When You See It…WOW!

The middle of the week calls for a brain busting image to get that foggy brain really kicked into high gear. I think this picture is pretty perfect for that! This is one of those pictures that you glance at and don’t give a second thought to. Until someone points out that there is indeed something off about it, that is. You’ll search and search for whatever’s off in the image, most likely. But, when you see it….

when you see it

…it’ll blow your mind! There’s a good chance that you’ll probably even wonder how it took you so long to spot.

I spotted this one pretty quickly, but only because I’ve seen a very similar image that happened to stick in my head.

When you see it, don’t ruin the surprise for everyone! Just let them try to figure it out on their own.┬áIf you need help spotting what’s wrong with this image, head over and check out this illusion for a huge hint.

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  1. Thank you for spoiling it for everyone-and expressing it so articulately and well



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