What Color is This Handbag?

Remember when the black and blue or white and gold dress took the Internet by storm? Well, I think I just found the perfect bag to match that dress! Like the debacle with the illusion dress, this particular accessory has a good chunk of Internet users asking themselves “what color is this handbag??”

Take a look and see what side you’re on…


What do you think? What color is this handbag?

A picture of the bag was uploaded by Twitter user Taylor Corso with the caption “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” When someone commented about how daring her new white bag was, she replied…”it’s blue.

Chances are, you probably thought the bag was white as well. I know I did! But why?

It could be a combination of a few different things. First, the handbag is probably a very light blue color, making it appear almost white. The lighting in the photo could also be causing the bag to appear much lighter than it actually is, and it’s not uncommon for some stark white objects to have an almost blue tint to them in some photos. Finally, your screen could also be the culprit. Colors don’t always show true on all screens, so try looking at it on a different screen to see if you see a different color.

So, what’s your final determination? What color is this handbag? Be sure to leave your answer below, then head over to check out the lady with two different colored eyes!


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