What Time Is It?

There is a new concept in town – an optical illusion watch concept, and it comes directly from Tokyoflash design studios. As they claim: this design is perfect for those who are into challenges. Time it displays is a hidden optical illusion stereogram of some sort.

Getting used to it requires training your eyes first. Only then you will be able to see the hidden numbers embedded in some kind of a greenish maze. On the other hand, if you have trouble seeing the time on the standard display, just touch the main button, and it outlines the individual digits.

In my knowledge this is only a concept, and hasn’t entered the manufacturing process yet. Perhaps it could be an interesting toy, at least before you get bored by it. So what do you think? Would you buy this watch if it was available for purchase? Me? I’m not really sure I would… always had trouble seeing stereograms.

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  1. Cool :-) I like it. I can even see it with one eye! So it’s not a true stereogram, but it feels more or less the same.

  2. @Chris: How it works is the numbers are formed by the lines going in the same direction, ie; the numbers are formed by diagonal lines going up-left. It’s actually much easier to see in the smaller pic.

  3. Cannot see the numbers so far, but if you stare at the middle square in the big image, the background (with diagonal lines) seems to move by itself.

  4. That would be a waste of money that I would love to spend. I had to shake my screen up and down with the scroll bar to see it.

  5. Great idea, a watch like that. It is just that my eyes hurt by looking at it. I could barely see it with both eyes, with one eye it was a piece of cake. Great illusion!

  6. woah

    I thought I just saw a big 11 but when I saw the small image that gave the solution, I could see it in the big one, if I concentrated. It would take me 30 seconds to tell the time though. “Excuse me, do you know what time it is?” “Hmm, let me see. 0…… 5…… 3……6!”

  7. I like it :)

    It depends on what else the watch did as to if I would buy it.

    Its much easier to see from a distance, up close on a large monitor was very difficult for me to see. It would make a nice screen saver.

  8. I could only see it if I crossed my eyes, and then not too clearly at that…I guess I should give it more time to get used to the illusion, but that kind of beats the concept of keeping track of time to stay on time!

  9. Roland is correct, it’s not a true stereogram (which I can normally pop out in 1 or 2 seconds. I also could resolve the 0 and sometimes the 3 with one eye. But all in all, since it’s not a stereogram, one is never going to get this to resolve to a nice obvious time.

  10. I was also able to see it on my own with no help. It took a couple of minutes, but once I figured it out, it’s pretty easy to see. Interesting concept. Might consider buying one just for fun. ;-)

  11. I actualy enjoy it. I dont wear a watch but if it was a pocket watch Id sure go for it! I dont even have to squint to see it anymore. super fun and easy

  12. Maybe the hardest illusion I’ve seen here yet.. I like this.. Reminds me of those old illusions that made a 3-D image when you crossed your eyes..

  13. Not a stereogram, but, I would like to own one of these watches :-) And I found that I could see it easily by tilting my head to the left, by ~30 degrees.. :-P

  14. THAT IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! They just change the line direction to create a line effect. It’s easier to see if you move it farther back (or make it smaller somehow) The numbers are made up of lines facing this way /// like in the example where they are revealed. So if you just train yourself to see “only” the lines facing this way /// you can easily see it, because none of the other lines matter. The change in direction is only to create a line effect. Awesome effect. :)

    1. I like these types of illusions,..But would’nt want a watch thats like that,..the only reason i can think anyone would where it,..an not for any long length of time, would be to wear out as just a conversation peice,..or something!! They use to have really pretty framed posters, that usely you found at mall,..that was like this,…I had a few,..would like more,..but you never see them anymore,..an i dont know where to find any!! =0)

    2. The image has to be viewed from the side. You can see the 0 in the top left, the 5 in the top right, the 3 in the bottom left and the 6 in the bottom right.

  15. its a nice optical product, but I don’t think many people would buy it. People just want to glance down at their watch and know the time straightaway…not strain their eyes to figure out what the lines mean. Anyway, I think staring at this watch would soon give you a headache.

  16. It’s not very handy. I wouldn’t by this watch.
    For those with problems seeing it, try to move your browser window around diagonally. On my TFT the stripes orthogonal to the movement became a little blurry and easier to distinguish from he rest.

    1. @ engywuck
      Thanks man, as soon as I did that, I could see the numbers all the time :) Even when not moving the window :P

    1. you don’t “NEED” it .. you “WANT” it … you *need* water and food … you *want* shiny, trinkets & baubles for personal amusement or to impress others with your shiny trinkets & toys …

    1. agree 110% why spend your pay to make it difficult to tell the time … that’s like buying a car with square tires … just total dumbness

  17. i saw it after a bit but it took quite a bit of work and eye crossing.
    I personally would not buy it, because I’m a time-freak and I’m also impatient so these watches would no doubt drive me crazy…

  18. Yeah as someone up there said, ignore all other lines and just concentrate on the lines running from the lower left to upper top side. That is 45° degrees with x-axis. It might take a moment but you would be able to pinpoint the digits out of the mess easily later.
    I won’t want this watch for real purposes. However for a crazy gadget it would come in handy.

  19. 05.36 but it is so much difficult which require a seperate attention for each digit.cannot be seen all 4 digit at same time

  20. All the lines going like this: / are part of the numbers. All the lines going like this: \ are outlining it. If you can train your eyes to push out the the / lines, then it’s easy to see.

  21. I’m not sure that it’s a stereogram… I didn’t have to cross my eyes, nor get near and then recede from the screen. I just saw the numbers by looking at the image and spending some seconds to recognize them properly.

    If I was one who usually wears watches (and I’m not) I’d definitely wear this one. I also love acid green vs. black.

  22. Look at the whole panel from the side. You can see the 0 in the top left, the 5 in the top right, the 3 in the bottom left and the 6 in the bottom right.

  23. lol I was staring soo intently at the green and black squiggles… then noticed in the bottom right corner it says “05:36” and I felt stupid for not seeing it sooner. Duh! quit looking at the squiggly lines and notice that the time is listed right there!

  24. If you look closly enough, you would notice the lines that make up the numbers are going in opposite directions. When you find that out, it wouldn’t be as hard to read the time (srry if this is confusing, but i have never been good at explaining stuff)

  25. i was lookin at it for ages and i can still se little fuzzy green this and i feel so dissy :#

    my brother wud like this tho :P

  26. Its ahrd to see but it hink after a while youll be able to see it fine, just know that the horizontal lines(for number) have diagonals lines and the vertical lines(for number) have zig zag lines up and down then you just join the lines kind of

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