Wolverine or 2 Bat Men ?


Just received this optical illusion submission from two sources, almost at the same time. Usually when such things happen, it means that the illusion in focus just went viral around the net. I guess same goes for the comic below. Depending on are you a Marvel Universe or DC Comics Universe fan, you might see this illusion differently. So what is it? Which superhero did you see first? Was it Wolverine, or two Batmans instead? BTW, what is the plural for Batman? Is it Bat Men or Batmans? Dunno…

  • Jessica

    Nice, it only took me second to see both, I like it.

    • Jessica

      I say Wolverine first, sorry for the double comments I didn’t read your blurb first, which I usually do :) And there is no plural for Batman, because there is only ONE. :)

    • Grant

      Only one Batman? Not since Batman, Inc.! Bruce Wayne is taking the Batman name global!

    • skip


  • Saw Wolvarine Man first. As for which is proper, I think, Batmen is plural, and Batman is singular. (Example) I saw 4 Batmen at the party-I saw one Batman at the party. They were all having fun with Optical Illusions!!……

  • hitya

    5 STARS……

  • Care Bear

    Either way, it’s one ugly dude

  • lolly xx

    I saw Wolverine first, But I’m not influenced because I’m not a fan of either comics really :)

  • ra’ed khader

    both ;)

  • Karan


    2 in one~~

  • Jimmy

    Funny. I saw Wolverine. Marvel is better.
    I think the plural of Batman is “Batmans”;
    Since Batman is a proper noun, kind of like
    2 Lady Gagas

    • whatevs

      wouldnt it be lady gagi?

  • I saw wolverine first and then I saw the two batmans (batmen).

  • greg

    i saw wolverine

  • alfred X

    i like them equally but saw wolverine first, however the batmanS looks more correct bc wolverine has a weird mouth….


    its batman´s not bat men

    • guest

      There is no good reason for an apostrophe there. I’d go with “Batmans” as the plural for Batman; but the way you wrote it implies possession.

  • Alice

    Cool illusion! (i think it looks more like wolverine)

  • rad

    Nice illusion :) first?

  • Well there’s only one Bat Man, so I see Wolverine :)

  • jelly

    it looks like wolverene from far, but after i saw the 2 batmen, i cant see wolverine anymore

  • monkeyguy217

    if it is wolverine hes got a weird nose

  • random


  • SnowBerey

    teehee thats cool

  • Paco

    At first I saw wolverine, but when I zoomed in on it all I could see were two Batmen. A well done illusion in my opinion.

  • Dolphin

    It’s two bat men in front of wolverine!

  • October Hallow Skye

    LOL! I saw batman first mostly cause i was thinking of shade dressing up as batman for halloween in my best friend and I’s sonic Comics!
    BTW:In our comics there is a few new characters:Speed=Sonic’s grandson,^Shade=Shadow’s grandson,Petal=Amy Rose’s granddaughter,Sterling=Silver’s grandson(He is obsessed with Cookies LOL), Mitichigo ( Me otherwise known as October or Hallow depends on the comic im a fox too BTW)*Princess of Mobius, Maggie(My best friend is a mix of of a dog and a cat Puppycat)*Other Princess of Mobius, ^Taco (lives alone his parents are living in africa), Sky=Tail’s Grandson(Yes tails married cream! sky is also a fox) Mephiles=Mephiles (He can’t die he lives in the underworld, Also he married a tree in season 1), Umm and Mike= Metal Sonic’s grandson( also called michael,mitch,and mitchell,He has OCD he wouldn’t leave my house after a party cause one plate wasn’t clean!) Here are some of the symbols you might have noticed ^=Vampire,*=After we each married one of the triplets sterling married a cookie! Oh yeah I almost forgot the triplets(Speed,Shade,and Sterling) are princes but Taco becomes the King after King Shade almost killed all the mobians! LOL hope you enjoied my little explanations of our comix!!! LOve as always,
    October Hallow

    • od

      i saw wolverine first

      the batmans look kind of deformed

  • coolkid

    definitly wolverine
    and i think u say batmen

  • Tiffany MacDonald

    I saw Wolverine first. I lovee x-men :)

  • a person

    ummm……thats pretty cool :-)……i think it might be batmans

  • Kamil

    Everyone will see wolverine first becouse the BAT MEN are deformed, & Wolverine is not (except his face looks funny.)

