Where is the Hidden House?

Boy, I never thought our latest submission (The Third Zebra) could attract such big attention. Additionally, many of you jumped directly to the hidden tiger afterwards, so we now have almost 800 comments on that particular article alone. Just to inform you – our blog shows max 200 comments, but all other can be seen too if you browse through the “Post your comment” popup window. Unfortunately, the solution wasn’t revealed in the first 200, so many of you posted the solution, thinking no one else previously did. This resulted in 600 or more solution posts, one after another. Funny, ayeh?

Today’s post won’t probably intrigue you as much as previous one did, but I like it enough to share with you. Can you spot the house hidden inside the image in the upper left corner? It’s definitely there, so be sure to double check. If you’re reading this from our homepage, you won’t see the solve immediately, but if you came here through some of our widgets, you’ll instantly find yourself inside the post, and notice the solution below.

As you see, this “optical illusion” (if we can call it this way) is almost identical to the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo. I’d like to thank to Maazin Ansari for sending me this. Here is how Maazin explained it:

“I have been noticing a lot of exit signs in my office. I remember the FedEx illusion with the arrow between the E and the X, but now I noticed something similar with an exit sign. Every time I see an exit sign I notice that between the E and the X there seems to be a house with a door. Take a look for yourself”. Hope you liked our Exit article, and before I forget – Happy Easter everyone! Wish you spend it nice as I did.

34 Replies to “Where is the Hidden House?”

  1. good illusion bit of a problem seeing it it hasnt appeared on the i-google app still shows the zebra illusion. great site though :)

  2. Happy Easter to you, too, V. It’s amazing how these illusions get a person to notice all kinds of things. You could be responsible for folks seeing Jesus in a piece of toast or horses in a water stain. Thanx again.

  3. That is no illusion it’s just like when you type “7353” into a calculator than turn it around to read the german word “Esel” in English “donkey”.

  4. woah. that was super easy. I read the title, looked at the picture and I’m like “there it is!”

  5. thats prety neat. i know what you mean for the FedEx sign. i loved that zebra and tiger post. they were genius!!
    keep up with the AMAZING illusions!!


  6. that’s really cool but I’m starting to get annoyed with directly leading to this page where I see solutions…sigh… oh well great illusion though.

  7. Ooohhhhh, I like it. YES I’ve always noticed the FEDEX arrow. …But never this one… I like that little house of white.

  8. Never noticed the house until I saw the shaded version. Or maybe I just didn’t actually try to find it.

  9. wow dudes fedex really has something to do with the EXIT picture thanks for letting me know
    btw i call everyone dude so dont be offended

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