I can see :)

  43. Hello,
    This is Andrea i am 10 yrs. Old and this illusion is sorda 2 easy for me. Thank You For such a AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! Website! :D


  44. I see 2 wolves, a bear in the branches above them, what i think is another wolf in the island and a rabbit in the reflection on the water.

  45. I think you do a GREAT job with your English for someone who’s not a native speaker. How many people can say that THEY can speak YOUR language (or ANY OTHER NON-NATIVE language) as well.

    The only way someone improves is through practice – and as someone who’s tried over the years – and failed – learning other languages, my hat’s off to you. Don’t worry about your English – EVERYONE makes mistakes. Just focus on your terrific website.

    Thank you!

  46. I agree with UN Owen. It frustrates me that people are so petty about the slight faults in your grammmar. You spend your time putting together this great website! You do a really good job. I like your comments and I understand what you write perfectly well. Keep up the FANTASTIC work. :D

  47. Do yall not get the joke? In this post he was using incorrect grammar ON PURPOSE. He was apologizing, saying he’d do better meanwhile saying that, like this:
    “sorry teachur. I cane speal now.

  48. Sharon your so very good at illusions. Also, I am doing Optical Illusions for my science fair and I will tell them about your fantastic work. If you can please reaply. UN Owen and Valire great coments about this peacful picture. Thank You!!!You, Sharon you made my day better.:)Rowan

  49. Ignore the grammar police.They’re parasites.Their intent is not to help but to hurt.They feed off of ones imperfections to make themselves feel superior.They’re just a bunch of losers.

  50. Will the people who just have to spoil it by saying where everything is STOP DOING IT !!! Just say ‘I see a ….’ but NOT WHERE IT IS !!!!!

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