    However if you don’t know who Wolverine is, and never seen his illustration, but you know BATMAN.
    Then I’d suppose you’d see him first.

    • Mark P

      They aren’t necessarily deformed. Half of their heads and necks could just be hidden behind something curved.

    • Kamil

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. but that’s an odd shaped “window” or “mirror”

  • bsonor

    I agree with Josh, there is only one Batman, so it must just be Wolverine

  • Josh

    LOVE IT! keep up the super hero illusions

  • Autney Wagner Fernandes

    this is Birdman :P

  • onyxfairy

    i saw wolverine first >w<

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    This is just pretty cool

  • Sean

    I saw Wolverine first.

  • Mars

    WOLVERINE ALL THE WAY. I used to have a picture of Wolverine in my studio space oxoxo Then it got taken down *sob*

  • Lukas

    I see Wolverine… As far as plural for Batman is concerned, I would say that Batman is actually a name. So I think that the plural must be: two Batmans, hm?
    I think Newman, for instance, is the right example. Whould you say two Newmen? I guess it is pretty the same case :-)

  • Menno

    I just see a mean face with a double nose and two black earlike flaps.
    So they have parts of both heroes but I can´t see two different faces…

  • iwillthmackyou

    Seriously lame….

  • ccmum

    I saw the Wolverine thing first, then the 2 Batmans, but after that I struggle to see Wolverine again. BTW, I’m not a comic fan at all.

  • mikewozere

    This is a work by Olly Moss. Originally it didn’t pose the question of whether it was batmen or wolverine because it assumed it’s audience wasn’t stupid.

  • both =D

  • Myth

    I see 1 batman looking into a mirror to look for some clues and saw his own reflection (after a little pondering of if it is batmen or batmans, well, firefox’s spell check underlined batmans but not batmen, so I guess it is batmen then).

    for wolverin, sorry, I saw it first but the face is kinda strange and I disposed of the idea before reading the passage.

    So it is “hey, look wolverin, oh, my bad, its two batmen, wait, it is batman looking into a mirror with a grumpy face *read article* oh, it is wolvering + batman looking into the mirror” kind of sequence.

  • tony

    Nice, love simple ones like this!

  • Cherry Blossom

    Yeah, I saw the wolverine first, then the two batmen, but it seems that if i look too hard at the two batmen, then they just turn into the wolverine again. Does this happen to anyone else??

  • Jesica

    i notced u havn posted an illusion fo 2 days… i <3 ur site so much. pls post

  • ZL123

    Nice. Well, I so both at the same time! 3 stars.

  • its so two batmans

  • Luke

    I would say wolverine but wolverine’s noes doesnt block out his mouth…. So I guess its just B-man looking into a mirror

  • Detective Kitty

    i saw wolverine first and as for the plurals…it depends on whether you consider “batman” to be a name or an adjective and noun…if you consider an adjective and noun then “batmen” would be correct…but if you consider it a name, or title…it would be batmans…like when you say sarahs…i think anyway :P…

  • Jay Alizade

    The two characters were combined in the Amalgam Universe to make Dark Claw. Hmmmmmm.

  • Angela

    Duh, Duh, Dut, Batman!! Nah!! It’s Wolverine…

  • its two batmans

    It’s obviously two batmans because if it was wolverine he would have a full mouth and not a break in the middle from some odd arrow that was suddenly added to his costume, this isn’t really an illusion its obvious.

  • Vash

    lol gay batman their going to kiss each other hahah…

    • Addy

      No they’re staring each-other down.

  • missK

    its both tbh :P

  • This girl(:

    I love this!!!! Batman is my favroite

  • saniyat

    Its the plot of the movie, ‘The Prestige’

  • Alysha

    on the 2 bat man it looks like the back of there head been cut off

  • adnan

    i see wolverine awkwardly watching to gay batmen kissing

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