Which One is Larger?

Say what you will, but old school stuff never gets old! Just look at this plain and simple optical illusion made from nothing but few lines.

Perspective makes the corridor look 3D, which automatically makes both vertical red lines seem further dissimilar in length. Can you guess which one is bigger? If you’re an old-time viewer, probably both question and correct answer came out to you even before reading this text. Still, let’s see what the newcomers have to say…

16 Replies to “Which One is Larger?”

  1. I actually saw it more like a pvc reducer fitting. The parallel lines connected to the red lines make the red lines the same size for me.

  2. I suspect that illusion would be better if the right rectangle (with the red line on the left side) was the same size as the three squares that make up the left rectangle. Not only would the red line appear longer, but the entire right object would appear larger than the centre square on the left.

  3. The red lines are same in length. Amazing.
    Goes back to the fact that an object on a bigger background looks smaller that on object on a smaller background

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