When You See It…

I couldn’t resist posting this one, after I first saw it yesterday! The image below is part of the Motivational Posters subculture, subtitled “When you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks”. Good thing about it, is its strong connection with a certain optical illusion phenomenon. So before you check some hints (at the end of this paragraph), try spotting the illusion yourself first. It shouldn’t be too hard for our long time viewers. Hope you don’t get scared like previous time! If you still haven’t decrypted the meaning, here are some tips as I promised: hint 1 · hint 2

You'll know, when you see it...!
You'll know, when you see it...!

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  1. Arrggghh i have just seen it ,, it took me ages to realise what is was though. If you havnt seen it look closely at the kids faces

  2. OMG!!! this is great i didn’t noticed anything until my brother sid hey why don’t you look it upside down… and then we saw it… its kind of scary….

  3. What a lucky little girl, to have found two playmates that will get that close to her. When I rotated the picture 180 degrees, I can see why her parents would want her to play outside until at least dark!

  4. That’s Awesome. The girl on the top…her nose and smile are upside down. It’s funny how the eyes just accept the picture and can’t discern the difference. Look at the picture upside down and you will see.

  5. It is pretty creepy. I right clicked it, saved photo, and viewed it alone without the destractions around it. If you do this and rotate twice to the right…

  6. Part of hr face is upside down.

    Seen those so many times before, and none of those times did I “shit bricks”

    Btw, who censored shit?

    Even with the asterisk replacing the i, everyone knows what it says, so what’s the f*cking point?

  7. Oh dear, how embarassing. I saw the mouth, but completely missed the nose until I read other people’s comments. How could I see the mouth and not the nose? It clearly tricked my eyes.

  8. lololololol nice!:) i knew immediately what it was AFTER the hints of course though! lol :P didn’t get it from the “”pseudo arabic” one although i see how i should’ve now!
    I like it :) Most peculiar/best is the nose though! as i have indeed seen the mouth thing done before but i like how its done with the nose too! (and maybe the eyes aswell? XD)

  9. I didn’t see anything at first then I realized that her nose was upside down, but did not see her mouth until I read other comments.

    Very Nicely Done!!!

  10. The first one of these I saw was of Jonathan Frakes. At the time I was watching Star Trek: TNG
    and that picture made “shit bricks”.

  11. omg!! i am literaly tearing of fear that girsl face is so scary…the girl in the top looks like a deamon if u turn ur computer upside down u’ll c it

  12. First I thought it it was a peace sign,then I thought one of the girls arm was bigger then the other,then I thought the combined hair looked like a spider,then finally I saw the creepy face!

  13. Anyone who doesn’t see it, The girl’s face at the top is upsidedown! Robert Pattinson is definetly not like that

  14. ooohhhh i see it! i was wayyy more freaked out before i saw the illusion cuz i thought it was gonna be supa freakay! but its not that bad..
    look at the girl at the top upside down

  15. I didn’t see it til a few seconds ago, and when I did see it, my heart dropped to my stomach. What a terrible face disfiguration.

  16. oh my god that really scared the shit out of me for 1 second. It’s like my heart rocketed sky high and back.

    Definitely way scarier than the mona lisa, margaret thatcher and other similar illusions.

    Why, i’m surprised her mum didnt die of a heart attack when she saw her face sliding out of her… you know.

  17. omg, that almost gave me a heart attack… why do little things seem so scary :'(… i think i cried for 5 whole minutes… omg.. i dont like illusions anymore my heart is like, IDK IM SCARED

  18. This scared the SHIT outta me;
    u gotta be kidding, I HATE that.

    it made my whole insides shiver to hell. :O
    HateHateHate :3

  19. OMFG im too scared to look now i didnt see it so i looked at the comments to get the answer but now i aint looking at nothing is it really that scary!? it seems like it

  20. Her mouth and her nose have been photoshopped upside down. It’s not a real picture. It just plays with the way your brain corrects images

  21. I was clever and looked at the comments first… I’m not sure I want to look at it now… I get freaked out easily.

    I like Illusions a lot, and I was looking at one that said, (on a different site, of course) stare for 1 minute, and then your eyes will adjust. It’s really freaky! I thought I was brave and looked at it.. After a minute, this THING came FLYING out! It scared me to death, and I fell off my chair! So, no thanks, I ain’t gonna look at it… (But I’m sure it’s AWESOME!)

  22. i dont get the people who are like” she’s so ugly”…dont u get it its photoshopped, they cut and pasted the mouth upside down, same for the nose, add a bit of fuss and on a small scale picture like this it’s not too obvious

  23. Actually, I was a little disappointed. I was expecting something grossly abhorrent, that was mild compared the link I’ve included below.

    If that freaked you out don’t go here!! (select an archive date, then click on each caption individually – you’ll see, you may have to paste this url in) http://www.humandescent.com/

  24. TURN YOUR GHEAD UPSDE DOWN LOLOLOLOL!!!! I first saw this on some site before The Dude posted it. It was HILARIOUS!!

  25. i didn’t get it for like 10 minutes then i noticed her nose was upside-down when i said that my friend looked at it he was like “eeew” then i looked at it and was like XD ☻

  26. i don’t get it, all i see it one boy and two girls, one with an upsideown nose, just a bit of photoshoping, but i still don’t get it

  27. gawd how stupid could you people get? she doesnt need a plastic surgery, you dumassess. It’s been photoshopped!

  28. i thought it would take me a while to figure out but i noticed almost instantly, i thought to my self either someones been bphotoshoping this picture or thats one unfortunatly ugly child hahaha kinda disappointed thought that it would be more of a challage

    1. haha yeah either thats photoshopped or its just a demented face. poor girl, if she really has a demented face like that! LOL

  29. @Destinny

    Well, the both mouth and nose are upside down. The nose is a little wierd but the mouth makes it even more creepy :D

    1. hey guys, her face is not the only creepy part, take a closer look at her right arm! SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN!!!!!!

  30. ahhh… i see! the girl on the top looks like a creep if you look at the image upside down. wow… disturbing

  31. oh my gosh i didnt realize it at first then i was readin the comments then i seen it and i was like wtf and i did get a lil chill down my back lol it’s kinda creepy!

  32. It didn’t scare me but it was weird..:P

    I t took a while until I got it though

  33. Ok, the face didnt scare me… but this did:
    Look at the lower left girl… and look at the light next to her… her ear looks like a mouth… you figure out the rest… THAT IS SCARY SH*T

  34. I got it. But I think its more scary that the girl at the top’s right arm kinda looks like a little fat leg! Like somebody is standing on the boy’s neck xD

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