Watch the Orange Dot Optical Illusion

How’s everyone’s weekend going thus far? I really hope you’re all having an excellent day. A user sent this optical illusion to me via a message on the MoIllusions Facebook page. As I’ve said before, I highly appreciate all of the illusions that all of you kind people send over to me. It certainly makes it a lot easier on me to figure out what illusion I’m going to put up for the day… This is especially true when I receive amazing optical illusions like the one below.

This optical illusions is based off of the classic optical illusion of a ball in the middle of a circle that’s made up of balls. The object of those classic illusions is to figure out if the ball in the middle of the circle is as big as the balls surrounding it. Well, this new optical illusion adds a little twist to the classic illusion. Check it out below and you’ll see what I mean.

Watch the Orange Dot Optical Illusion



So, the object of this illusion is to figure out whether or not the orange dot in the middle is actually changing sizes. Is it pulsating? Leave your conclusion in the comments section below.

Also, try to spot all of the hidden object in this picture. Let’s see how you do.

5 Replies to “Watch the Orange Dot Optical Illusion”

  1. The orange dot is remaining the same size. The blue dots are changing size and moving forward and backward.

  2. Changing the size of the blue dots alone would not create the illusion but the combination with the shifting position (diagonally) of the constellation of blue and orange dots creates the illusion that the orange dot is changing in size (provided the blue dot is decreased to a size smaller than the orange dot) when in reality the orange dot remains the same size all the time. Fascinating!

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